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Online Casino Strategies: Complete Guide

Saying we play online casino games is true, but let’s face it, we’re all hoping for a sizable win. Winning is what it’s all about, and if we end up having a good time in the process, and claiming bonuses, then online gambling is all the more exhilarating. Here, we’ll explore the best online casino strategies to help you maximize your winnings!

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What’s A Casino Strategy?

Many players believe that gambling is nothing more than a sure-fire way to lose money. But that’s not entirely true. Yes, online casinos have an overwhelming advantage that is hard to overcome, yet it’s not true to say that it’s completely impossible to win playing your favorite online casino games.

The fact there is a chance of winning is what makes online gambling so appealing. We know that most of the time, it comes down to luck, but players can and do get lucky, plus there are certain things you can do to improve your chances, especially when it comes to a winning method.

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On this page, we extensively explore the subject of winning methods you might like to try at the top-rated online casinos in Asia. We give you a rundown of all the popular methods for optimal play and a few tips, too. Of course, we always want you to play responsibly and with no more than you can comfortably afford to lose.


But First, A Few Terms To Know About

Before we get into each winning method for casino games, there are a few terms we’d like you, well, to come to terms with.

House Edge

Just about all casino games have a fixed or variable percentage of profit, and you cannot prevent the house from keeping a profit. But you can choose games with a lower house edge to minimise your losses.

House edge is the probability by which the casino is likely to make a profit off you. By picking games with a low house edge, you stand to maximise your earnings. There are some games with higher house edges than others, so if your number one goal is to win, you’ll want to avoid those games.

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Return To Player

Game RTP is directly related to a game’s house edge. It is the percentage that indicates how much money a game or slot machine has paid out in relation to the bets that have been placed. For instance, a game with an RTP of 93% means it has a house edge of 7%.

You can use the RTP of a casino game to your advantage when you use some winning strategies.


The game volatility, or risk factor, of a slot machine is also something you’ll want to consider. The volatility refers to how big of a risk you’re taking when you place a bet, and how you need to go about it if you want to win.

Low volatility slots offer a significantly higher chance of winning. The odds of the game giving you the outcome you want are higher, and that means you’re more likely to win, but that the wins are likely to be small and frequent. If you love the thrill of winning but you’re not bothered about chasing mega jackpots, these are the games for you.

On the other hand, high volatility games are more difficult to win, pay out less frequently, but when they do, they pay big.

Types of Games Strategies

Types Of Online Casino Game Strategies & Winning Methods Listed

So, what methods can you use at online casinos to boost your winning chances? The methods below depend mostly on the type of games you choose to play, which is why it’s important that you choose both the casino and the games very carefully.

Betting systems and card counting are just two strategies you can put in your arsenal, and even then, there are many different types of methods to try your luck with.

strategies martingale

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is used by gamblers on a variety of table games. With this winning method, players double their bet after each losing bet. Theoretically, you can use this tactic for any game where you face off against the house, but it’s usually most successfully applied to games with 50/50 odds like roulette, sic bo and blackjack.

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Parlay Strategy

Commonly used in sports betting, the Parlay method can also be used in casino games like baccarat, blackjack and roulette. It’s easy enough for beginners to pick up and use, and applies to both outside and inside bets in roulette, making it suitable, too, for daring players.

strategies monte carlo

Monte Carlo Method

The Monte Carlo method is a classic. Invented by Stanislaw Ulman, the mathematical strategy is highly complex, but helps you to acquire a huge amount of information on the risk of winning, betting and randomness. It’s used to calculate the probability of a winning combination.

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Card Counting

Card counting helps you keep track of the number of high and low cards in the dealer’s deck. Hone your card counting skills, and you can raise bets when you know the odds are on your side, making you more likely to score a big win.

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If you’re taking the time to analyse and break down a game or sports outcome, you’re handicapping. This is done by researching important snippets of information or leaning on trusted sources. The whole idea is to eliminate guessing and improve your chances of beating oddsmakers.

