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Online Casino Games

With the online casino industry constantly expanding, and with more and more games popping up on an almost daily basis, it can be difficult to choose. Browsing through such large selections can seem fun at first, but it can quickly become overwhelming, and we are here to help guide you in the right direction to save you both time and effort while looking for the best online casino games.

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Asian Sites with the Best Online Casino Games



Gambling at Online Casinos

Online casinos are gambling sites providing players with virtual casino experiences, and there are hundreds of sites with impressive graphics and sounds that make you feel like you’re sitting at a land-based casino on the Las Vegas strip. However, what it really comes down to are the casino games, and finding a game (or games) you enjoy.

It can be hard to find your perfect casino game if you don’t know what’s out there, and then you might instead end up stuck playing games that aren’t really right for you. Sure, you can win money playing any game at a reputable gambling site, but wouldn’t you want to play the games that give you the best odds?

Types of Online Casino Games

Let’s start by looking at the different types of games you’ll find at online casinos. You’re probably familiar with Poker and blinking slot machines, but there is a lot more to most game libraries at the top online gambling sites around the world.

We are going to do more than just scratch on the surface, and we’ll be providing you with the full scope when it comes to casino games, just so that you don’t miss out on a game that could win you millions. You don’t need to be an expert to play games at online gambling sites, but it helps to at least know your options.

Free Spins


A very popular game type is the online slot machine, and it is what many people associate with online casinos. The spinning reels, the sounds and the excitement that comes with waiting for the reels to stop, where the placement of symbols will determine whether you win. It’s a classic you can’t go wrong with, but there are thousands of different slots to choose from.

Some slots are very simple, where you win if the symbols line up across the reels.



Another game type commonly found at online casinos is bingo online. You purchase your card, and you can buy only one or as many as you like. When the game starts, the machine calls out numbers and the purpose of the game is to get numbers on your card that form a vertical row, a diagonal row or a horizontal row. The goal can differ depending on the bingo game.

The more cards you have, the bigger are your chances to win, and you can also find live bingo games if you prefer to play bingo with a real person calling out the numbers instead of a random number generator. There are multiple different types of bingo games at online casinos, even though most have very similar setup and rules.

JackpotCity India Casino Games

Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Jackpots are also slots, but these work a little differently. In addition to the regular slot features, such as spinning reels and bonus games, you also have a big jackpot that grows bigger until someone wins. In these games, it isn’t just you playing, and everyone playing the same slot contributes to the jackpot.

Whenever someone places a bet, a percentage of the money is added to the jackpot, and it grows until a lucky player wins. You might have to bet on all paylines to be in the running for the jackpot, and otherwise you’ll just be using the game as a regular slot.


Table Games

You have probably seen poker games, roulette, baccarat and blackjack on TV, or perhaps you’ve already played before at land-based casinos or with friends on a Friday night? Did you know that you can also play video slots built around the same concepts? These work like virtual game tables, controlled by Random Number Generators.

You can start these games whenever you want, as your co-players are also virtual, but rules and everything else works just like when you’re sitting at a real game table. You do need some basic knowledge here as there is more room for strategy, but you can get started by simply reading through the game rules.

IPL betting

Sports Betting

When it comes to sports betting and odds, it’s something you still won’t find at every online casino, but then there are some casinos that specialize in this type of gambling with excellent sportsbooks and betting options.

When you bet on sports, you place bets on what you think will happen in a soccer game, tennis match, golf tournament and more.

There are many different types of sports betting, and you can bet on whole game outcomes, on how many goals a specific player will make during a game and so on, and it can take a bit of time to get accustomed with it if it’s your first time.

south korea live games

Live Casino Games

The closest you can get to “real” casino gambling at a land-based casino is with live casino games. As opposed to slots and jackpot games, these are not controlled by RNG and instead, live casino games use live streams and real dealers. The game is transmitted live from a studio—often located somewhere in Europe—and you get to watch everything that happens.

Casinos use multiple cameras to create an immersive experience that almost has you feeling like you’re actually sitting there, and you can communicate with the dealer and other (real) players via a chat function. There are various different live games, and a well-sorted casino will have everything from live table games, to game shows and other varieties.

Legal & Illegal Casino Games in Asia

Are All Casino Games Legal in Asia?

Online gambling is currently only legal in approximately 32% of Asia, which is in 16 of the 50 Asian territories. Taking this into consideration, gambling remains illegal in 48% of the continent.

There has been some positive improvement lately with new legalizations, but as a gambler in Asia, this is something you will want to be aware of.

Now, online gambling works a little differently and may have different rules, and it is estimated that online gambling is either legal, accepted or in a legal gray zone in about 20% of Asia.

