Deposit Bonus Guide: Making the Most of a Casino Deposit Bonus

One of the most popular casino bonuses is the deposit bonus, which is when you get rewarded for depositing money into your casino account. You might have come in contact with these as part of your welcome bonus package when joining a new casino, but there are also plenty of deposit bonus opportunities for returning players. Here is everything you need to know to make the most of your bonuses

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An Introduction to Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are designed to reward players when they make a casino payment, and they can consist of extra cash, fun free spins or anything else that boosts your casino payroll and give you the opportunity to gamble for a little longer. These types of bonuses tend to be very easy to spot as they are often displayed with big and bold letters the second you open up a casino page.

Keep in mind that you cannot get a deposit bonus without first depositing money into the casino, and this makes it a smart way for online gambling sites to attract players, and especially if they are offering these types of rewards with the first transaction you make.

Deposit Bonuses are Easy to Find

The good news is that it won’t be hard to find a deposit bonus, as they are one of the most common bonus offers and marketing strategies applied by online casinos. If you have ever gotten a welcome bonus package, then chances are you’ve already gotten a deposit bonus as well, or at least come in contact with one. 

These are beneficial in a way that you get extra money to play with, but there are downsides too, as they almost always come with wagering requirements. More about wagering requirements and what you commit to by accepting a deposit bonus in a moment.

Top Deposit Bonuses for Asian Players

Top Deposit Bonuses for Asian Players

A deposit bonus is a very common component in a welcome bonus package, where you get additional money or free spins when you fund your casino account for the first time. Some casinos also offer deposit bonuses to their loyal players on a regular basis, and it is all about finding the best offers.

While deposit bonuses are common, some are significantly more beneficial than others, and we want you to get good value for your money when you gamble online. The below list highlights casinos that offer top deposit bonuses, and we recommend that you start comparing bonuses until you find your favourite.

Before you sign up, keep reading so that you understand how deposit bonuses work and what you can expect to get out of one of these offers. Understanding how a bonus works is key to making the most of it.

The Benefits of Gambling with Deposit Bonuses

The Benefits of Gambling with Deposit Bonuses

It is easy to jump on any bonus offer without thinking twice, but we are going to have a look at what it is that makes deposit bonuses so popular, and how they can benefit you when you gamble on the internet. Online gambling is full of rewards but also letdowns, and we will start with what makes deposit bonuses great.

How to Get the Most Out of a Deposit Bonus

It sounds straight-forward when you first hear of these types of bonuses, but there are a few things you can do to benefit properly from the bonus, and it starts with informing yourself. One thing you need to look at is how much you are actually gaining, based on what you are getting versus what you will need to spend before the bonus money becomes yours.

Never underestimate the power of reading through the terms and conditions, as these will provide you with all the information you need in order to make smart choices. It is rare for a casino to hand out deposit bonuses without discreetly asking for anything in return, and that’s where wagering requirements come in.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering Requirements on Casino Deposit Bonuses

A recurring theme when it comes to deposit bonuses is the use of wagering requirements, and this is something you should always be aware of before accepting a reward at an online gambling site. The casino won’t want to lose you after you get your casino bonus, and wagering requirements are a way for them to keep you around.

The bottom line here is that you can’t just claim your deposit bonus and withdraw it moments after, as you first have to fulfil certain requirements and wager your free money. In simple terms, it means you need to play for the same amount you received a set amount of times. We are going to have a look at an example down below.


Wagering Requirement Example

A Quick Wagering Requirement Example

To understand wagering requirements, we first have to have a deposit bonus example. Let’s say you deposit $100 USD into your casino account, and then the deposit bonus is a 100% cash matching bonus. What this means is that the casino doubles your deposit, giving you a total of ​​$200 to play with.
Looking at the above chart shows you how much money you need to play for in total before you can withdraw your bonus money or winnings. Some games and casinos may have higher or lower wagering requirements, as it is all up to the casino what they prefer.

If the wagering requirements are x45, you need to wager the $100 you got as a bonus a total of 45 times. If the bonus has x35 wagering requirements then the amount only needs to be wagered 35 times and so on.

Wagering RequirementsBonus AmountTotal Wagering Amount

Wagering Requirement Time Limits

Wagering Requirement Time Limits

Perhaps you are thinking to yourself that sure, no problem, you plan to gamble for a long time and you’ll fulfil the wagering requirements eventually, but that’s not how wagering requirements work. Not only do you need to wager your bonus money, but you also need to fulfil the requirements before the time runs out.

Casinos usually give you a specific number of days for you to meet these requirements, and it can be 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, or any number the casino chooses. If you fail to wager your bonus before the time runs out, you unfortunately lose your bonus cash along with any winnings, which would be a shame.

