Online Slot Volatility and How It Affects You as a Casino Player

Slot games are very popular among online gamblers, and especially for beginners due to how easy they are to play. If you are new to slots, you might have never heard of slot volatility before, but it is something that can be good to know as it indicates how often and in what way you can expect to win when playing a specific game. Check out our guide below with everything you need to know about casino slot volatility.

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What Is Slot Volatility?

When talking about slot volatility, it is all about the risk of losing on a slot machine. This might sound a little odd, but it helps players determine how big or small the risk to lose is, as well as how frequently you can expect to win. Additionally, slot volatility gives you an idea how big your winnings are going to be.

Things like payouts and risks are important when you gamble online, to assess whether a game is worth playing. However, it is impossible to say whether high or low volatility games are better, as it essentially comes down to the player’s preferences.

High Volatility Slot Games

High Volatility Slot Games at Online Casinos

Let’s start with high volatility games, what they are and who might benefit from picking a high volatility slot. As indicated by its name, high volatility slots come with a higher risk to lose your bet. The risk of losing is high and the chance of winning is low, but when you do win, you tend to win a significant amount.

As you can see, high volatility slots don’t sound too appealing at first, but the fact that you win big when you do win means that here is where the big prize pots are. You need to be more patient when playing these types of slots as there will be more losses than wins, but if you have the budget to play for long enough, then chances are you’ll eventually score one of those wins people dream of.

Examples of High Volatility Slots

Every single game provider out there is going to offer a selection of both high and low volatility slots, and while they might not tell you straight out which category a game belongs to, there are ways to figure it out which we will cover in a minute. In the meantime, here are a few examples of slots from different game providers that are considered high volatility.

  • Microgaming: Break Da Bank, Break Da Bank Again, High Society
  • NextGen Gaming: Dragon Wins, Medusa II, 300 Shields
  • Amatic: Hot Diamonds, Book of Fortune, Book of Aztec
  • Platipus Gaming: Arabian Tales, Cinderella, Crystal Sevens
  • Endorphina: Gems & Stones, Jetsetter, Satoshi’s Secret

Check out these if you are curious about high volatility slots and use them as your starting point, but keep in mind that there are hundreds of others out there as well! See if you enjoy playing with a high risk to lose but a chance at winning big, and make the decision for yourself based on your own preferences.

Low Volatility Casino Slots

Low Volatility Casino Slots

With low volatility games, you get the opposite! Here you win frequently and you get to experience that thrill of a win over and over again—the risk of losing is low, but at the same time, you won’t be winning amounts as big as those you can win on high volatility slots. Basically, you end up having to choose whether you prefer big wins or if you want to win often.

It is definitely not impossible to win big on low volatility slots, but the average win is significantly lower than the average win on a high volatility slot. The great thing about these types of games is that you won’t get bored anytime soon, as you can almost count on winning continuously, but the downside is that the winnings might not make you rich.

  • Microgaming: Big Top, Playboy Gold, Carnaval
  • NextGen Gaming: Justice League, Doctor Love, Jack’s Beanstalk
  • Amatic: Eye of Ra, Fortunas Fruits, All Ways Win
  • Platipus Gaming: Jewel Bang, Fairy Forest, Legend of Atlantis
  • Endorphina: Safari, Ultra Fresh, Blast Bang Boom

Beginners tend to love these games for the adrenaline rush that comes with winning, and it is fun to sit there and see your bankroll increase even if it increases slowly with small to often minimal gains.

Medium Volatility Slots

Are There Medium Volatility Slots?

Not sure high or low volatility slots are right for you? You could always opt for medium volatility slots so that you get a bit of both! Medium volatility slots fall right in between high and low volatility games, and essentially means you have a decent chance at winning as well as the opportunity to win both small and larger quantities.

Check out games like Hell’s Kitchen or Guns N’ Roses from Net Entertainment, or Diamond Strike from Pragmatic Play. There are just as many medium volatility games out there as there are high volatility and low volatility slots, giving you endless opportunities and alternatives to choose from.

When To Play High Volatility Games

When You Should Play High Volatility Casino Games

The best time to play high volatility games is when you have a big budget and plenty of time, as these wins don’t tend to come right away. Someone who expects to hear the thrilling sound of money rolling in right away will likely be disappointed, but if you are willing to give the game a chance (and if you have the money), payouts are usually high

When to Play Low Volatility Games

Consider Low Volatility Games in These Situations

Consider this: Are you looking to win big or do you just like the feeling of winning? For someone who plays just for fun, just getting to win something can be enough to keep that thrill up, and then low volatility slots are the perfect option. You get to feel like you are doing great as you win time and again, even if it doesn’t add much to your casino payroll.

How to Calculate Volatility of a Slot

How to Figure Out the Volatility of a Slot

What can be a little tricky is to figure out if a slot is, in fact, high, low or medium volatility, as it isn’t something casinos usually announce on their websites. Not even software providers tend to have this written anywhere, and the only way to really find out is by playing the game. To get a solid answer, though, you would have to play the same game hundreds of times.

So, what can you do? A tip is to read reviews and guides like this one, and to take it from there. You’ll also be able to get a basic idea already after playing a few spins, and a slot machine that is constantly spitting out small amounts of money is likely a low volatility slot. A third tip is to try games in demo mode first before you make a real bet, but just remember that you can’t win real money while playing in demo mode.

What is Slot Variance

What is Variance and How Is It Different from Volatility?

Let’s say you’ve finally understood what slot volatility means and then, all of a sudden, you see the word ‘variance’ instead. What is slot variance? No need to freak out, because while the word is different, it actually means the same thing. You could say that volatility and variance are synonyms when talking about the risk of losing at an online casino.


Summing It Up

The volatility of a slot game is equal to the risk of losing a bet. High volatility slots have big prize pots but you generally lose more often than you win, but when you do win, you have a chance to win big. Low volatility slots, on the other hand, have a lower risk to lose but you won’t win as much when you win, even though you are likely to win often.

Try a few different slot games, see what you are comfortable with and whether you prefer high volatility slots to low volatility slots, or go with medium volatility slots if you want something a little bit in between. All slots from reputable game providers offer fair chances to win, and it is just a question of how you prefer to win, how often and how much.