That said, it is believed that 80% of around 40 of the 50 territories gamble online despite any local laws or restrictions.The reason is that local gambling laws don’t always apply to online gambling, as these online casinos tend to be located offshore and not in Asia.

In short, it might not necessarily be legal to gamble online in areas where gambling is prohibited, but it also isn’t illegal and/or punishable by law. This, however, can vary greatly depending on where you are located.

How to Gamble Legally in Asia

We encourage every Asian gambler to read up on the gambling laws and restrictions in your country and/or territory, to make sure you have a full understanding of the rules that apply.

We don’t encourage anyone to break the law in any way in order to gamble online, and due to how frequent these laws can change, it is always best to double-check.

Most Profitable Online Casino Games

Most Profitable Casino Games

You might be asking yourself what types of games you would benefit from the most? Where is the money at online casino games? The quick explanation is that there are several factors that can help you determine whether a game is worth your time and money, and we are going to have a closer look at these below.

Also, you need to ask yourself what you would consider profitable, and if it is more important to you to win frequently, or if you rather win more money every time you win, but for your wins to be more scarce. This is where the game volatility comes into play.

Casino Game Volatility

To figure out whether a casino game is profitable, you can have a look at the game’s volatility. Is it high or low? Both high volatility and low volatility games are profitable in their own way, but as previously mentioned, it depends on how you prefer to win.

The term “volatility” refers to the risk of losing that comes with a specific game. High volatility games come with a higher risk, and for you, this means you bet more money with a bigger risk of losing. However, these games also have bigger payouts, so that when you do win—you win big.

Low volatility games, on the other hand, come with a smaller risk to lose, meaning you’ll win a lot more often than on a high volatility game. The catch? Low volatility games have significantly smaller payouts, and you can’t expect to win a fortune anytime soon.

Are high or low volatility games more profitable? It depends. High volatility games are technically more profitable, but you need a big budget and patience in order to have a chance to win, so it really comes down to what works for you.



Return to Player (RTP)

There is no specific game type that is more profitable than other game types, necessarily, and instead it comes down to the specific game.

Besides the volatility of the games, this is another thing you can look at when trying to figure out if a game is profitable. The RTP is a percentage indicating how much of your bets you can expect to get back in the shape of winnings throughout the game’s lifetime.

It doesn’t mean that you are personally going to get that percentage back, but instead, the percentage is calculated based on all bets made by all players, and the winnings they’ve managed to score. A slot with a 96% RTP pays out 96% of the total bets in winnings.

In this case, a higher RTP is always better, as it shows your probability of winning rather than losing when you gamble, and when it comes down to it, we are all in it to win. Spending your money on a game with a very low RTP is rarely (or ever) profitable and should generally be avoided.

Casino House Edge

If the game RTP is 96%, then that tells us that the house edge of the game is 4%. With the house edge, you want it to be as low as possible as this is how much of the total bets that the casino ends up keeping.

Both RTP and house edge can vary somewhat depending on multiple factors and it is not an exact science, but both can give you a good idea of whether a game can be seen as profitable enough for you to place a bet.

As a general rule, table games and live casino games tend to have a lower house edge than, for example, slots, and could therefore be considered more profitable. However, these types of games require a bit more of their players, and you often need to be a little more invested than when simply clicking a button to spin the slot reels.

Easily Won Casino Games

Casino Games You Can Easily Win

If you are more interested in winning and the adrenaline rush that comes with it, and if the amount you win is less important to you, then you might want to try low volatility slots! Slot games in general tend to generate frequent wins, and especially games that have bonus features and extra in-game rewards.

Games like Baccarat and Blackjack are also considered very easy games to win, and especially considering the fact that the house edge can often be as low as 1.5%.

Oshi Casino Live Games

Casino table games tend to have some of the highest RTP rates in the industry.

In Baccarat, it is recommended to up your chances of winning by betting on the banker, while Blackjack players benefit from practicing proper bankroll management.

To sum it up, for the biggest chance at winning, you want to choose games with the lowest possible risk of losing. It is a lot simpler than it sounds, and something you have a chance to get very good at within a very short time.

Find Online Casino Games in Asia

Finding Online Casinos with the Most Games

Alright, by now you might know more or less what type of game you want to play, and now it’s all about figuring out where to find them.

Some casinos have a much bigger game selection than others, and many gamblers aim for gambling sites with ample game catalogues to make sure there are plenty of options.

Software Providers

Step one in finding an online casino with many games is to look for a site with a long list of software providers. All casino games come from somewhere, and every game provider added to the casino’s list is likely going to add hundreds of games to the game library.

There are some smaller online casinos that offer a decent game selection despite listing only a few game providers, but in general, the more game providers a casino has currently contributing to their game library, the more games there will be.

