Betting Conditions & Interesting Facts About Sports Betting

Betting on sports is fun and often lucrative if you know how to place your bets right, but it can seem incredibly overwhelming if you are new to it, and if you are unfamiliar with the rules and conditions that apply. Luckily, it isn’t as complicated as it seems, and all you need’s a little guidance to get started. We’ve got you covered.

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Getting Started with Sports Betting

For those who are only starting to consider placing a few bets on sports odds, you probably want to take a moment and make sure you know what you are doing. Sports betting is different from regular casino play, and in a way, it is all about making qualified guesses for a certain outcome of a game or sporting event.

If you have absolutely no idea what you are doing, then your guess would have to be incredibly good and you would need to get lucky. In other words, random guesses rarely pay off when you bet on sports. Instead, you need to understand how odds work, and take certain betting conditions into consideration.

How likely is it that a certain thing will happen? How sure are you that it will? These things control how much you could benefit from placing your bets, and also the whether it is worth placing a specific bet. The betting conditions change depending on a variety of factors, such as how well a player has done in the past, the predicted weather conditions and more.

Before continuing to read on about sports betting conditions, make sure to read our introduction to Sports Betting where we cover all the basics!

How Calculations are Made

Understanding the Importance of Betting Conditions

You might have wondered how it works when betting odds are set? Who decides them, and how? Odds are set by a bookmaker who uses a list of perimeters to calculate the probability of something happening (or not happening), and risks are assessed to produce an estimated outcome for players to bet on.

Lines and odds are set with the use of mathematical calculations and analytics, and some sportsbooks may also base their betting lines and odds on those of other reputable gambling sites, as the internet has made it easier to gain access to reliable predictions.

An interesting fact is that small and often unpredictable details can have a big effect on the odds. Let’s say a tennis match will be played when it rains, and one tennis player is considered the best in the world. If it rains on the day of the match, then the top player might not be as good as he or she would have been if the weather was sunny.

That’s not all! Calculations to produce odds are based on how a team or an individual player has performed in the past and how they are expected to perform based on the circumstances of the game or event. The conditions and circumstances can change and therefore change the odds.

Sportsbooks and Odds

Do Sportsbooks Create Their Own Odds?

Once you start looking into sports betting, it becomes impossible to miss that most sports sites have very similar odds on things like football matches and tennis games, but this isn’t too strange when it comes down to it. Experts use the same betting conditions to determine the odds of a prediction, and it is to be expected that most bets across sites are similar.

However, it can be hard to determine when a gambling site has actually set their own odds and when they have used other sportsbooks as inspiration. You see, sportsbooks can save a lot of money by checking out the competition and using their findings as a base for their own bets, and it is a very common practice.

If you want to be sure that your preferred betting site offers unique odds, then the only real way is to choose to bet on unique betting opportunities. If a site, for example, offers bets on a sport you have been struggling to find elsewhere or on a TV series or something else that would be considered unexpected, then chances are they generated the odds themselves based on their own calculations only.

7 Betting Rules

7 Important Betting Rules to Keep Track Of

To further understand how online betting works and how betting conditions come into play, we are going to have a look at some important betting rules. Some of these are very obvious and rules you might already be aware of, while others may seem somewhat more foreign and surprising.

  • Odds and Prices Can Change

One thing you might not know is that sportsbooks can make mistakes when listing odds or prices, but it is always corrected accordingly. Whenever a mistake is detected, all placed bets are voided and players get their money back. This isn’t a bad thing and shouldn’t be seen as a sign of an unreliable betting site, as it is quite the opposite! You want to bet at online casinos and sportsbooks that take responsibility for their blunders.

  • Odds Change if a Game is Cancelled

It is very important that a game is played when it’s supposed to, because if it is rescheduled or moved to a different day or time, this also means that the circumstances that could affect the outcome changes. If this happens, then the sportsbook needs to recalculate the existing odds and start over.

  • Bets Need to Be Placed Before a Game Starts

This might come as no surprise, but it is usually important that all bets are placed before the start of a sports event. The betting business is built on fairness and fair odds, and placing bets after the initiation of a game, one could be at an advantage. For this reason, if a bet is placed later than the moment a game starts, then it is automatically voided.

  • Players Need to Be of Legal Gambling Age

It doesn’t matter where you play or where you place your bets, as all sportsbooks and gambling sites require their players to be of legal gambling age. This refers to the legal gambling age where you are located, which in most cases is 18.

  • Identity Verification is Required Before Betting

Betting sites are just like any online casino, and you need to have completed the verification process before you can withdraw winnings. You may be able to deposit, place bets and win, but the sportsbook needs to verify that you are who you say you are before they can release your funds, as this is required to comply with certain gambling rules, laws and regulations.

  • Sportsbooks Protect Your Privacy

Professional betting sites are protected by sophisticated SSL encryption and the latest online security technology, to make sure your personal information and payment details are always safe. However, sportsbooks are not responsible for you losing your login information or revealing your password to someone you know, and it is essential that you also take responsibility when betting on the internet.

  • You Can’t Cancel a Wager Once Confirmed

Don’t forget that once a sportsbook confirms your wager, you can’t suddenly decide to back out or cancel your bet. The best thing you can do is to be absolutely sure of what you want to do before you do it, so that you don’t act on impulse and bet on something you didn’t think through properly.

Basics of Sports Betting

Betting Concepts You Need to Know

Everything is linked in sports betting, and this includes the betting conditions and the different types of bets you can place. It is somewhat complex and it can take some time to get into it, but we wanted to give you a head’s start by offering a quick introduction.

Parlay Bet

Two or more betting wagers are required to place a Parlay bet, and it works to “link” these in order to boost a potential win. If you win, you win a much bigger amount than what separate bets on the wagers would have given you, but the catch is that if you lose on one wager, you lose your entire bet. You need to win all wagers to cash in on a Parlay bet.

Prop Bets

Proposition bets are bets you often find on popular or highly anticipated sports games, and here it is all about the outcome, yet there are different things you can bet on. A good example of a prop bet is who will make the first goal in a game of football or the first touchdown in American football.

Straight Bet

These types of bets are exactly what they sound like, as they are very straight-forward. When you bet on only one wager (individual), then you are placing a straight bet.

Futures Bet

The name indicates its meaning here too, and when you place a Futures bet, you are betting on a game or sports event that is still far away (in the future). You might be betting on the team that will win in a tournament the following year or on the outcome of a championship that is still months away..

Round Robin Bet

If Parlay bets are when you have two or more wagers, then a Round Robin bet is when you are betting on multiple Parlay bets simultaneously.


Final Words on Sports Betting Conditions

Betting conditions are what determines the odds, which in turn affects the bets, betting lines and prices, as well as what you can expect to find when you start gambling at a sports site. The term “it’s not rocket science” does not apply here, as working out odds is a very complex job and something most betting sites don’t give out too much information about.

If everyone knew how to do it, then there wouldn’t be a need for betting sites at all, so you can count on the fact that no betting company is going to reveal all their secrets and methods when using betting conditions to determine the odds.

You don’t need to be an expert to bet on sports, but the more you know and the more you understand, the easier it becomes to make smart choices and to place your wagers in a way that benefits you and your finances. Understanding how betting conditions work is inevitably included in this.