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Online slots are popular casino games in Asia and around the world, and they are ideal for both beginners and experienced players. Slots are easy to understand, always available and great for a quick rush of adrenaline, but there are a few things you need to know before you start! Are you ready to play slots? Have a quick look at our slot game casino guide first.

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A Quick Introduction to Online Casino Slots

At an online casino, slots are virtual versions of the slot machines you might have come across at land-based casinos or seen in movies, and they are the types of casino games that are loved all over the world and not just in Asia. They were once mechanically operated, but are now available in their digital form at almost every online gambling site out there.

ShangrilaLaLive Casino India Games

Themes aplenty and dozens of different features await in the slot galleries of online casinos across the globe.

Slots are games with spinning reels that reveal symbols once they stop. You start the game yourself, watch the reels spin and once it comes to a full stop—you win based on where the symbols land. How and where the symbols need to land for you to win is different in each slot game, but you win by getting the right symbols on one of your paylines.

There are all kinds of slots available; themed slots that places you in a fictional universe or a universe you might recognise from a book, movie, TV show or something else, and classic slots that make you feel like you’ve been transported back in time to a land-based casino in Las Vegas back in the 70s or 80s.

Playing slots doesn’t require you to have any previous knowledge or even understanding of the gambling industry, which is one of the things that draws new and inexperienced players to these types of games. That said, slots also appeal to experienced online gamblers, and that proves that there truly is a slot for everyone, and that slots aren’t something you tend to get bored with.

Where to Play Online Slots

Where to Play Online Slots

It’s not just about finding the slots or the game providers you are interested in, you also have to find a casino where you want to play. Slot games are featured on almost all of the best Asian casino sites on the internet, and the trick is just to find a trustworthy site that has the games you are interested in. There are hundreds of gambling sites out there, so how do you choose?

To make things a little easier, we have provided a list of reliable Asian casino sites here below, which is a good way to get started if you are new to slots! Have a look at the game libraries of each casino and navigate to the ‘Slots’ tab to get a better idea of whether the casino is a good fit for you.

There are many top casino sites available in Asia, as you can see, and if you already know what slots you want to play, then we suggest you start by double-checking that the casino features that specific slot or slots from your preferred game provider.

Signing Up for an Online Casino to Play Slots

The signup process at most online casinos is very straightforward, and especially if you are somewhat computer savvy and have signed up for things like social media pages, online shops and more in the past. Have a look at our quick signup guide if you need help:


Click on ‘Sign Up’ at Your Preferred Casino

If you have found a site where you wish to become a member, just locate the ‘Signup’ tab or equivalent! Remember, you don’t have to pay anything right away and you only make a payment when you wish to make your first deposit. Creating an account is free.


Complete the Form with Basic Information

This can vary depending on the casino, but you are usually asked for a full name, date of birth (to verify that you are of legal gambling age in your area) and an email address, and it is important that you fill in this truthfully and double-check that the email address is correct.


Verify Your Email Address

A verification email (or, in some cases, a text message to your phone) is sent out, and you need to click the link to verify that your email is indeed yours. The link will take you back to the casino website to finish your registration.


Complete the Verification Process

Full account verification can sometimes be done at a later stage, but it is best to get it done right away to prevent future delays when you are ready to start playing or possibly withdrawing your winnings. This process can include uploading copies of an official identification as well as proof of home address, and it is important so that the casino can do its best to prevent illegal activity and keep you safe.


Start Playing

You are all set! Before you can play with real money, you need to make a deposit, but you can always try your favourite casino games in demo mode first. When playing in demo mode, you get to play as if the game was real, but you don’t place any real bets and you won’t win money until after you make a deposit and start playing for real.

Types of Slots

Different Types of Slots

When we talk about casino slots, there are thousands of different ones out there, from hundreds of software developers. Slots can also be split into different categories based on how they look and their overall function, and we are going to have a look at a few slot machine examples here.

Classic Slots

These slots are considered classics, and it is the virtual version of the kind you might have seen in movies and that many people associate with the term “slot machine.” It has three reels (only one payline) with spinning symbols, and if you get three identical symbols, you win. The principle is so simple that it becomes incredibly easy to grasp also for a beginner.

Starburst(スターバースト)オンラインカジノ スロット

The legendary Starburst slot

At a land-based casino back in the days, you would pull a handle to start the reels. Now, all you have to do is click start and watch the computer software do the rest! Just like other slots, these use random number generators to guarantee fair (and unpredictable) game outcomes that cannot be manipulated by the player or the casino.