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Betting 2%

Betting 2% comes from sports betting and the idea is to only risk 2% or less of your budget on any given wager. Both novice and professional sports punters, as well as online casino players, employ this winning method in an attempt to minimise their short-term risk.

strategies kelly criterion

Kelly Criterion

The Kelly Criterion can be applied to several types of gambling, as well as sports betting. The idea is to create a balance between risk and reward, at the same time reducing volatility. In terms of sports betting, the Kelly Criterion strategy is about maximising your potential returns.

strategies split martingale

Split Martingale

The high RTP on blackjack games factors in extra winnings you can earn when you’re dealt blackjack. The split Martingale system is somewhat complex, but if you manage to successfully split cards or double down in blackjack, you stand to make a healthy profit.

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According to the Anti-Martingale method, gamers maintain a progressive betting pattern after each win. You need to double your bet after a win, following your winnings, which is opposite to the Martingale strategy where you follow losses on previous wagers.

strategies d'alambert system

D’Alembert System

This is one of the simpler winning methods you’ll find, and also one of the most popular. The d’Alembert system shares some characteristics with the Martingale winning method, also making use of negative progression and increasing stake sizes after losing bets or decreasing them after winning bets.

With this strategy, you slowly increase your stakes, making it much less likely for the stakes to soar. This is a great advantage to an extent, but on the downside, losses are slower to recover.

strategies oscar's grind

Oscar’s Grind

Oscar’s Grind is also a negative progression strategy, similar to the Martingale system, but a lot more complicated. With this method, you start by betting 1 unit and keep it the same when you’re winning or losing. Then, you increase your bet by 1 unit when your win follows a loss, keeping the bet size at this unit until you lose again. The whole idea is to chase your losses.

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How To Win Online Blackjack

Knowing how to win at blackjack by implementing an efficient strategy can help you reduce the house edge by as much as 3% or more. The rules have a lot to do with the overall house edge, but if you use the best winning method, you may just save money in the long run and enjoy the best chances of winning.

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Counting Blackjack

Card counting is used to help you keep on top of what’s left in the dealer’s deck. There are various methods for card counting in blackjack, which you’ll find in our guide.

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How To Win Online Roulette

Roulette doesn’t have a whole lot of strategy that can change the long-term outcome, since the house edge is always the same. But you can play and win on roulette wheels with a single zero space where the house edge is just 2.7%, compared to 5.2% on games with both a zero and a double zero space.

Round Robin Strategy

Round Robin

The Round Robin Strategy is popular with people who don’t want to hedge their bets, by making multiple wagers and tying them together. As opposed to betting separately on each game or round within an event, a series of smaller parlays are made from a bigger list of teams or players you select.

Why You Need A Strategy

Why An Online Winning Strategy Is A Must

We can’t stress enough how important an effective winning strategy is, especially when you’re playing for real money. If you prefer demo games and no risk, then you don’t need to worry about a strategy. But when real money is at stake, whether it’s just a small amount or something more along the lines of a high roller wager, it’s up to you to wager carefully, and make every bet count.

Roulette Is A Good Example

Keep in mind that all the games you’ll find at the best online casinos in Asia have a house edge, just like their land counterparts. That means that the games always favour the casino, even if it’s only slight. Take bets like Even/Odd and Red/Black in roulette as an example. You may think that because the bets only have two outcomes, the odds are an easy 50/50. But this isn’t the case.

The European Roulette wheel, for instance, has a zero slot, whereas the American wheel has that and double zero slot. That makes the odds of winning your bet 47.37% and 48.65%, with a house edge of 5.26% and 2.7% respectively.

Make Wise Decisions

What this shows us is that even the best bets and games come with a house edge that you need to beat to win. It’s not always easy to do, but that’s why you need to choose your games wisely.

Take Keno, for instance, which has some of the worst odds of any game. It also has the biggest payouts as the odds of you matching your numbers are mind-blowing.

