Our Guide To Playing Online Jhandi Munda 🎲

Jhandi Munda is a dice game that was originally developed on the streets of villages in northeast India in the 18th century. This social game has gained attention in the rest of the world and it is now possible to play at online casinos, including live dealer games. Read our guide to find out how and where you can play Jhandi Munda online. Learn about the rules, strategies, and bonuses you can claim.

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An Introduction To Online Jhandi Munda

An Introduction To Online Jhandi Munda ♣️

Jhandi Munda is an Indian dice betting game that was developed on the streets of villages in northeastern India in the 18th century. The game is played with six dice, with each die having six sides. Each side has a symbol on it. Jhandi Munda is especially popular during the Hindu festivals of Dashain, Dashami and Tihar.

Playing Online Jhandi Munda

The game is also enjoyed in Nepal, where it is known as Langur Burja. Sailors in the British Royal Navy picked up the game many years ago and called it Crown and Anchor, a reference to the Monarch and the Navy.

Jhandi Munda can be played on the street, at land-based casinos or at an online casino. More software developers are starting to create both casino and live casino versions of Jhandi Munda.

In Nepal, a game called Langur Burja is played in a similar fashion. A sun symbol replaces the crown in Anker en Zon (Anchor and Sun), a similar Flemish version. The French version, Ancre, Pique, et Soleil (“Anchor, Spade, and Sun”), makes use of the sun once more. Hoo Hey How (Fish-Prawn-Crab in Hokkien) and Bu cua cá cp are two similar games that are played in China and Vietnam.

How Online Jhandi Munda is Played

How Online Jhandi Munda is Played 🧐

The objective of online Jhandi Munda is to correctly guess the symbol that will show up the most number of times. It is played with six 6-sided dice, with each face of the dice sporting a different symbol. It is played with 3–6 players.

All players place their bets on a board that consists of six squares, each square featuring a picture correlating with the symbols on the dice. The dice are then rolled. The winner is the payer who called the correct symbol and he is paid out.

The symbols on the dice are:

  • Flag (Jhandi)
  • Heart (Paan)
  • Crown (Munda)
  • Club (Chiri)
  • Diamond (Eent)
  • Spade (Hukum)

Playing Online Jhandi Munda

The Rules Of Jhandi Munda

Understanding What The Rules Of Jhandi Munda Are 📓

When it comes to betting games, online Jhandi Munda is the most straightforward. This chance game is literally “child’s play” because of the simple rules. In Jhandi Munda, players have only one goal: to correctly predict which symbol will appear the most times when the dice are rolled.

Playing Online Jhandi Munda

Here’s a quick rundown of the most important rules to remember when playing online Jhandi Munda.

  • Each player predicts the outcome of each roll of the dice by betting on a symbol they believe will land face-up.
  • Whoever correctly guesses the greatest number of symbols wins.
  • If the symbol you bet on doesn’t turn up, the dealer withdraws the bet you placed.
  • At some online casinos, the dealer can also cancel all the bets from players that only got a single symbol right.

Let’s look at another example to grasp how Jhandi Munda is played.

Assume you’ve staked your money on Club. Of the six dice that were thrown, three clubs landed face-up on the Jhandi Munda board. You’ll get your original bet back plus a bonus of three times your original bet. If you’ve bet 100 INR, you will get 400 INR on just one Jhandi Munda dice throw. It’s a simple game with a lot of potential for profit.

Online Jhandi Munda is a simple game of chance prediction at its core. When playing the game online, you can keep track of which symbols are hot and which are cold. Hot symbols would be those that appeared the most, while cold symbols are ones that didn’t come up often. This helps the player predict the odds more accurately.

