Casinos that accept PhonePe in India

Casinos that accept PhonePe in India

Are you wondering what PhonePe Casinos are and why they’ve become so popular in India? Then you’re in the right place! The payment method’s website states that 1 in 5 Indians are using PhonePe and because more and more online casinos have started accepting this method we became curious about what, if anything, makes it so much better than alternative casino payment options. We decided to take a closer look and put together all of the information you need to know about using PhonePe to gamble online. So, keep reading to learn about the transaction fees, safety, exclusive bonuses, pros, cons and much more so that you know exactly what to expect when the time comes to register at online PhonePe Casinos in India.



Deposit Time

0-3 Hours

Withdraw Time


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Best PhonePe Casinos

Our List of the Best PhonePe Online Casino Sites in India📝


How it works

How PhonePe Works at the Best Online Casinos in India🎰

There are a number of ways to add funds to your PhonePe account. For example, you’ll be able to transfer money from your bank account into your PhonePe E-wallet which will allow you to make quick and easy casino transfers without having to provide the site with any personal banking information.

When you’re ready to log in to one of your favourite PhonePe Casinos and start playing exciting online games all you need to do to make a deposit using PhonePe is follow our set of simple instructions below.


Log into your casino account and head on over to the Cashier/Banking page


Select Deposit and choose PhonePe as your preferred method


A pop-up form will appear and you’ll need to enter your deposit amount, phone number and PhonePe name


Confirm the transaction which will open the page to an intermediary PhonePe account where you’ll make the deposit


This page will display a name, email and PhonePe number


Save the PhonePe number somewhere that’s easily accessible and open the PhonePe app


Once you find yourself on the home page, select the Transfer option


Enter the PhonePe number you saved


Confirm the amount of money you’d like to transfer and click on the preferred PhonePe method (e-wallet, credit/debit card etc.)


Once you’ve completed the above steps click on Send and the transaction will be finalised

Available Bonuses

Casino Bonuses Available to Indian Players at PhonePe Casinos Online💰

Many online casinos have made an effort to reward players for using this popular payment method by offering exclusive bonuses. This means that by using PhonePe to make casino transactions you could end up claiming thrilling rewards you otherwise may not be able to enjoy if you use an alternative method. To give you an idea about exciting casino bonuses available at PhonePe casinos we’ve provided a few examples below.

Cashback Online Casino

Cashback Bonuses

If you’re an avid gambler then you know that it’s impossible to win all the time and facing a losing streak at some point is inevitable. This is why PhonePe casinos offer cashback bonuses which will allow you to claim a certain percentage of your losses back!

Bonus money online casino

Welcome Offers

What better way to kick off your casino experience than with extra bonus funds? Because there are so many PhonePe casinos out there, you’ll get to compare offers until you find the perfect one for you. With this type of casino bonus, you’ll be able to claim free spins, a deposit match and in many cases a combination of the two.

Instant bonus money online casino

Reload Bonus

We’ve come across quite a few online casinos that will offer a deposit match, free spins or both to players who use PhonePe to deposit money into their accounts. This bonus is reserved for returning players and is a great way to enjoy your favourite games with even more casino credits.

referral bonus online casino

Referral Bonus

When you tell friends and family about how exciting it is to gamble at a PhonePe casino and they decide to try it out, you’ll receive an exciting reward when they use PhonePe to make their first deposit. The bonus is often in the form of cash credits which can be used to add even more thrill to your casino experience.

Keep in mind that unless the bonus states that it comes with zero wagering requirements, you’ll need to wager the bonus funds a certain number of times and there are specific rules that will need to be followed in order for you to make the most out of your bonus. So, before you go ahead and claim a seemingly perfect bonus offer, be sure to read the Terms and Conditions page very carefully.

Create a PhonePe Account

Create Your PhonePe Account Within Moments by Following These Steps✅

Now that you know about the exciting rewards on offer to those who choose to use PhonePe, you’re probably excited to make your way to a PhonePe Casino and get the party started! However, you’ll need to create your own PhonePe account before you’ll qualify for exclusive PhonePe bonuses. To help guide you through the process, we’ve provided a set of easy-to-follow instructions below.

  • Download the PhonePe app from your iOS or Android App Store
  • Verify your mobile number, making sure that the number you use matches the one you used to register for your bank account
  • To activate your E-wallet, enter your full name, email and create your 4-digit password
  • Select Create New VPA and select your bank

PhonePe Safety

Why PhonePe is Safe to Use at Online Casinos in India 🔒

It’s understandable that players may be a little sceptical when it comes to using methods like PhonePe to make transactions. However, one thing that’s clear when visiting the PhonePe website is that they take protecting you and your funds very seriously. There are a number of ways they ensure that each deposit and withdrawal you make online is 100% safe, a few of which include:

  • When you make a casino deposit using PhonePe it can only be completed by using your fingerprint, face ID, UPI PIN and password for authentication.
  • PhonePe has a security team that keep track of all transactions made in real-time so that if any suspicious activity is detected it can be blocked immediately.
  • PhonePe has partnered with National Cybercrime Portal, CyCord and Cybersafe to ensure maximum security.

It’s also important to note that if you make sure that the casino you register at is fully licensed by a respected regulatory body, you’ll know that between the safety measures put in place by PhonePe and the encryption technology used by your casino, your information is completely protected and can’t be accessed by unwanted third parties.

Pros & Cons

Pros &Cons You Should Keep in Mind When Using PhonePe at Online Casinos🤔

Although PhonePe seems like the perfect payment method thanks to its top-notch security features and the fact that it specifically caters to Indian players, there are a few downfalls that may make players stop to think twice. This is why it’s important for players to consider the pros and cons that come with using PhonePe at online casinos. To help you decide whether or not you should use PhonePe we’ve provided a few pros and cons below.


