Casinos that accept Revolut in India

Casinos that accept Revolut in India

With 18 million personal users, 30+ in-app currencies, and 35+ supported countries it’s no wonder so many online casinos in India have begun accepting this payment method. Since 2015 Revolut has built an impeccable reputation for itself and sees 150 million transactions being made every month. Keep reading to find out why there’s a waiting list of players in India who can’t wait to get their very own Revolut accounts that can be used to enjoy thrilling rewards and exciting casino games.



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Withdraw Time

2-3 days

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Best Revolut Online Casino Sites in India

Best Revolut Online Casino Sites in India



Understanding How Revolut Works at Online Casinos

Understanding How Revolut Works at Online Casinos 📖

Paroma Chatterjee, the CEO of Revolut India, has announced that by the end of 2022 Revolut will be available to the 30,000 Indians patiently waiting to create their accounts and many others who’d like to enjoy trying their hand at gambling at Revolut Casinos using a method that is both safe and rewarding.

Using this method to fund your casino account is extremely quick and easy. Once you’ve set up your account online you’ll receive your Revolut bank card. When you’re ready to start playing all of your casino favourites, visit the site’s Cashier page and select Revolut as your preferred deposit method, enter in the relevant details and your money will reflect in your casino account immediately.

Revolut Casino App Online casino India


Fees You Can Expect When Using Revolut to Make Casino Transactions Online 👛

When you decide to use Revolut to make payments, you can expect to pay a small fee that will differ depending on where you send the money and how much you’ve decided to transfer. To show you what we mean we’ve provided a breakdown below.

The website prices the fees in US Dollars. However, they state that you’ll be charged in the currency of your transfer. It’s important to note that although the bank has big plans to offer its services to Indian players, as it stands Revolut doesn’t support Indian Rupees.

So, If you gamble online and would like to withdraw your exciting win you’ll need to pay fees to have it converted into Indian Rupees. The first 5 ATM withdrawals of the month are free unless you exceed €200 first. After that, players will need to pay a 2% fee of the withdrawal with the minimum fee being €1.

Revolut-Casino-Analytics online casino India

Amount SentTransfers Fees Within the Europe RegionTransfers Fees Outside the Europe Region

Revolut Bonuses

Casino Bonuses You Can Look Forward to if You Use Revolut to Gamble Online 💰

When you register at an online Revolut casino you can look forward to a range of different ways to amplify your experience! This is because Revolut casinos offer both new and returning players the opportunity to claim bonuses that’ll boost their bankrolls and allow for even more screen time! Below you’ll find a few of the many bonus offers you can look forward to as a member of a Revolut Casino online.

Cashback Online Casino

Cashback Bonuses

Unfortunately, all seasoned gamblers have found themselves facing a losing streak at one point or another. Revolut casinos understand how disappointing this can be which is why you’ll find that many of these sites will allow players to claim back a specific percentage of money lost over a certain period of time.

Bonus money online casino

Reload Bonus

This Revolut Casino bonus offer is reserved for returning players only. Often used as a way to encourage existing players to return to the site after disappearing for a certain period of time, when you reload your account you’ll get to claim exciting rewards like free spins, deposit match bonuses, and even cashback offers!

VIP Online Casino

Loyalty Bonuses

We all love a good welcome offer, however, there are many casinos that put so much effort into putting out a good welcome offer that they neglect finding ways to keep players coming back for more. Well, we’re pleased to say that this is certainly not the case at Revolut casinos! Not only will you be presented with an enticing welcome bonus to kickstart your experience, but you’ll also have the chance to climb the rewards ladder and claim cash prizes, free spins, deposit matches, and more simply for playing all of your favourite casino games.

Is Revolut safe to use?

Why You’ll Never Have to Worry About Safety at a Revolut Casino in India 🔒

One of the reasons so many casino players have chosen to play at Revolut casinos is because of how safe each transaction is. Not only will your fully-licensed casino have encryption technology to protect your data but Revolut itself uses the latest encryption technology so that no unwanted third parties will ever be able to gain access to your personal financial details.

Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of Using Revolut at Online Casinos ✅

Now that we know a little bit more about the fees you can expect when using Revolut and what exciting rewards await Revolut users, it’s time to weigh out the pros and cons to decide whether or not this is the perfect payment method for online gamblers in India.


  • Accepted in 100+ Countries
  • Revolut is Extremely Safe to Use
  • Withdrawals are Processed Within 3 Days
  • Revolut Users Can Set Their Own Deposit Limits


  • Doesn’t Support Indian Rupees
  • Players Will Need to Pay When Withdrawing at an ATM

Why Players in India Love to Gamble Using Revolut

Accepted in 100+ countries: With this many countries accepting Revolut, you’ll find that there’s a range of online casinos that allow players in India to make quick and easy transactions using this payment method.

Withdrawals take a maximum of 3 days to process: Compared to alternative methods like Bank Transfers where withdrawals can take up to 7 days to process, Revolut gives Indian players the opportunity to enjoy their big wins within 3 days!

✅ Players can set their own limits: Revolut users can use the app to set their own limits. This means that you never have to worry about spending more than you’ve budgeted for at online Revolut casinos.

Although there are a couple of minor downfalls, those who use Revolut to gamble online will be able to make transactions at a number of online casinos all over the world, withdrawals are processed quickly, it’s safe and deposits can be made without worrying about hackers gaining access to your personal funds. We feel that because Indian Rupees will soon be one of the supported currencies at Revolut that the pros certainly outweigh the cons.

Revolut is extremely safe to use: This payment method uses the latest encryption technology to ensure that each transaction players make at an online casino is safe and secure.

Disadvantages You Should Consider Before Choosing to Gamble Using Revolut

👆 Doesn’t support Indian Rupees: Although the company has plans to offer its services in India within the second half of 2022, at the time of writing players in India will need to use a foreign currency to enjoy Revolut online.

👆 You’ll need to pay fees: The only reason players might shy away from Revolut is because you may need to pay a fee of 2% when withdrawing your funds at an ATM.

Similar Payment Methods

Similar Payment Methods That Can be Used to Play at Revolut Casinos Online 💸

Many players in India don’t have access to a Revolut account just yet. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ll need to give exciting Revolut Casinos a miss! These gambling sites make sure that players are able to use whatever payment type they’re more comfortable with which is why you’ll find that a range of E-wallets, credit/debit cards, prepaid cards, etc. can be used to make deposits and withdrawals at these casino sites as well.

paypal online casino


This casino payment method is known for allowing players in India to make extremely quick deposits and withdrawals. The security used by PayPal is excellent and it’s 100% free to create your own PayPal account online. Because this method is available in over 200 countries, you’ll never battle to find an online casino that encourages Indian players to make casino transactions using PayPal.


Bank Transfer

If you know that you may end up getting caught up in the moment when gambling online prepaid cards are perfect for you. By using this payment method at Credit Card Casinos you’ll be able to set aside a specific gambling budget that can’t be exceeded. This payment type is also fairly popular and often players can purchase prepaid cards online within a few minutes.



Although players will need to pay between 2%-5% when using Visa at online casinos in India, it’s considered an extremely safe and convenient way to enjoy online gambling. The best part about this credit card is that you’ll have the chance to enjoy all of your favourite casino games without having to pay right away! Keep in mind that this can lead to unknowingly spending more than you can afford which is why it’s a good idea to remain aware of how much you gamble on credit.


Comparing Alternative Revolut Casino Payment Methods

Comparing Alternative Revolut Casino Payment Methods

PayPalInstant2-48 Hours2%-5%
Bank Transfer3-5 Days1-5 Days0%-5%
VisaInstant1-3 Business Days2%-5%

Our Final Thoughts About Revolut Casinos

Our Final Thoughts About Revolut Casinos 💭

Considering Revolut has only been around since 2015, it’s pretty impressive that a lot of online casinos in India allow players to make transactions using this payment method. Although you will need to pay a small fee when you withdraw at an ATM, it’s a small price to pay when you consider how safe, quick, and easy it is to use.

In the near future players in India will be able to use Rupees to fund their Revolut accounts and as soon as this payment method hits the online gambling scene in this country we’re positive that more and more Indian casinos online will start allowing players to use Revolut as a way to wager and win online.

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