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If you’re interested in thrilling games and lucrative rewards but aren’t sure about whether or not playing at online casinos in Thailand is legal then we’ve got all of the answers you need right here! In this article, we’ll delve deep into the world of online gambling in Thailand and give you the information you need to decide whether or not these thrilling casinos are truly worth it. So, keep reading to learn all you need to know about gambling in in this country and how you could get away with undercover gaming online.

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Our List of Top Rated Casinos in Thailand


Is Gambling Legal in Thailand?

Is Gambling Legal in Thailand? Here’s the Answer

Although gambling laws in Thailand don’t specifically state that residents aren’t permitted to play at offshore casinos online, according to authorities, it falls under the general category of gambling and is considered illegal. This isn’t to say that there aren’t ways to enjoy exciting opportunities to wager and win at online casinos.

Not all forms of gambling are prohibited in Thailand, and if you’re into sports betting and lotteries, then you’ll be pleased to know that the country’s exceptions include the national lottery and horse race betting. Even though Thailand is a no-go zone for gambling, there are a few that have decided to live on the wild side of life which is why you’ll find that sports betting and games of poker are enjoyed by many Thai players.

Although it’s not common for the police to target punters individually as they generally overlook gambling, there have been situations where players have been arrested. For example, just before the 2014 world cup up to 1,000 Thai bookmakers and a few bettors were arrested.

If caught gambling illegally, players will be charged with up to a year in prison along with a fine of ฿1,000. But when it comes to online gambling that takes place in the privacy of your own home, the chances of being caught are slim to none, especially when using a VPN.


How to Take Part in Undercover Online Gambling in Thailand

If you’re determined to enjoy all of the thrills that come with online gambling in Thailand without getting caught, then you’ll want to start by not drawing any attention to yourself. Police in Thailand may be strict when it comes to illegal gambling, however, they’re not likely to stop you while walking to check your internet history or waltz into your home hoping to catch you gambling online.

With that being said, it can happen if they’ve been tipped off. This is why you shouldn’t tell a soul that you enjoy a few spins of the reels online or an exciting round of blackjack before bed. You should also remember to keep to yourself when you’re out and about gambling on your phone and try not to celebrate too obviously when you hit that massive jackpot. If you’re interested in online gambling, then you should also explore the use of VPN.

Thailand Flag

How to Use a VPN

How Thai Players Can Use a VPN to Gamble in Secret

When you learn that VPN stands for Virtual Private Network you’ll get a pretty good idea about what it does. It’s been designed to hide Internet Protocol Addresses and allows you to create an encrypted internet connection that’s safe and secure.

By doing this you’ll be able to enjoy exciting gambling opportunities in Thailand while appearing as if you’re in a completely different country. Curious about how to use a VPN to enjoy gambling in secret? Below we’ve provided detailed steps to explain the whole process.


Surf the web and purchase a VPN licence


Make sure that no third parties can interfere with your connection by clearing your cookies.


Once you’ve downloaded the VPN app, open it on your desktop.


Select the country you want to appear to be playing from.


Log in to your Thailand casino and enjoy all of the exciting bonuses and games that await!

Gambling Authority & Licences

All You Need to Know About the Gambling Authority and Licences in Thailand

Thailand Casino GamblingAs you’ve read, the only forms of gambling that are legal in Thailand are betting on horse races and taking part in the Thai lottery. The official lottery is drawn on the 1st and 16th of every month and is administered by the Government Lottery Office to make sure that every draw is 100% fair.

And even though the Gambling Act of 1935 prohibits any land-based casinos in Thailand, you can still enjoy placing bets on horse racing at the Royal Bangkok Sports Club and the Royal Turf Club of Thailand. Because the only gambling authority in Thailand is the GLO, let’s take a closer look at a few facts about the organisation itself.

The national lottery in Thailand was founded just four years after the Gambling Act was introduced and to this day is run by CEO Pol Col Boonsong Jansitri. There are 103,329 points of sale, the lottery has created employment for 1,069 people and in the 2016 financial year, the company made ฿104.4 billion in sales!

Popular Casino Games in Thailand

The Casino Games That Are Most Loved by Thai Players

Before the first signs of the pandemic, studies showed that well over 50% of Thailand’s adult population takes part in real money gambling. So out of the 30 million+ players, which games are most loved? Here we take a closer look at the most popular gambling games in Thailand as well as a brief explanation about where each game started.