Three and Five-Reel Slots

While the classic slot mentioned above usually only has one row, there are also three-reel slots with multiple rows. Additionally, many of the modern slots have a total of five spinning reels, and these can offer some pretty exciting winning opportunities! Slots can theoretically have any number of reels, but three-reelers and five-reelers are commonly found.

Slots with five reels can have only one row, just like classic 3-reel slots, but they can also have multiple rows and several paylines. Some people find five-reel slots more exciting, while others might prefer a simple and classic three-reel slot.

Multiple Payline Slots

If a slot has multiple rows, then it usually also has more than one payline. This means you no longer win by getting the same symbols in a horizontal row, and instead you win based on the paylines you’ve bet on. Slots with, for example, five reels and three rows, can have over 20 paylines, and you bet on as few or as many as you want.

The more paylines you bet on, the bigger are your chances to win, but the cost of a bet also goes up with every added payline. It is possible to win even if you bet on only one payline, but your chances are much greater if you bet on as many lines as possible.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Players that are looking for a real thrill might opt for progressive jackpot slots! Progressive jackpot slots are games where the maximum prize pot grows progressively until someone wins. When you place a bet, a small percentage goes into the prize pot (also known as the jackpot), and the longer it takes for someone to win, the bigger the jackpot gets.

Progressive slots work differently since you play with other players; you play either players at the same casino (playing the same slot), or you might even play with other slot players at different online casinos around the world. A progressive jackpot slot that spans across casinos can generate millions of american dollars in winnings.

Slots with Bonus Games

Classic slots are all about spinning the reels, but many newer slots have in-game bonus opportunities and free spins! This adds an extra dimension to the slot and it keeps it exciting and stops it from becoming monotone. Bonus games or free spins are activated when the reels reveal certain symbols, or one specific symbol.

Bonus features are often accompanied by flashing lights and up-beat sounds that makes gambling all the more fun, while also increasing your chances to win. Bonus game slots often have themes based on a specific setting, TV series, movie, legend or something else.

Casino Slot Terminology

Casino Slot Terminology

You are probably eager to get started, but one way to make gambling a little bit more fun is by learning a few basic terms. Slot terminology can be confusing for a beginner, and especially when you are trying to choose the right slot. Don’t worry, that’s what we are here for, and we have put together a quick glossary list for your convenience.


In simple terms, the reels of a slot are what spins. Envision physical reels, as this is what they originally were before slots went digital, and how they spin to reveal a combination of symbols. The spinning reels are the essence of slot machines and what makes this type of casino game a slot.

VideoslotsBigger Bass Bonanza スロット

Back when slots were run mechanically, they would usually have 10 different symbols on each reel, meaning there were 10 different options where the reel might stop. The number of symbols on each wheel can differ somewhat now when you gamble at online casinos, but the principle remains the same.


Reels are the vertical lines you see when you play a slot, and rows are the horizontal lines. A slot can have as many rows as the software provider prefers, but three to five rows are common and what you tend to find on most newer slots


Let’s talk about paylines. Remember how classic slots have a simple concept where you win when you get a specific number of identical symbols in a row? Paylines completely change that concept. Suddenly, you win based on where symbols land on a payline, and they no longer need to end up on a row.

This can be incredibly confusing the first time you come in contact with casino slot paylines, but it is actually a lot more straightforward than you think. When you place your bet, you decide how many paylines you want to bet on, and the maximum number of available paylines depends on the game. It could, essentially, have anywhere from 1-100 paylines.

Statistically, the more paylines you bet on, the bigger are your chances to win, but you also have to take the cost of each bet into consideration as the cost increases the more paylines you bet on.


Once you start playing a slot game, you’ll quickly come in contact with a variety of different features, depending on the game. One thing you’ll cross your fingers for are multipliers! A multiplier multiplies your winnings with anything from 2-20+ times, and that means a small win can become significantly bigger if the right symbol(s) show up.

Expanding Wild

There are few things as exciting as scoring an expanding wild in a slot game, which is when a symbol expands across the whole reel! Expanding wilds give you a much bigger chance to win, and who wouldn’t want that? It is usually accompanied by exciting sounds and effects, so you’ll definitely notice if you do come across one!


Volatility, or variance, are terms referring to the risk of losing a bet when you play a lot. High volatility slots have a high risk of losing, however, when you do win—you tend to win big. Some players prefer high volatility slots due to those big prize pots, but you do need to have a bigger budget and patience to be successful at these (unless you get luck).