Not all Deposit Bonuses are the Same

Not all Deposit Bonuses are the Same

here is no blueprint for how a deposit bonus is supposed to look and work, and the more you search, the more obvious it’ll become that there are all kinds of varieties where some may benefit you more than others.

Bonus on Your First Deposit

The most common version of the deposit bonus is the one you get when you sign up and make your first deposit, and these are often known as welcome bonuses. You might be familiar with phrases like “Get a 100% bonus on your first deposit,” where the casino matches your deposit and gives you the double in bonus money.

Bonus on Your First Three Deposits

Deposit bonuses used as part of a welcome package can also be split into three separate installments, and instead of just getting a bonus on your first deposit, you get one on your first three casino transactions.

Some casinos give you 100% the first time you deposit, followed by 50% or 25% for the other two deposits, and others might break a total of 100% into three installments. It could, for example, look similar to the example below.

  • 1st Deposit: Deposit of $100 USD + 100% deposit bonus = $200 increase of your casino bankroll funds.
  • 2nd Deposit: Deposit of $100 USD + 50% deposit bonus = $150 increase of your casino bankroll funds.
  • 3rd Deposit: Deposit of $100 USD + 25% deposit bonus = $125 increase of your casino bankroll funds.

When bonuses are split up like this, you might get lucky and receive lower wagering requirements on each segment, but don’t take it for granted that a bonus on three deposits is always better than one, as it all comes down to the terms and conditions of the bonus.

Deposit Bonus for Returning Players

Some online players believe that deposit bonuses are only for new players, but that isn’t necessarily the case. You can get deposit bonuses as a returning player too, as a way for the casino to reward your loyalty and convince you to stick around to play.

These are usually a type of temporary promotion or it could be part of a weekly reward program, and the best way to find out about them is by keeping a close eye on the Promotions page as well as any marketing material sent out by the casino.

How About Deposit Bonus Free Spins?

Deposit bonuses can also include or consist of free spins, where you get free spins on a specific slot or slots from a game provider. In these scenarios, you can spin a number of times without having to make a bet using your real money, but it is important to know that free spins also tend to come with wagering requirements.

How to Pick the Best Deposit Bonus

Learn How to Pick the Best Deposit Bonus Offer

It is time to learn how to choose the right deposit bonus. You can certainly try a few different casinos until you find one you like, but there are so many online gambling sites there that it would take you months to work through them all. To help you find those that are worth your time, we’ve put together this quick little guide.

Type of Deposit Bonus

Ask yourself what type of deposit bonus you want, but also what kind of bonus you are actually eligible for. If you have already gotten a welcome bonus at a casino, then there is no point in trying to get your hands on another. You can also take into consideration whether you prefer cash bonuses or free spins.

Minimum Deposit Amount

A $10-$20 minimum deposit is common in order to qualify for a bonus, but every casino has their own set of rules. The reason why you want to look into this is just to make sure you don’t accidentally deposit below the minimum amount, as this could mean you end up without your desired bonus.

Maximum Deposit Amount

The same applies for the maximum limit. Bonuses almost always have an upper limit, to prevent players from getting thousands of bonus dollars out of the gambling site. If you forget to check this, you could possibly deposit a large amount where you still won’t get a bonus on all of it.

Deposit Bonus Wagering Requirements

We get it, nobody wants to think about wagering requirements when picking a bonus offer, since you have the hopes of winning enough money to cover it all. That’s not something you can count on, though, and you should always aim to find deposit bonuses with the lowest possible wagering requirements.

Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

If you are like us and like to know everything about a bonus before you accept it, then reading the terms and conditions is the way to go! These can tell you if you can have multiple bonuses active at the same time, what wagering requirements to accept, how long you have to fulfil those requirements and much more.

What Makes It Special

The Simplicity of a Deposit Bonus is What Makes It Special

There is something so simple about these types of bonuses, and the best thing of all is that most online casinos have them! They are also available to virtually everyone, and there are deposit bonuses for both new and returning players. For many, deposit bonuses are perhaps the first special offers you come in contact when joining a new gambling site.

A casino bonus can work as a great addition to your casino bankroll, but you also need to be careful so that you don’t get carried away. Never forget that to the casino, a deposit bonus is similar to a bribe—a marketing technique to attract both new players and to keep existing players from choosing another gambling site instead. 

Take your time and read through the terms and conditions of a deposit bonus before accepting, and pay special attention to wagering requirements, time limits, maximum and minimum deposits as well as if you are eligible for the bonus. Happy gambling!