A Complete Guide to Gambling with Ethereum

A Complete Guide to Gambling with Ethereum

Cryptocurrency such as Ethereum is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, which is why Ethereum casinos India are also becoming more mainstream. Are you trying to find out which online casinos that offer Ethereum as a payment method are the best? Then look no further! Our Ethereum Casinos review dives headfirst into everything Ethereum offers its users – including its advantages and disadvantages. To make life even easier for you, we have also included a list of the best Ethereum Casinos to play on. There are other cryptocurrencies out there, so what makes Ethereum the one to use? Keep reading our Ethereum India review to find out why this payment method is stealing the spotlight.



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The Best Ethereum Casinos in India 🥇

The Best Ethereum Casinos in India 🥇

If you have been scouring the ends of the gambling universe to find the best Ethereum casinos, then your search is over. We have put in all the hours of work and the elbow grease needed to separate the wheat from the chaff. Below is a list of the best Ethereum casinos India:


Withdraw and Deposit Ethereum 💱

Withdraw and Deposit Ethereum 💱

Let us be honest, online gamblers enjoy instant thrills and wins. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they expect instant deposits and withdrawals too.

At most online casinos (no matter the payment method of choice), all deposits are instant. This enables players to get playing as soon as they possibly can. Time wasted on waiting for a deposit to reflect is time that could have been used on placing bets and making money.

Withdrawals, on the other hand, take slightly longer. The standard waiting time at all online casinos for a withdrawal is 3-5 days. Anything less than that is considered fast, and anything more than that is considered slow.

Ethereum payments exceed all of our wildest withdrawal expectations; they pay out the requested amount within a mere couple of minutes. That means that you can reap the rewards of your winnings almost instantly. But before you even think of considering using Ethereum to gamble at an online casino, you need to create an Ethereum wallet.

Here is the step-by-step process of making both Ethereum deposits and withdrawals:

Depositing with Ethereum:

  1. Ensure you own some Ethereum in the first place
  2. Sign up for an account at an Ethereum Casino
  3. Click “Cashier” or “Banking”
  4. Select “Deposits
  5. Choose Ethereum as your payment method
  6. Copy the casino’s public wallet number that they give you
  7. Go to your cryptocurrency wallet
  8. Set up a Litecoin transaction
  9. Paste the public wallet number in the form when required
  10. Choose the amount of Litecoin you want to deposit
  11. Bingo! You can start your gambling journey within minutes

Withdrawing with Ethereum:

  1. Win at a slot machine or table game
  2. Ensure all the bonus wagering requirements are met
  3. Click “Cashier” or “Banking”
  4. Select “Withdrawals”
  5. Choose Ethereum as your payment method
  6. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw (making sure it falls within the casino’s limits)
  7. Input your public wallet number
  8. Within minutes the transaction should be complete. Hooray!
  9. Spend your Ethereum as you please

Is Ethereum Safe? 🔒

Is Ethereum Safe? 🔒

All cryptocurrencies rely on blockchain technology. This means that all cryptocurrency payments are safe. Players can rest easy knowing no one can gain access to their personal and payment information. Blockchain technology refers to a certain way in which the data and information are stored.

This specific data storage is much more difficult for anyone to hack into. Blockchain technology is comparatively much more secure than any SSL encryption one would find on more traditional payment methods.

Not only does Ethereum rely on blockchain technology, but it also relies on smart contract technology. This technology makes it impossible for payments to occur unless all the encoded conditions have been met by both the receiver and the giver. Double the safety.

However, even with this reassurance, anything can happen, and things can still go wrong. To this day, Ethereum has yet to be hacked. This is partly attributed to the fact that every Ethereum user has a unique public wallet number or “address” and that each transaction requires an individual security code to authorise it.

Here are some tips for using Ethereum safely:

  1. Learn the cryptocurrency language so that you understand precisely what the terms and conditions of your chosen casino are saying.
  2. Memorise your unique seed phrase so that you do not need to write it down anywhere. Writing it down makes you vulnerable to hackers and opportunistic thieves. The seed phrase is essentially your Ethereum password, so to have it fall into the wrong hands is not ideal.
  3. Also, do not share your seed phrase with anyone. Keep it private.

