Our Guide To Playing Online Baccarat🏆

The game of Baccarat is thoroughly enjoyed by players in Asia and many are now playing it online. The rules are easy to follow and an appearance from Lady Luck can ensure you a tidy win. Casino goers who enjoy playing Baccarat enjoy an air of exclusivity and prestige that hasn’t been achieved with games like roulette and blackjack. Allow us to introduce you to the wonderful game of Baccarat.

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Introduction To Online Baccarat

Our Introduction To Online Baccarat 🧐

Learning how to play Baccarat is simple and can be picked up quickly. Making sure that you understand the rules and how to bet is very important before you try your hand at the game for real money.

Once you have an understanding of Baccarat, you will be able to join an online game with confidence. In this guide, we will take you further into online Baccarat, how to play, where to play and all the tips you need.

How do I Play Online Baccarat?

How do I Play Online Baccarat? 🃏

As we have mentioned, it is quite simple and easy to pick up even if you have never played a casino game before.

online Baccarat

It is generally played with 6 packs of cards. Two hands are dealt – the Banker and the Player. These are just the names of the hands, and it doesn’t mean that the Player’s hand is yours, or the Banker’s hand is the Casino’s hand. Each hand is dealt two cards. The hand closest to 9 is the winner!

Cards from 2-9 are worth their face value, Aces are worth 1 and 10 to King are worth 0. If the total of the cards is more than 10, the value is the second number, for example, if a 5 and 7 are dealt, the sum is 12, but the cards will only be worth 2.

The Third Card Rule

Explaining The Third Card Rule ♣️

The Third card, or Tableau Rule, determines if an additional card should be dealt.

  • If the Player’s hand is 1-5 or 10, they draw another card.
  • If the Player’s hand is a 7, they stand (don’t take any more cards)
  • If the Player’s hand is 8 or 9, the Banker cannot draw another card.

It gets slightly more difficult when it comes to the Banker Third Card Rules.

  • If the Banker’s hand is 3, they stand when the Player’s third card is 8
  • If the Banker’s hand is 4, they stand when the Player’s third card is 1or 8 – 10
  • If the Banker’s hand is 5, they stand when the Player’s third card is 1 – 3 or 8 – 10
  • If the Banker’s hand is 6, they stand when the Player’s third card is 1 – 5 or 8 – 10
  • If the Baner’s hand is a 7, they stand (don’t take any more cards)
  • If the Banker’s hand is 8 or 9, the Player cannot draw another card.

These rules will be set out at the casinos so you have an easy reference.

Baccarat Variations

How Many Baccarat Variations Are There? 💭

Just as we find with games like poker, baccarat has evolved over time and now we have several different types of this game.

Punto Banco

This is the version we have described above. “Punto” means Player and “Banco” means Banker.

Chemin de Fer

In this type of game, the role of a dealer is given to the players. In this version, the player can stand or take one more card when the hand value is 5.

Baccarat en Banque

The rules are the same as in Chemin de Fer, but it is played with 3 hands instead of 2.

Super Pan 9

This version is played with a limited deck of 36 cards, from 6 to Ace. The players are dealt 3 cards and have the option to be dealt.

Three Card Baccarat

This is popular with Asian players. It is played with 1 deck and 3 cards are dealt. The most-valued hand is 3 face cards.

EZ Baccarat

The rules of EZ Baccarat are the same as in the regular one Punto Banco and the only difference is in the way the Banker’s win is paid out.

Baccarat Online At The Best Casinos In India

Get ready For Baccarat Online At The Best Casinos In India 🥇

When you are ready to play Baccarat at an online casino, you are a few short steps away from the excitement of playing!


Go to your casino of choice and choose the game you want to play


Decide how much you want to bet and place your bet


Place your bet on Player, Banker or Tie


Watch the thrill of the cards being turned over


If you are a winner, your winnings will be credited to your account. Then you will have the choice to repeat your bet, double it or choose a new bet.

Betting Options For Online Baccarat

What Are The Betting Options For Online Baccarat? 🤔

You will be presented with three betting options. You can choose whether the Banker hand or the Player hand will win, or whether it will be a tie. If the Banker’s hand wins, you will have to pay a 5% commission, although some online casinos forfeit this charge.