Popular Casino Software Providers in Asia

Some of Asia’s most popular software developers include Williams Interactive, NextGen Gaming, Quickspin, Betsoft, Playtech, Pragmatic Play, Amaya Gaming, Realtime Gaming, Thunderkick, Evolution Gaming, Euro Games Technology, Novomatic, Microgaming, Blueprint Gaming, Electracade, Aristocrat Gaming, Play’N Go, Big Time Gaming, Elk Studios, and NetEnt.

Imagine having all these examples represented at an online casino! Casinos don’t always mention exactly how many games they have on their site, but the list of software providers should give you a good idea.

Another plus that comes with the list being long is that the game catalogue is going to be constantly updated with the latest from the international gambling industry. Software providers are constantly working to come up with new creations to wow their players, and a well-sorted casino will make sure you get access as soon as new games hit the market.

Choosing the Right Game for You

Choosing the Right Game for You

You are going to come across multiple “Best Casino Game” guides out there, but we have news for you: The best game for you might not be the same as the best game for someone else, and we recommend that you focus on finding a game that meets your expectations.

Consider what type of player you are and what you hope to get out of your gambling; are you gambling to win big or gambling just for fun and to reel in those small but frequent wins? Are you entertained by winning often, or for it to take a long time to win but to win big when you do? What brings you the most Live Roulette CasinoIN satisfaction and joy?

Everything covered in this article, such as house edge, RTP and volatility, goes into finding that ideal casino game for you, and it can take some time to figure out what you like and what your preferences are, but patience pays off.

A good way to put it is that there are no good or bad casino games, at least not at reputable gambling sites, and they’re all there for a reason. You can win any game, and your way to finding the right one starts with getting to know yourself as an online gambler. Once you understand what you want and how you define the term “profitable”—finding the right game is easy.

Best Online Casino Games for Beginners

Best Online Casino Games for Beginners

1BlackjackSkill Games
2Live CasinoIn-Person Action
3SlotsEffortless Play
4BaccaratLow House Edge

Tips & Tricks

Online Casino Beginner Tips

We get it, it can be incredibly confusing when you are new to live casinos, and all this information we’ve just provided you with might seem overwhelming. Don’t worry—we’ll help get you started on the right foot!

Start with a simple slot game like Starburst from NetEnt, as these types of games are easy to understand and you won’t be stuck wondering what’s happened, or how come you won or lost. They are also known for hanging out recurring wins, and in the beginning, this can be very reassuring and motivating. Winning is fun, even if the amounts are modest.

As your confidence grows and as you start wanting to explore beyond all the popular slots you’ll inevitably come across, you could always try a progressive jackpot or perhaps a table game like video poker? Take it slow, and try to make it a habit to read through the game rules if you’re unfamiliar with how it works, as basic understanding makes gambling more fun.

Games for Experienced Players

Game Suggestions for Experienced Players

For those who are already familiar with online gambling and who wish to start out right away with something other than slots—why not go straight for a game of live Baccarat? Baccarat is nowhere near as popular as other Blackjack and Poker, but perhaps it should be, as it offers a low house edge and excellent opportunities to win.

You might also want to consider a game show like Monopoly Live or Dream Catcher, where you get the best of both live casinos and RNG driven slot bonus games in one! There are so many games out there, and if you are experienced the whole casino is your playroom, and you shouldn’t be afraid to venture from your favourite games to see what you find.

Changing Casino Game

Playing the Same Game or Changing It Up?

In a scenario where you have found a casino game you like, it seems to be paying out often enough, the house edge is low and the return to player is high—is there a point to changing it up or should you just stick to the game that seems to be working for you? There is no right or wrong answer and it depends on what you prefer.

Forget Superstition

Some people believe that there could be an advantage to sticking to a slot machine when you are on a winning streak, but the truth is that it’s most likely just a question of luck. You can look at the RTP to get an idea of how much money that’ll go back to the player over time, but if you’ve been winning non-stop for a while—chances are your luck will run out.

When you gamble, it is best to forget all about superstition, and to instead put your trust in everything you know about the game. There are many tips and strategies you can use to increase your chances of winning, but using superstition isn’t one of them.


Final Words

Some games have better odds than others, but you also need to take the cost of each bet into consideration, as well as whether you actually enjoy playing the game. Take some time to browse through the game library at the gambling site of your choice, and don’t be afraid of trying a few games to determine which you like best.

There are thousands of slots out there for you to try, and all kinds of live casino games, table games, scratch cards and sports betting opportunities. It would take you years to go through the game library at the biggest online casinos out there, and we can guarantee you that boredom is not in your near future.

Be responsible when you gamble online, and make a conscious effort not to get swept away by all the incredible casino games that are only a click away. No matter how good or bad you’re doing—stick to your budget. Online gambling can be incredible but it is also a big responsibility, and it doesn’t stop with finding the right game.