Can I Get a Bonus? 💰

Can I Get a Bonus? 💰

Bonuses are the fuel that keeps your gaming and gambling engine going. Casinos offer them to inspire players to keep coming back for more. That way, casinos get more money, and players get more bang for their buck. Casinos offer bonuses such as welcome bonuses, no deposit bonuses, free spins, and even cashback. We value cashback above all others. Why? Because losing at any type of casino is inevitable.

Cashback means that a player gets money back on any amounts that they’ve lost. Over and above the expected bonuses and promotions, some casinos even offer bonuses specific to Ethereum as a deposit method.

This is possible because when a player makes an Ethereum payment, they save the casino precious time and money. A small amount of this money then gets given back to players in the form of bonuses to encourage players to choose Ethereum over any of the other payment methods.

If you are basing your casino choice on the bonuses available, then it is important to not only look at the number of bonuses but also the conditions that come with it. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. In the online casino world, we say that you shouldn’t judge a casino by the number of bonuses.

You also need to dig a little deeper and consider the conditions. Favourable terms and conditions to look out for include lower wagering requirements, longer expiry times in which to meet these wagering requirements, high maximum limits for wagers, and high or no maximum limits for the bonus cashout amount.

ethereum casino bonus

How to Pick the Right Casino? 👌

How to Pick the Right Casino? 👌

Sometimes not all that glitters is gold. The same applies to online casinos. Although a casino can look good at first glance, it’s sometimes all just smoke and mirrors to hide the fact that they are trying to scam people out of their money. When picking an Ethereum Casino to trust and invest your precious time and money in, there is plenty a person needs to take into account. To save you some time, we have included some of the most important things to consider below:

  • Safety 

When choosing any online casinos, whether Ethereum or otherwise, having a reputable regulatory body that licenses and governs the casino and its ongoings is crucial. Regulatory bodies are like Big Brother for casinos; they are always watching. Without this licensing, there is no guarantee that a casino can be trusted with your cryptocurrency. If you hand over your hard-earned money, you may never see it again.

  • Fair games and slots 

“May the odds be forever in your favour”. No, seriously. At an online casino, this is key. There is no point in creating an account at a casino if the games are not independently tested for fairness and if there’s no reassurance that the odds are kept even by using a random number generator. If the odds are stacked against you, it doesn’t matter how many deposits and bets you make. The casino will always come out on top.

  • The gaming software providers that contribute to the casino’s gaming library 

The presence of top gaming software providers means that players will be treated to the highest level of gaming quantity and quality. It also means that the entire game and slot machine selection is regularly updated so that players don’t miss out on the hottest and latest slots. Top gaming software providers we suggest you look out for include NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, BetSoft, and Evolution gaming.

  • The game selection 

This is probably one of the most important factors when choosing an Ethereum Casino India. After all, the main reason we become online gamblers in the first place (besides trying to make some extra money) is to have fun playing all the games and slot machines. Not only do we want quantity, but we want quality and variety.

We expect to see all our favourite slot machines and table games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, Poker, and Roulette. It is even better if the casino has a Live Casino. Live Casinos give you the chance to recreate that infamous casino atmosphere without leaving your house. They say you can’t have your cake and eat it too – but online casinos may just be the exception to that rule.

  • The payment methods for making deposits and withdrawals 

It is key to check if the casino even supports Ethereum payments in the first place. After that, it may be worth checking out which other payment methods a casino offers in case you change your mind and want to use a different payment method in the future. Cryptocurrency often isn’t offered outright. Usually, the presence of a cryptocurrency wallet is what gives it away.

  • Ethereum specific bonuses 

Most casinos offer bonuses to lure players in. However, some casinos offer specific Ethereum bonuses to encourage players to make deposits and withdrawals with the cryptocurrency. When it comes to bonuses, the more, the merrier is the motto we live by.