Before you choose an online casino and games to play, explore the different winning method options on this page to help you choose games with the best possible odds of paying out.

Slots Strategies

Online Casino Game Strategies to Boost Your Chances On The Reels

One of the greatest things about online slots is that they boast a higher payout percentage to their land-based machines. While slots use an RNG for completely random outcomes, there is a way to find those that are easier to win, and this is determined by coin value levels, bet levels and the number of reels.

Coin Value Levels – most slots let you adjust this value.

Bet Levels – you have the option to adjust your bet levels in slot games.

Number of Reels – 5+ reel slots are more volatile and have higher payouts. 3-reel slots offer more frequent payouts.

As for jackpot slots vs. non-progressive jackpot slots, your best bet is to play the non-progressives. The progressive jackpot titles have huge jackpots but payout a lot less frequently, whereas non-progressive award smaller jackpots more frequently, giving you a better chance of a win.

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Are There Any Winning Strategies For Slot Machines?

It’s important to keep in mind that even with each winning strategy we provide, there’s no guarantee of coming out ahead. Some slots strategies are good to keep playing for a while, but it doesn’t mean you should put your entire bankroll on a slot because you’re on a winning streak. Every slot machine’s spin of the reels is random, and the odds of winning or losing are the same with each spin.

When to Use a Betting Strategy

When To Use A Betting Strategy at Online Casinos

You should never consider betting strategies as a way to make a guaranteed profit and give up your day job, but some can be effective in the short run, and they can certainly spice up your gambling sessions.

Reasonable strategies to use include:

  • Even-money bets in French roulette
  • Wagering on the banker’s hand
  • Betting 2% of your bankroll or less
  • Taking craps odds

Each of these can help you limit your risks and pull in consistent wins.

Riskier systems like Oscar’s Grind and the Martingale winning method are safe as they don’t increase your bet a great deal following losses, but they’re definitely for more advanced players.

Is It Legal To Use A Winning Strategy?

Is It Legal To Use A Winning Strategy At Online Casinos?

You’ve probably watched movies where a player is ejected from a casino for applying strategies or counting cards. So, what about the winning methods we’re going to cover on this page? Are they legal to use at online casinos in Asia?

In a word, yes. Online casinos make use of random number generators (RNG) for video table games and slots, which makes it pretty much impossible to cheat. Every single game has a completely random outcome that is impossible for you to influence in any way. Rather, each winning method we cover is designed to boost your winning chances by betting on different potential outcomes or by figuring out how often you’re likely to win.

None of the methods we mention is illegal to use at online casinos, and it’s entirely up to you if you want to use them or not. There’s not a whole lot you can do to influence the outcome of casino games, but with these methods, you can make decisions that may affect the likelihood of you winning.

Take Note Of Gambling Restrictions In Asia

You already know that online gambling is a complex arena on the Asian continent. Some countries do allow it, while others have banned it altogether. That’s why you should check out your country’s gambling laws and legislation before you decide to play at an online casino, and before you decide to employ a winning method from this page.

There are cases where it is illegal to gamble in different states, like in India, but you can happily and legally play at online casinos that are located offshore. It’s all about what works where you live and making sure you’re not on the wrong side of the law.

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Our Thoughts On Winning Games Through Strategies At Online Casinos

Boosting your odds of winning online casino games is a lot about understanding the game. The more you understand it, the easier it is to find a winning method that works for you. Most importantly, you want to make an informed decision when it comes to choosing a game and placing your bets.

One of the easiest strategies in just any online casino game is to just bet on the different outcomes. This gives you a better chance of at least winning something.

Most importantly, gamble responsibly. Online gambling should be fun. Keep track of your budget and quit while you’re ahead or when things aren’t looking good for you. Experienced players know which winning methods can boost their chances, but they also know when to cut their losses and take a break.

Visit the different strategy pages on our site, learn the methods, try the games and then put your knowledge to the test and discover whether or not a method works for you. If things go well and you’re feeling risky, you can always join a casino tournament and put your skills and methods to the test.