Videoslots Reactoonzスロット

The highly volatile Reactoonz slot is one of the most popular casino games ever made.

Low volatility slots offer the opposite—frequent wins and a low risk of losing, but you’ll generally win much smaller amounts. In theory, you have a chance to win the same amounts on low and high volatility slots, and it is just a question of whether you prefer to win small amounts often, or win less frequently but win big. Neither is better than the other and it comes down to what the individual player prefers.

There are also medium volatility slots that give you something in between, if you can’t decide which of the two you prefer, or if you simply want something that offers you the best of both.




Last but not least, don’t forget to have a quick (or not so quick) look at the slot paytable, as this is what will tell you how much you can win on each combination and payline! Knowing this doesn’t in any way affect your chances to win, as slots don’t require you to have any previous knowledge, but it could help you determine whether a slot is worth your time and money already before you start playing.

Random Number Generator

Random number generators, or RNG, are used to make sure the outcome of a slot game is always fair. You might have asked yourself if you can trust a slot, and the RNG software is the reason why you can. This technology provides random outcomes of every slot spin, and an outcome that cannot be predicted or tampered with.

Thanks to RNG, both players and casinos are protected as it makes it impossible to cheat or influence the game outcome. Video table games also use random number generators, along with any other casino game that doesn’t feature live elements and/or real dealers.

RTP (Return to Player)

When talking about slots, it’s inevitable to come across the term ‘Return to Player’, or RTP. The game RTP is usually displayed in the game terms and conditions, and tells you how much of the bets that are returned to players. These percentages usually range between 93-97% or somewhere close, and the higher the RTP, the bigger are your chances to win.

Don’t make the mistake to think that you are going to get, for example, 97% back on all the money you bet, because that’s not how it works. The RTP is calculated based on the total return to players during the slot machine’s lifetime.

House Edge

If the RTP is 97%, then the slot house edge is 3% (97+3 = 100%). So, what is the house edge? You might be surprised to find out that this is how a casino makes a profit, and not from your losses. Your losses become somebody else’s win, and casinos make money from the house edge percentage of each slot and casino game.

This percentage is deducted from the bets placed by those playing the game, and the lower the house edge is, the less money goes to the casino and the bigger are your chances to win due to the increased RTP. Few casinos list the house edge, but you can easily calculate it based on the game RTP.

Slot Bonuses

Casino Bonuses for Slots

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The best part about playing online slots is the fact that they can be enjoyed with almost every casino bonus offer. Online casinos of today do their best to compete for your attention, and they do so by offering enticing bonuses and an excellent range of the best online slots.

Whether it’s free spins, reload bonuses, deposit bonuses or no deposit bonuses, they can all be used to enjoy the best online slots. To show you exactly which bonuses you should be keeping an eye out for, we’ve provided a brief explanation below so that the next time you decide to enjoy spinning a few reels you can do so using bonuses that’ll give you more to play with.

  • Free Spins: These exciting bonuses are often part of a welcome offer for new players but can be offered as rewards for returning players as well. Although they’re usually only allowed to be used on a specific slot/slots, it’s still a great way to enjoy the best online slots with more credits than you paid for.
  • Reload Bonuses: Reserved for returning players and used as a way to get them to make another real money deposit, reload bonuses can offer rewards like additional bonus funds or free spins, both of which can be used to enjoy the best online slots. Because each casino is different it’s advisable to check out the bonuses and promotions page to make sure that there are offers like this for returning players so that you have more to look forward to than just the welcome offer.
  • Casino Deposit Bonuses: Deposit bonuses can reward players with an array of treats, including free spins and additional funds. For example, you could claim an offer of 100% up to $1,000 + 100 free spins which not only double your money but also give you even more free credits that can be used to enjoy the best online slots.
  • No Deposit Bonuses: We really love these bonuses as you literally don’t need to pay anything in order to claim it. Most of the time players will simply need to register and claim a no deposit bonus which will credit your casino account with free bonus funds, adding even more excitement to your online gambling experience.

Before claiming any casino bonus, you should read through the terms and conditions to make sure that you know exactly what rules need to be followed, what the minimum wagering requirement is and how long you have to meet it before you lose your bonus funds along with any money you won playing the best online slots.

To help you find the best online slots and the most exciting bonuses, we’ve put together a list of trustworthy casinos with excellent reputations and a range of games that have a habit of paying out!

