Best Casino Licences for Asia

Macau was once the Asian gambling mecca, but the Asian gambling market has experienced a massive boom in recent years, where more and more players are turning to online gambling. The rules, laws and regulations for online gambling differ greatly throughout the continent depending on the country, territory or general geographical area, but one thing an online casino site inevitably needs to comply with is to be licensed. We have the full scope on casino licences and licensing requirements in Asia.

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What Is An Online Casino Licence?

Gambling regulations exist throughout the continent, but some countries have stricter gambling laws than others. Many countries where gambling is banned still allow their residents to gamble at offshore online casino sites, where the casino is based abroad, but to do this safely you need to know how to recognise a trustworthy online casino.

Licensing is the first thing you should look at, as online gambling sites are legally required to obtain a gambling licence in order to operate. Licences are issued by third-party authorities after revising that the casino site meets strict requirements. These requirements include (but are not restricted to) the following:

  • Fair Games with RNG

It is very common for players to worry about fairness when gambling online, and the best way to make sure you stand a fair chance to win is to make sure the casino uses RNG (random number generators), as these provide a random outcome of every game and one that cannot be predicted (or tampered with) by the casino nor by the player. If a gambling site is licensed by a reputable licensing authority, then it means they have RNGs in use.

  • Secure Gambling Platform

To get licensed, casinos also need to prove that they are actively working to provide player protection, and to keep any personal information or payment data safe. This also includes proper protection for your casino funds, and is usually implemented by using similar security software that banks use, such as the latest SSL encryption technology.

  • Responsible Gambling Resources

Believe it or not, but it is not in a casino’s best interest to have players spend and bet irresponsibly, and licensing authorities require gambling sites to facilitate responsible gambling as much as possible. A licensed casino usually offers the player to set spending limits (per day, week or month), and even to exclude themselves from the casino in a case where they feel a break is needed.

  • Anti-Fraud Efforts

Obtaining a licence is all about following the rules, and part of this is also to make sure everyone else uses the platform the way it was intended. Strict verification processes should be in use for a casino to be issued a licence, as this aids in combating illegal activity such as money laundering, ID theft and fraud.

Always Check for a Casino Licence

Always Check for a Casino Licence

As you can see, casino licensing is absolutely essential when you are choosing where to play, and for a gambling platform to be considered reliable, and it should always be your main priority when vetting a new casino. Check the footer of the page as this is usually where the licensing information and licence number is stated, or you should be able to locate it in the casino’s terms and conditions.

In Asia, there are a few casino licensing authorities currently operating, but since many sites are based abroad, you are also likely to come across some of the top authorities from around the world. We have included a quick introduction to a few of them here below.

PAGCORThe Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation governs land-based venues but has proposed to regulate web-based gambling in the country.
FCLRCThe First Cagayan Leisure and Resort Corporation is the only entity to offer online casino licences in the Philippines.
MGAThe Malta Gaming Authority is a renowned body that oversees many operators around the world.
UKGCThe UK Gambling Commission regulates most forms of betting in the UK as well as many offshore casino operators.
GGCThe Gibraltar Gaming Commission oversees a huge number of online gambling sites.

How To Spot A Fake Casino Licence

How To Spot A Fake Casino Licence

To operate legitimately, operators need to be licensed by an authorised regulatory body. These licences should be verifiable, and the number displayed openly on a casino’s website. You’ll usually find this information in a casino’s footer. Look out for words like “licensed and regulated” followed by the licensing body’s name.

A licence should be the first thing you check. If you don’t see one on an online casino’s site, avoid the casino entirely. See, having obtained a licence is something a casino tends to be very proud of, and an unwillingness to provide this information openly is an instant red flag.

Keep in mind that an unlicensed casino is unregulated, and that means if you run into issues with withdrawing funds or anything else while gambling, you are going to run into massive trouble trying to get your money back as there is no one to turn to for help. A licensed casino, on the other hand, has legal responsibilities towards its players.

Signs of a Potentially Fake Casino Licence

There are a few things to look for when making sure you’re gambling at a legit site, and while the first and most important thing is to verify that there is licensing information listed, you can also check for typos and grammatical errors on the site, as this is usually another indicator of a sketchy casino platform. Poor quality images could be another indicator.

As a final step, if you still don’t feel convinced, look at the licensing number. You should be able to use this number to look the casino up and verify that it is, indeed, a real casino licence, but most scam sites won’t even bother listing any type of licence since they are counting on attracting inexperienced players with limited knowledge and understanding of the online casino industry.

Gambling at an Unlicensed Casino

Why Gambling at an Unlicensed Casino Is a Bad Idea

Luckily, it has gotten more difficult for unlicensed and less trustworthy casino sites to operate, as a direct result of stricter regulations, but you might still happen to come across a site or two while scanning the internet for new gambling opportunities. If you do, you might be tempted to join due to the generous bonus offers and promises of almost instant wins, but keep in mind that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Scams & Fake Bonuses

An unlicensed casino doesn’t respond to anyone and has no obligation to be truthful with its special offers and promises, and they can essentially write anything on their landing page to make you want to join. There is no regulatory authority there to make sure they live up to their promises, which could end up becoming an expensive experience for you as a player.

Avoid unlicensed gambling sites at all costs, no matter how tempting it seems. Remember, it is not just about money, as an unlicensed casino could also be careless with your personal information and banking details, which could result in a grave issue and potential crime.

Rigged Casino Games

As mentioned earlier in this guide, a licensed casino needs to use random number generators (RNG) to guarantee fair game outcomes, but there is no such requirement or guarantee if the casino is unlicensed. By playing at such a site, you run the risk of wasting money on games that could potentially be rigged in the casino’s favour.


Final Words on Online Casino Licences

When you gamble online it is always better to be safe than sorry, and a very easy way to make sure you are gambling at a trustworthy casino is by checking its licences. A casino can be licensed by one or multiple licensing authorities, but as long as there is one reputable licensing agency listed, then you should be good to go.
Don’t compromise on safety by choosing questionable gambling sites, and stick to casinos that have gone through the trouble of getting a licence in order to provide maximum security for their players. Ultimately, it is your responsibility as a casino player to double-check that the site is licensed before you join. Enjoy your gambling!