The Payouts For Jhandi Munda

How The Payouts For Jhandi Munda Work 💶

Depending on the online casino where you play and the amount of money you bet in Jhandi Munda, the payouts may vary. When you play online, your chances of winning are much greater. With online Jhandi Mundi, you can expect a return (RTP) of 97.40%.! Most casinos have adopted a Jhandi Munda payout as follows:

OneStake and 1 x original bet
TwoStake and 2 x original bet
ThreeStake and 3 x original bet
FourStake and 4 x original bet
FiveStake and 5 x original bet
SixStake and 6 x original bet

Jhandi Munda Variations

Different Jhandi Munda Variations 🎲

There are two main variations of online Jhandi Munda – the original or the basic game and a fixed returns version of the game. The traditional version is also known as street Jhandi Munda.

Fixed Returns Jhandi Munda

The player is guaranteed a return of 3.4 times the initial bet regardless of how often his or her chosen symbol appears face-up. This is beneficial if the symbol only appears once, twice or three times.

The Best Casinos In Asia

Playing Jhandi Munda Online At The Best Casinos In Asia ⭐

Many online casinos have been including Indian games in their repertoire for a long time, such as Andar Bahar and Teen Patti. Now we are starting to see online Jhandi Munda make its well-deserved appearance. The game isn’t always under the name of Jhandi Munda, and if you can’t find it at a casino, try doing a search for Crown and Anchor or Langur Burja. The rules are the same.

When you have decided what casino you want to play at, deposit your funds using an accepted payment method, such as Skrill or MasterCard, and let the fun begin!

The Legalities of Playing Jhandi Munda in India

The Legalities of Playing Jhandi Munda in India 📚

The legality of playing this game is not covered by any official laws in the country’s constitution. This game is entirely based on chance, and it is illegal in many states to play it both physically and online. The game is, however, completely legal to play in Arunachal Pradesh because it originated there.

Except in states where gambling, both physical and online, is prohibited, you can play the game at any of the reputable website operators listed above. The only games that are legal to play online in India are those that are classified as ‘Games of Skill,’ such as Poker or Rummy. Apart from these, the other games are purely based on chance.

Online Jhandi Munda Strategy

Is There An Online Jhandi Munda Strategy? 📝

The game is a game of chance, so there is little in the way of strategy.

The first tip we can advise is that you make use of the Hot and Cold strategy. Keep track of how many times symbols are appearing to give you better odds when betting on a symbol. The hot symbols that appear more are probably going to give you a better chance of winning.

Playing with smaller bets is the smart choice when it comes to online Jhandi Munda. Smaller bets will result in smaller payouts, but they will also ensure that you do not lose a lot of money.

Bonuses Online Jhandi Munda

Bonuses To Expect When Playing Online Jhandi Munda 🎁

One of the advantages of playing online Jhandi Munda is that you are rewarded with bonus opportunities!

The casino of your choice will have its own bonuses and wagering requirements. However, some of the more popular bonuses are:

new online casino

Welcome Bonus: The size of the welcome bonus and the wagering requirements can differ significantly. You will need to be familiar with the minimum and maximum deposits and the wagering requirements.


No Deposit Bonus: This is essentially free money given to you by the casino to try it out.

Casino Bonuses

Cashback Bonus: A cashback bonus at an online casino is a percentage of your net losses for a specific period or from a specific game that is refunded to your account as money you can use elsewhere. It’ll almost always be in the form of bonus credit rather than cash.

Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of Playing Online Jhandi Munda💪

We’ve compiled a list of some of the pros and cons to playing online Jhandi Munda. This cam help guide you through your thought process of if this really is the game for you or not.


  • Option of playing on multiple tables together
  • Bet smarter with access to live match statistics
  • Can be played on a mobile device


  • No social experience that comes from the original game


Our Online Jhandi Munda Casinos Conclusion 📣

We love this dice game! The fact that it is easy to understand and does not have many rules to follow is a bonus. Jhandi Munda is a game of chance in the end, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any skills involved.

It would be fantastic if more online casinos featured this fast-paced game. We are confident that as it grows in popularity, it will begin to appear in more casinos.

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