Tips to Win at Slot Machines

Tips to Win at Slot Machines

Slots are not strategic games, and there is nothing you can do once you are already playing to affect the outcome. However, there are a few things worth keeping in mind when you pick a slot and make your initial bet. If winning matters to you, then the first step is to check the slot RTP and investigate the slot volatility.

Rabona Slots

Look for online slots with high RTP to fulfill the wagering requirements as quickly as statistically possible.

Secondly, your chances to win are higher the more paylines you bet on. If you are covering as many possible outcomes as possible, then statistically, you increase your chances of walking home with a win. Just keep in mind that the more paylines you bet on, the more your bet costs. Gamble responsibly and set up a maximum budget for yourself, to help keep online gambling fun and safe.

Avoid trying to “win back” money you’ve lost on a slot, and consider every deposit a purchase where you don’t expect to get the money back. If you can’t afford to lose the money deposited into an online casino, then you shouldn’t be gambling.

Slots that Pay the Most

Online Slots that Pay the Most

The world of online slots is filled with all sorts of games. Fixed jackpot games are quite lucrative and tend to have average, above average, or high return rates. This, in turn, makes them viable gaming options to those who seek frequent rewards and the odd rather high payout. Yet, these aren’t the games that pay out the most money.

Progressive jackpot slots stand out as the games that pay the most, on average. The catch is that, since the games collect money from all sorts of players, they also have lower return rates. To put things into perspective, though, while fixed jackpot slots have a limit of how much money can be won, progressive jackpot slots don’t have a winning limit.

Let’s take a look at the most popular and highest paying jackpot games that you can play online, as well as their expected return rates. We’ll tell you about the base version of each popular jackpot game, but bear in mind that some of these games have variants with higher, or lower, return rates. They all share the same major jackpots, though!


Jackpot GameProviderRTPHighest Amount Won
Mega MoolahMicrogaming88.12%$21M
Wheel of Wishes (WOWPot)Microgaming93.34%$34M
Mega FortuneNetEnt96.60%8.5M
Age of the GodsPlaytech95.02%$100K+
Major MillionsMicrogaming89.73%$2.8M

Slot Features

The Thrilling Features That Make Up the Best Online Slots

If you’re new to gambling online and would like to try out some of the best online slots, it’s important that you understand exactly what’s going on. We know that words like Wilds, Scatters and Multipliers can be a little confusing even when you’ve heard about how rewarding they are. To help you decide which features you’ll enjoy most when looking for the best online slots we’ve put together a brief explanation about a few of the many exciting features you can look forward to at online casinos.

Bonus Symbols

To unlock exciting bonus modes and interactive mini games players will often need to match specific symbols while playing. Bonus symbols alone will often trigger a slot bonus feature and in a select few games you’ll be rewarded with prizes such as instant cash for matching three or more.


These symbols are used as substitutes for other symbols and in many games players will receive massive rewards for matching three or five wilds. Many of the best online slots will add additional features to their wild symbols like a multiplier function. Many slots also use duplicating, expanding or spreading wilds that will increase your chances of getting the perfect match. Other wild symbols to look out for are sticky wilds which will remain where they are while the other reels spin for free.


This is the only bonus feature that can be matched even when it isn’t in adjacent reels or under an active payline. Although there are many rewards that come with landing this symbol, most of the best online slots will reward players with instant cash, free spins or can act as a bonus symbol which will trigger thrilling features such as mini games.


This one is pretty straight forward, multipliers will increase the payout of any matches made during that one spin. Although these symbols are often added as a feature in the free spins mode, there are a number of ways the best online slots can incorporate it into the game.

In-Game Free Spins

This feature is one of the more common ones to be found when playing the best online slots and rewards players with a certain number of free spins. You won’t be able to adjust your bets and active paylines beforehand though and whatever they were set on when you landed the free spins will remain the same during your free games.


Final Word on Online Slots

Slots is perhaps the most popular game category at online gambling sites in Asia, and one of the reasons is that it is simple, fun and often lucrative to play slots. There are hundreds of slot machine games from dozens of game providers, and every player has a chance to find their favourite game.

Pick an online casino with a big selection of slots if you are unsure of what you want to play or if you are someone who likes variety, or just go with a gambling site that features your favourite games if you already know what you want to play.

One thing is for sure, and that’s that you can’t really get bored of slots! There are simply too many to choose from, and even if you played daily for years, you probably wouldn’t have time to try them all. Are you ready to get started? Hundreds of incredible slot games are out there waiting for you.