Casinos that accept Ebix Cash in India

Casinos that accept Ebix Cash in India

For the Indian gamblers, there is a new payment method in town. Although gambling is legal in India, there are still certain issues around the activity that demand gamblers be extra careful with their security and digital footprints. With payment systems like Ebix Cash, that cloak of anonymity is constant, with secure transactions as additional benefits.



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Introduction to Ebix Cash ✍️

Introduction to Ebix Cash ✍️

As casino gamblers, you already know that one of the most important aspects of online gambling is making financial transactions. When you play games, it is done by depositing funds in a casino account.

When you win, you need to start the process of withdrawal. This is why you need an adequate and convenient payment method to make all these bulk transactions seamlessly and without qualms.

Although bank transfers are secure, they do not offer you the speed needed for bulk transactions. It’s the same with credit/debit cards.

Ebix Cash was founded in 2006 with a vision to help Indians make quickly integrated payments using a prepaid card. Over the years, it has grown from being India’s first non-banking financial company to being a modern world solution for virtual payments.

Ebix Cash Card offers a simple way of financial trading, as you will soon find out in the casino. They were compensated for the ease they brought to Indians with this seamless service by being awarded the Reserve Bank of India’s Certificate of Authorisation in 2007.

You can even convert this virtual prepaid card into an actual physical card that you can use in offline trading. All you have to do is request the card, and you’d be given one in 3 working days. Just make sure to upgrade the card for use in ATMs around India, if you want to.

Make sure to visit the EbixCash outlet so you can start your registration as soon as possible.

How Does Ebix Cash Work? 👁️

How Does Ebix Cash Work? 👁️

Ebix Cash is a prepaid card service. Prepaid cards are great for online casino gambling. This is because they give you the option to fund your account without the need to use your credit/debit card or exchange your direct personal details with the casino.

Prepaid cards are also a great means of controlling your online gaming activities. When gambling with your credit cards or debit cards, it’s easy to keep funding your bankroll and playing more games till you probably go bankrupt or into debt. With prepaid cards, all you have to do is regulate the amount of money you put into the card; once this is maxed out, you know that gaming is over for that day.


Ebix Cash is a Prepaid Card That is Popular Amongst Indian Punters

It has an account number, password, and scratch code. You will also find it in 20,000 different outlets in the country. Launched in 2006, it was developed to be India’s salvation to non-banking systems.

You have to purchase a card, load it with whatever amount you want, and then use your scratch code to authorise payments whenever you want to fund your casino account to play your favourite games.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Ebix Cash 👍


  • It is safe and secure
  • You don’t need registration
  • Deposits are instantaneous
  • There are no fees or commissions from using the service
  • You are still under the protection of your banking institution
  • There are no complications or delays in getting the card


  • The payment system is still limited and is not easily found in online casinos

How to Use Ebix Cash in Online Casinos 🕵️‍♂️

How to Use Ebix Cash in Online Casinos 🕵️‍♂️

Using Ebix Cash in online casinos is not a stressful procedure. The steps are pretty easy, and you would find yourself done in a few minutes. If you need a strict guideline from start to finish on how to make casino deposits with Ebix Cash, then here are the essential steps to follow:



Get a Card

Purchasing an Ebix Cash card is as easy as it goes. When you visit their website, you will be required to fill out an application form. This form comprises all the necessary details needed for identification purposes. All the fields are required, so you have to fill up every single space with the needed details.

Your first, last, middle name, father’s name, income TAX PAN number, voter’s identity card number, passport number, sex, and ISP name. You also need to fill in your current home and office addresses so EbixCash knows where to send the card when it’s ready.



Find an Ebix Cash Casino

This is where the tricky part is. Ebix Cash might have been around for the longest, but not every casino allows it for payment. Thankfully, we have a recommendation list above that you can choose the best and most reliable Ebix Cash casinos from. Go through the list, do your research, and select the most suitable one for you.


Head to the Cashier Section

Any financial service in a casino is done in the cashier section, so head on there to make your instant deposit. Firstly, you have to make sure that your card is fully funded to make payments. If it isn’t, you might have to recharge your card to make this deposit.

Don’t deal with a casino that makes you wait long before your funds reflect. We are in the modern age, and services should embrace that.



Authorise Payment

To use EbixCash, you need to enter the amount you want to deposit, your account number, and your PIN. Once this is done, payment is authorised, and the funds will immediately reflect in your bank account.

Can I Get an Ebix Cash Casino Bonus? 👑

Can I Get an Ebix Cash Casino Bonus? 👑

Yes, you can. Every Indian gambler is entitled to certain bonuses when joining an online casino. You don’t want to deal with a casino that is not generous enough to compensate you for the time, money, and effort spent on the site.

The first show of a casino’s generosity is seen in their welcome package. Depending on your first deposit, the welcome bonus in an online casino can range from free spins to match deposit to bonus cash, depending on the casino in question.

Free spins are great. You can’t tell how quality a casino game library is these days until you make a deposit and play. With free spins, you get to play these games without making any financial investment. These spins have wagering requirements that must be carefully followed to make the most of them.

Match deposits are also a popular welcome bonus in Ebix Cash casinos online. This is given when a casino returns a certain percentage of your first deposit to you, like a boost to your gameplay.

For instance, if a casino offers a 10% match bonus on your first deposit, they will be giving back 10% on whatever amount you have put in for funding. If you deposit 100 INR, you get 10 INR as an added boost, meaning you get to start the game with 110 INR.

VIP clubs and loyalty schemes are another way casinos compensate their clients. These clubs are created to appreciate clients based on how much work they have put into the casino.

These clubs are usually divided into tiers, with the preceding level earning more bonuses than the ones below. Once you get to the VIP club, you’ll start to earn birthday gifts, tournament invites, etc.

No deposit Bonus Online Casino

Is Ebix Cash Safe to Use? 🔓

Is Ebix Cash Safe to Use? 🔓

The resounding answer to this question is yes. Ebix Cash is safe to use. For gamblers, this is of utmost importance when it comes to gambling. Security should be taken seriously because millions of scammers are looking for unsafe platforms to compromise.

Gambling requires you to update your personal and banking information, so you want to be sure you are on a platform that appreciates security as much as you.

With Ebix Cash, you are not exchanging any information with the casino. Your information is sent out strictly between the payment system and your banking institution, while the casino just receives the fund.

As an Indian gambler, this anonymity is necessary since you need to cloak your digital footprints as much as possible. As a payment system now in use by millions of subscribers, EbixCash has invested heavily in firewalls and SSL encryption. This is an assurance that you are safe and protected within the site.

Other Similar Services to Ebix Cash 

Other Similar Services to Ebix Cash 🔗

EntroPay24 hoursSafe and secure • SSL encrypted
BitPay5 minutes to 3 hoursSpeedy payouts • Safe and secure transactions
PayPal1-5 Business DaysSecure transactions • Widely accepted
EcoPayz1-2 Business DaysSSL encrypted • Easy interface

Enjoy Complete Privacy with Ebix Cash 🔐

Enjoy Complete Privacy with Ebix Cash 🔐

For an Indian gambler, anonymity is highly necessary since you need to cloak your digital footprints as much as possible.

As a payment system now in use by millions of subscribers, Ebix Cash has invested a lot in firewalls and SSL encryption. This is an assurance that you are safe and protected within the site, and Ebix Cash is the perfect solution for this.

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