Thailand Casino Games

Baccarat: The Folklore-Based Game That’s Booming in Thailand

This exciting casino game has been around since Felix Falguiere invented it in the 1400s. According to legend, this game has quite a dark origin and it’s said that Felix based this game on Etruscan folklore that spoke of a woman who was made to throw a die with 9 sides with each result earning a different outcome that would drastically change her life or end it altogether. She’d receive a promotion that would lead her to become a priestess with every eight or nine she threw.

However, if she would lose her priestly roles should she throw a 6 or 7. Although the first results would reward her with status and the second strip her of priestly community roles, at least she’d be able to keep her life. Because if she received a value any lower than 6 she’d be sentenced to death and would be drowned in the ocean.

With such a morbid backstory, it’s a wonder how it became such a loved casino game today, but nevertheless, it has. And now many players in Thailand and all over the world flock to online casinos all over to enjoy the exciting prizes that come with winning!

Thailand Players Love to Spin and Win With Slots Online

Charles Fey invented the first slot prototype, Liberty Bell, in 1887 which consisted of 20 symbols and 3 reels that were spun using a lever. The symbols and certain combinations earned the player an interesting prize. This machine that was created in Fey’s workshop marked the beginning of a craze that would quickly take the world by storm.

This was evident when Charles Fey found himself overwhelmed with the number of orders he began receiving as the popularity spread and in 1907 he made the decision to team up with Mills Novelty Company. Together they tweaked the machines and began developing games that would soon be placed in Bugsy Siegel’s Flamingo Casino.

Fast forward to the present day and it’s clear to see just how popular these games became over time. Today you’ll find numerous slots filled with exciting features and interesting themes in the lobbies of almost every online Thailand casino. And when you consider the rewards that have been won over the years, it’s no wonder it’s a casino favourite in Thailand!

Most-Played Casino Games in Thailand

6 of the Many Thrilling Casino Games Players in Thailand Enjoy

Now that we’ve taken a look at the most popular games in Thailand, let’s not neglect the many others that are also just as loved by Thai players. Although there are numerous game developers out there that have all created rewarding variants of casino classics for players in Thailand to enjoy online, we’ve listed 6 of the many much-loved games below as well as the developers and average RTP rates so that the next time you register at an online casino, you exactly which games to make a beeline for!

Game TypeSoftware DevelopersAverage Return to Player
Baccarat ProNetEnt98.94%
Keno DrawMicrogaming88.80%
BlackjackEvolution Gaming99.54%
Craps LiveEvolution Gaming99.17%
Caribbean Stud PokerEvolution Gaming96.30%
European RouletteNetEnt97.30%

Thai Casino Bonuses

Great Bonuses on Offer at Online Casinos in Thailand

We’ve all heard about players landing a big win thanks to the extra boost they received with an exciting welcome offer. But what exactly is a welcome offer and how can it help increase your odds of Thailand Casinos Onlinewinning? Online casinos use welcome offers to encourage new players in Thailand to join their site which is why you’ll find that there will be slight differences when it comes to the rewards on offer at online casinos.

For example, where one may offer 50 free spins and a deposit match of 100% up to ฿500 another may be offering no free spins but an offer of 150% up to ฿1,000! The perfect bonus for you all depends on exactly what games you’re interested in playing which is why it’s worth checking out a few before going ahead and claiming.

Keep in mind that even casinos that have thrilling welcome offers may not always have the same exciting rewards for returning players, so when you’re out there looking for the best casino in Thailand, be sure to visit the Promotions pages to find out if they offer any of the following bonuses.

Deposit Bonuses That’ll Double Your Money

How great would it be to deposit at an online casino in Thailand to find that you’ll be able to double and sometimes even triple your deposit amount? We’re happy to tell you that it is indeed possible! Although the deposit bonuses are usually used as welcome packages to invite new players and will be in the form of a deposit match, they can be offered to returning players as well. The rewards can vary from free spins, reload bonuses and much more!

Claim a No Deposit Bonus and Play for Free With Real Cash

These bonuses are quite rare, and will usually come with some pretty steep wagering requirements. However, it’s worth it for players who are interested in winning massive real money prizes without having to deposit any real money of their own right away.