List of Betting Options for Baccarat Online

Player BetPayout: 1/1 Outcome: The Player beats the Banker and gets closest to 9.
Banker BetPayout: 19/20 (5% commission) Outcome: The Banker beats the Player and gets closest to 9.
TiePayout: 8/1 Outcome: Both the Player and Banker have the same total.

Fancy A Little Bet On The Side

Fancy A Little Bet On The Side? 💶

While playing you may encounter side bets in addition to the common bets. These bets have different payouts and their own set of risks. A game of Baccarat played with normal rules and 6 packs of cards work as follows:

Player Pair

  • Payout: 1/1
  • House edge 11.25%
  • Outcome: The Player gets a pair on the first two cards

Banker Pair

  • Payout: 11/1
  • House edge 11.25%
  • Outcome: The Banker gets a pair on the first two cards

Perfect Pair

  • Payout: 25/1
  • House edge 17.07%
  • Outcome: The Player or the banker gets a pair of the same suit on the first two cards. For example a pair of nine of Hearts.

Either Pair

  • Payout: 5/1
  • House edge 11.25%
  • Outcome: Either Player or Bank gets a pair on the first two cards


  • Payout: 1.5/1
  • House edge 5.27%
  • Outcome: The total cards dealt in a game is 4


  • Payout: 0.54/1.
  • House edge 4.35%
  • Outcome: The total cards dealt in a game is 5 or 6

The bets have different names in different casinos.

Online Baccarat Strategy?

Is There A Online Baccarat Strategy? 📝

Baccarat is a simple game of chance, which means the wins are random and there isn’t a straightforward strategy you can follow. However, there are some tips and tricks we can offer to increase your chances.

Online Baccarat

  • Before you start playing for real money, learn the rules and play some free games until you get the hang of it.
  • Don’t be too tempted to bet on the tie. The returns are very good, but the chances of a tie coming up are small.
  • The Banker is the safest bet. The odds on a Banker win are more in your favour, even though a 5% commission is payable on wins.
  • Start with the smaller bet and increase as you start to understand the game better and win money. Consider that luck might just not be on your side at the momentum or at the table you are playing.
  • Stay away from the tables with higher bets. They are not reasonable considering the odds.
  • Manage your money. Before playing decide not only how much you are prepared to lose, but how much you are prepared to win. Also, decide how many games you will play.

Bonuses Online Baccarat

Bonuses To Expect When Playing Online Baccarat 🎁

Baccarat live bonuses come in several different sorts. Let us break down the more popular bonuses for you in simple terms:

rupee bonus online casino

Welcome Bonus: A bonus offered to newcomers when signing up.


No Deposit Bonus: A great way to play and explore the site without risking your own money.

Transaction Online Casino

Cashback bonus: This one will offer back a percentage of your losses. This bonus will come with an expiration time.

Live dealer

Live baccarat bonus: Gives you the opportunity of exclusive live baccarat bonuses when playing the live version of the game. Look out for live baccarat codes.


Game Tournaments: This gains your entry to exclusive tournaments. This baccarat bonus is a very nice find.

referral bonus online casino

Friend Referral: Earn money for successfully referring a friend to the site!

Sports bonus online casino

VIP and Loyalty clubs: You are rewarded just for being loyal to a site and playing often.


Our Online Baccarat Casinos Conclusion 📣

Perhaps the most glamorous of all casino games, Baccarat’s trappings are what made it so popular. The lure of the game? It requires no skill – it is a game of pure luck! We trust that with this guide we have given you the tools needed to try your hand at this fantastic game. Betting in online baccarat is straightforward, but knowing the different odds, payouts and house edge of each bet is crucial for you to make smart decisions in the game.

The best way to have the most enjoyable time is to choose reputable casinos and to always stick to your budget, even if you are on a roll. We suggest you practice a bit by taking advantage of the free games available before spending any real money playing online Baccarat.

Have a look at our list of recommended online Baccarat casinos and get ready to start having some fun!

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