  • Exclusive Bonuses
  • 0% Transaction Fees
  • It’s Extremely Safe to Use
  • Indian Rupees Can be Used
  • Available in 11 Different Languages
  • Withdrawals are Processed Instantly


  • Deposits Aren’t Always Instant
  • The Deposit Process Can be Complicated

Why Players in India Prefer Using PhonePe to Make Casino Transactions

  • 0% Transaction Fees: When you use PhonePe to make casino transactions you will never have to worry about any hidden costs. With that being said, your casino might charge a fee for using this method so be sure to check out the Cashier section of the casino you’d like to play at.
  • Exclusive Bonuses: PhonePe casinos often have a range of thrilling bonuses available to players who choose to make transactions using this method.
  • Available in 11 Different Languages: Players in India will be able to use the payment app in 11 languages spoken by players in India. Including Hindi, Gujarati, Odia, Bengali, English and Marathi.
  • It’s Extremely Safe to Use: There are quite a few ways PhonePe ensures that transactions made using this method are 100% protected.
  • Indian Rupees Can be Used: You won’t need to worry about conversion fees when you use PhonePe to gamble online as the payment method and the majority of PhonePe casinos allow players to make transactions in Indian Rupees.
  • Withdrawals are Processed Instantly: PhonePe processes casino withdrawals instantly.

Reasons Why Players in India May Want to Consider Alternative Payment Methods

  • The Deposit Process is Complicated: Compared to other methods, the process of depositing money into your casino account using PhonePe may seem a bit complicated to most players.
  • Deposits Aren’t Always Instant: Although PhonePe payments are usually instant, there are times when players will need to wait up to 3 hours for their balance to be credited which could cause a bit of frustration, especially if you were looking forward to playing your favourite games right away.

Alternative Payment Methods

Alternative Methods to PhonePe That Can be Used at Online Casinos🏦

What’s really great about PhonePe Casinos is that although there are loads of rewards for those who choose to use PhonePe, alternative methods can be used as well. Not everyone has a PhonePe PhonePe Casino Facts
account and as a result, they may want to consider alternative methods that will allow them to play their casino favourites right away. These online gambling sites have made sure that there’s a wide variety of payment options that can be used to wager and win. To give you an idea about the popular payment methods accepted at PhonePe Casinos in India we’ve provided a few examples below.

What Makes Skrill a Great Alternative Method

If you’re not too keen on entering your card details at an online casino then you may want to consider using a popular E-wallet like Skrill. The deposits are instant and what makes it stand out most is that you can expect to receive your withdrawal within 2-48 Hours. The only downfall that comes with using Skrill at PhonePe Casinos is that deposits made using this method often don’t qualify for bonuses meaning that if you skip reading through the Terms and Conditions and unknowingly make your first deposit using Skrill you could end up losing out on the bonus offer.

The Reason Why Google Pay is Often Used as an Alternative Payment Method

Google Pay accounts are easy to register for, the transaction process is straightforward and best of all, there are no fees! Because it’s widely available to players in 42 countries, many PhonePe Casinos will offer this as an alternative method. The only reason why players have chosen not to use Google Pay as a way to gamble online is that you won’t be able to withdraw your big win with this method.

Why Mastercard Should be Considered as an Alternative Payment Method

The main reason many players use a Mastercard to make casino deposits and withdrawals at PhonePe Casinos in India is that it’s super easy. If you’ve ever used your Mastercard to make
online purchases then using it to make casino transactions will be a breeze! All you need to do is enter your card number, CVV code and expiration date.

Why Players opt For a Bank Transfer as Their Preferred Alternative Method at PhonePe Casinos

This is the go-to method for players who don’t have access to any method accepted at a specific PhonePe casino. The reason many casinos accept this method is because players who are making online transfers probably have a bank account. Bank transfers are extremely convenient and offer a safe way to make casino transactions. However, each deposit and withdrawal will take a lot longer to process compared to other methods and, depending on the institution you bank with, you could end up paying fees of between 0%-5%.

A Breakdown of Alternative Payment Methods Available at PhonePe Casinos

Payment MethodDeposit TimeWithdrawal TimeFeesProsCons
Mastercard0-10 minutes2-5 DaysDepends on Card IssuerEasy to UseNot Always Accepted for Withdrawals
SkrillInstant2-48 hours0% - 5%Doesn't Appear on Bank StatementsCould be Excluded from PhonePe Bonus
Google PayInstantN/A0%Can be Linked to Multiple Bank CardsNot Available for Withdrawals
Bank Transfer3-5 Days1-5 days0%-5%Accepted at Most PhonePe CasinosMuch Longer Processing Times


Our Final Thoughts About PhonePe Casinos in India💭

PhonePe claims to be an app built for India, by Indians and after our review, we can safely say that this may be the perfect casino payment method for many players in India!

Although there’s a chance that you could end up waiting up to 3 hours to start your gambling fun, there are many reasons why PhonePe has become the casino payment method of choice. PhonePe-Casinos-Online Unless your casino charges fees for deposits and withdrawals, you’ll never have to worry about giving up a chunk of your casino credits or big wins.

There are exclusive bonuses that add even more thrill to your experience and even if you don’t have a PhonePe account, there’s a variety of alternative options that can be used instead. The main downfall is that the transaction process may be a little confusing to players who have never used PhonePe to make online payments. However, if you follow our steps carefully this shouldn’t be an issue! If you’re looking for a payment method that offers peace of mind, zero fees and quick casino withdrawals then we recommend using PhonePe the next time you decide to gamble online.

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