Spin the Reels and Get Those Wins Using Free Spins

One of the more common bonuses to be found at online casinos, free spins allow you to enjoy hours of entertainment and exciting bonus rounds without spending your own money. Also to be found as part of a welcome bonus, this bonus can be offered as a reward for casino events, given to loyal players or to promote a specific developer or slot. Either way, they’re great for players in Thailand who love to spin and win for free!

We understand that these offers may have you itching to speed off in search of the perfect one for you, however, you should take a moment to consider the fact that nine times out of ten you will need to meet certain wagering requirements before you’ll be able to withdraw any money you win while using your bonus funds.

Even when you decide that you’ll be able to meet them with ease, remember that many casinos state in their Terms and Conditions pages that specific games only contribute a certain percentage towards the playthrough requirements whereas others will not count at all. So, to avoid being caught off guard, we recommend studying the bonus rules very carefully before deciding that the offer is worth claiming.

A Breakdown of Popular Casino Bonuses at Thailand Casinos Online


Bonus TypeNew or Returning PlayersAdvantagesDisadvantagesWagering Requirements
No Deposit BonusNew & Returning Players· Play With Real Money Without Spending Real Money · Don’t Need to Risk Your Own Money· Wagering Requirements are Often Higher Compared to Other BonusesMight Come With Wagering Requirements
Deposit BonusNew & Returning Players· Play With More Than Your Deposit Amount · Increase Your Odds of Winning Real Money Rewards· Deposits Made With Certain Payment Methods May Not QualifyMight Come With Wagering Requirements
Free SpinsNew & Returning Players· Try New Slots for Free · Win Real Money Prizes Without Spending Real Money at First· Often Needs to be Used on a Specific Slot GameMight Come With Wagering Requirements

Thai Payment Methods

Popular Payment Methods Used to Fund Your Casino Account in Thailand

Thailand Casino Payment MethodsAt online casinos that accept players from Thailand, you’ll find that when you visit the Cashier section of each site that there are loads of convenient payment options to suit every type of player. To give you an idea about the various ways you can fund your casino account, we’ve provided a brief explanation of each below.

ecopayz payment method


Owned by PSI-Pay Ltd and available on both iOS and Android devices, EcoPayz is one of the more popular payment methods used at online casinos in Thailand. Because it’s available in more than 150 countries, casinos all over the world accept EcoPayz as a way to make instant deposits and speedy withdrawals with little to no additional fees.

Credit card payment methods

Credit Card

Although you’ll find that when you make transactions at Thailand casinos using a credit card you may need to pay a small fee, it’s worth it when you consider the fact that it’s one of the safest ways to fund your casino account. Not only that, but it’s also extremely convenient, quick and easy considering that many Thai players already have access to a credit card.

bitcoin payment method


Known as one of the safest and most private ways to deposit and withdraw money at online casinos in Thailand, Bitcoin is perfect for those looking to enjoy exciting casino games undercover. Because you don’t need to reveal personal banking details to your site when using Bitcoin, if you’re worried about your sensitive information falling into the wrong hands then you’ll be pleased to know that with Bitcoin your information is protected at all times.

Breakdown of Payment Methods

Important Details About Popular Methods at Thailand Casinos

Payment TypeFeesDeposit TimeWithdrawal Time
EcoPayz0%-8.5%Instant0-3 Days
Credit Card2%-5%Instant1-3 Days
BitcoinLow to NoneInstantInstant

Responsible Gambling

About Responsible Gambling & Luxury Help Centres in Thailand

Gambling is amongst the many things in life that are easy to get addicted to. Because of the exciting atmosphere and the thrill of getting a big win, it’s often used as a way for players to escape an emotionally distressing situation and cope with the stress of everyday problems.

What’s important is having the ability to realise when you need help and having the strength to seek it. Although you’ll be able to find many sites online that offer help to people struggling with addiction, in Northern Thailand, there’s an amazing rehabilitation centre.

The Cabin Chiang Mai is a luxury rehab centre that has a program completion rate of 96% which isn’t hard to believe when you take a look at their facilities! All addiction programmes include all meals, private accommodation, massage therapy, group therapy, individual therapy and much more.

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