  • Sneaky terms and conditions to be aware of 

All casinos come with their own specific terms and conditions that a person needs to follow and keep in mind when choosing an online casino. Things to take note of include the minimum and maximum limits on deposits and withdrawals, as well as the wagering requirements on any of the bonuses on offer.

Just keep in mind that there can be bonus-specific terms and conditions on top of the standard casino terms and conditions. If a player wants to ensure that they don’t get a nasty red tape surprise somewhere along their gaming journey, they need to ensure that they stay on top of the small print.

  • Country restrictions

Sadly online casinos are not always available to everyone. Most casinos now develop their websites with automatic IP address restrictions so that a player physically cannot access the site if the IP pings from a restricted country.

But other casinos don’t have this high-tech gatekeeper to automatically keep restricted country players at bay. And it’s often only after registering for an account (or worse, trying to withdraw winnings!) that a gamer suddenly finds themselves unable to play on the site or they are unable to access and transfer funds.

And for those players who think that they can cheat the system by using a VPN – be warned! You might be able to claim that no deposit bonus and play on the platform, but you’re going to run into a restricted country dead-end eventually.

As previously mentioned, this horrifying realisation often sets in when a gamer cannot transfer winnings from their casino account to their bank account.

  • The reputation of the casino online 

No matter how much a casino proclaims that they are reliable, sometimes they do not follow through. Empty promises are common in the online gambling world. And this is something that the online gaming community doesn’t take lightly and can be very verbal about.

Therefore, it is vital to read up on a casino on online casino review sites and forums so that you can gauge your fellow gamer’s opinion of the casino. Ratings and reviews will tell you a lot about whether the casino truly is who they say they are.

  • The customer support

Irrelevant of the currency, online gamers need to know that a casino will provide next-level support if and when they need it. While many casinos offer players 24/7 live chat services, there are a few casinos that only offer a support email address with the weak promise of responding within 48 hours. That’s a long time if a deposit isn’t reflecting or winnings cannot be claimed due to a technical error.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethereum ✔️❌

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ethereum ✔️❌

Ethereum is quickly becoming one of the most popular payment methods out there. But why? Each payment method comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. So what makes one payment method more popular than the next?


  • Secure and Safe
  • Anonymity
  • Fast transactions
  • Scalability
  • Higher bonuses
  • Smart contracts technology
  • Independent
  • Higher return to player percentages
  • Smaller fees
  • Lower house edges


  • Higher withdrawal and deposit limits
  • Less available in the online casino world
  • Irreversible
  • Often needs an E-wallet
  • Longer to set up
  • A few rotten licensing apples
  • Volatility

More About Ethereum 📝

More About Ethereum 📝

Ethereum came into our lives in the year 2014. Ethereum uses a network of grouped computers that calculate transactions in a shared format. It is in this way that they can amass huge amounts of information. It was created by Vitalik Buterin as competition for Bitcoin. In fact, he wanted to outdo Bitcoin in all regards.

He wanted his cryptocurrency to be faster, more functional, and easier to use. Ethereum, much like Bitcoin and Litecoin, is a completely digital currency. No banknotes. No coins. So, how does one get their hands on the coveted Ethereum? There are four methods:


  • You can mine Ethereum

As long as you have the skillset and the hardware required, you can mine Ethereum. Mining Ethereum means approving transactions, grouping them, and adding them to the records, otherwise known as the blockchain.

  • You can exchange your other cryptocurrencies for them

Take your Bitcoin and turn it into Ethereum. It’s just like magic.

  • Buy Ethereum

You can exchange your real money for Ethereum. But for this, you need a cryptocurrency exchange broker.

  • Receive Ethereum as a payment for goods or services

Just as you would get paid in real money for goods or services rendered; you can also receive Ethereum in lieu of that.

Okay, so you have managed to get some Ethereum. Now what? Now you need to find a suitable method to store it. Ethereum is stored in cryptocurrency wallets where it will be kept for safekeeping until a person is ready to spend it on whatever they wish. In our case, it will be playing (and hopefully winning) at an Ethereum Casino India.

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