Pachislots – How to Play Pachinko Online

Pachinko is a game that originates in Japan, and it wasn’t very well known outside Asia until it was adapted into an online casino game by game developers like Patagonia Entertainment. Online Pachinko, which has taken on the form of online Pachinko slots abbreviated to Pachislots, remains the most popular in Japan, but other parts of Asia and the world are quickly catching on. It is a casino game that works a little differently than what you might be used to, but once you get into it, it can be hard to stop! Are you ready to learn some more about online Pachislots?

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An Introduction to Online Pachislots

The game has been adapted to virtual casinos by removing the steel or wood and replacing it with beautifully designed graphics, sounds and flashing lights. The foundation of the game remains, but the flippers have been taken out to make room for spinning wheels and visual elements that will almost have your eyes glued to the screen (not literally, we promise).

While its popularity in Japan can be attributed to availability, as it cleverly avoided Japanese gambling laws, it has become popular in other areas simply for its simplicity and uniqueness, and it has only just gained attention in countries like England and around the United Kingdom. It looks similar to a slot at first glance, but it is actually quite different.

pachislots hawaiian dream

A side note: There are also slots that are inspired by Pachinko and that resemble this classic Japanese game, such as Hawaiian Dream from the game provider JTG (Japan Technical Games), which could be worth trying if you don’t want to stray too far from what you know.

How to Play Online Pachinko

How to Play Online Pachinko

We are going to start out by saying that Pachinko bears a resemblance to Bingo, and is actually more like Bingo than a slot machine, even though it may look like a slot when you first get started. Here it is all about matching the numbers that fall down to numbers that make winning patterns. Let us explain.

The first step is to choose how much you want to bet, and once this is done, you are ready to click play and start the game. You have 4 small screens which is where the numbers you want to collect are listed, and once the numbers start dropping on the main screen, the goal is to match these to the numbers on the other screens. The falling numbers are called chips and if you get a match, then the number fades in colour.

The numbered chips keep dropping until they fill up the entire area, and once it is full, you’ll turn your attention to your other screens to see if the matched numbers make any type of pattern. Common patterns used in Pachislots are the letters that make up the word, but it will depend on the Pachinko game.

Any obtained pattern generates a win! There is a specific number of chips that will drop throughout the game, but if you feel you are close to a win and need more, then you can use your own money (the money on your casino bankroll) to purchase additional chips.

pachinko online

How to Win at Online Pachinko

How to Win at Pachislots

Playing games online is only fun when you know there is a chance to win, and since Pachislots aren’t your average casino game, we’ll take a minute to explain how winning works and what you need to get in order to win. Have a look at the chart below.


The “lowest” you can win is to have your bet doubled, which can still be a great win if you’ve made a big enough bet. For this to happen, the four corners of one of the screens need to be connected through the created pattern.


A pattern consisting of two lines can multiply your bet by 8.


If you manage to get an O-shaped pattern once the chips are done falling, then you walk away with your original bet x 10.


As you can see, Pachinko is all about big multipliers! Get your bet multiplied by 15 (!) if you are lucky enough to get a K-shape of faded numbers once the round is over.


If the shape forming in front of you resembles an N, then you are in luck! If it is completed before the chips stop dropping, you get a 20x multiplier added to your bet.


Once you start playing, you quickly realise that the multipliers you get here are significantly bigger than those of many slot machines, and an I shape on your screen multiplies your bet by 25.


Is x25 not enough for you? How about x30? All you need to do to get your bet multiplied by an impressive 30 times is to get an H shape on one of the screens.


Do you think you are lucky enough to have the falling chips create the shame of an A? Great, because that is the first big payout when playing Pachinko! An A-shape multiplies your bet with 100.


A shape shaped like the P in ‘Pachinko’ means your bet is multiplied by 150, and that is enough to make even the smallest bet a significant win.

Complete Card

Hold on to your hat here, but you actually have a chance of winning up to 3,000 x the money you bet when initiating the game. Such a win would require you to fill up a whole card with faded numbers, and it is a rare win that motivates the majority of players to continue playing.

If you see yourself getting closer to creating a shape for the multiplier you want, but if the chips are coming to an end, then it’s time to pause the game and choose the option to purchase more chips. The extra chips you can purchase are limited, and it is a feature experienced players only use when they are confident they will complete the desired shape.

History of Pachinko

The History of Japanese Pachinko

The original game has been one of the most popular games in Japan for a very long time, and today there are still around 50 million Japanese citizens who play occasionally, while the number of frequent players reach as much as 15,000. The game is also played in other parts of Asia and the world, and especially in Australia and New Zealand.

A Partially Unknown Origin

Pachinko shares some similarities with the classic game Pinball, and it also involves small balls dropping during the game. It is not 100% known where it comes from, but it is believed that it can be traced back to the 1920s and the opening of Osaka’s first casino establishment.

Worth noting is that Pachinko somehow fell into a loophole where it was never considered gambling, which meant it was used also during times when gambling was illegal in Japan and other areas in Asia. When it comes to classic Pachinko, this is achieved in a very clever way!

Winnings aren’t paid out in cash, and instead you can get prizes or coupons with the amount you’ve won, and to get around gambling bans, the coupons can be cashed in by visiting a completely separate building that isn’t part of the location of the Pachinko game. It is estimated that around 10% of people in Japan are somewhat obsessed with it.

The Name & Its History

As an interesting side note, the name comes from the Japanese expression for snapping your fingers, which is known as “Pachi Pachi,” and it might have something to do with the way the small balls are moved around during the game.



Final Words on Online Pachinko

Pachinko is a cute game that is easy to fall in love with, and especially if you prefer casino games that don’t require specific skills or knowledge. It is recommended to start with smaller bets until you fully get into the game, so that you understand how your bet size can come to affect the amounts you (hopefully) win.

The RTP on games like these is medium to high, but the prizes you can walk away with if you are lucky are huge! Imagine making a decently sized bet and scoring the jackpot with a multiplier of up to 3,000 times the bet size? The game’s popularity in Japan speaks for itself, especially considering that it has survived the course of time and adapted well to the online gambling industry.

A word of warning is that this game is so simple that it can become somewhat addicting, and we encourage you to always consider your budget and to gamble responsibly. Pachinko exists in many different versions and can look and sound different when you gamble on the internet, but the basic function and rules are always the same.