The Most Extensive Guide on Casino Match Bonuses in Asia

In this age and time, the competition in the casino industry is at an all-time high. These gambling sites have been generous with their bonuses and promotional offers to stay on top of the trends.

A match bonus is one of the most popular offers you’ll receive in a casino, so it is only right that you learn what it is all about, how to claim it, and the wagering requirements.

In this review, we will be giving you comprehensive details on how this is done, so let’s get into it.

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Match Bonus Offers in Asia

Asia Casinos With the Best Match Bonus Offers


How a Match Bonus Works

Understanding Match Bonus Offers and How They Work

There are several types of bonuses in an online casino. Some are used to welcome new players to the site, while others lure existing players to the site. Either way, you have to be aware of each one and how it works in improving your gameplay.

Of all the types of bonuses you will earn through the duration of your stay in an online casino, a match bonus is the most common one.

A casino gives a match bonus as a means of matching your deposit up to a certain point to compensate for your investment.

For example:

When you visit a casino, you can see the offer for the match bonus advertised this way:

Match deposit bonus

For someone new to the casino scene this might be a little difficult to follow; however, it is a simple process, and we will be discussed extensively in the following paragraphs. Let’s get you read up on how to best make use of your deposits at casinos online and maximise your funds!

Types of Match Bonus

The Different Types of Match Bonus

All match bonuses are not the same, and in your duration in a casino, you will come across different types. Although they serve the same purposes for boosting gameplay and reimbursing your pockets, they need to be approached differently according to how they are given.

Explained below are the different variations of these bonuses, as you will find them in casinos online:

Welcome Match Bonus

This type of match bonus is strictly limited to new clients on the casino site. It is given as a way of compensating you and visiting your gameplay.

Reload Bonus

This is one of the most generous ways by which a match bonus is given. You will find it advertised in many casinos like this: Get a 100% match bonus on your first three deposits.

When you make your first payment, you get a 100% match bonus; you’re also given the same when you make your second and third payments. Sometimes the match percentage of the following deposits is either inferior to or even double or triple compared to the first so keep your eyes peeled for this offer!

Deposit Method Match Bonus

Using a specific payment method in some casinos will attract a match deposit up to a certain percentage. Basically, when operators strike a deal with a payment method brand they will offer promotions such as 200% match deposit up to $400 when depositing with JCB. Flick through the promotions to see if you have a payment method that qualifies!

Free Spins

Depending on the casino in question, your match deposit could be given as free spins. These free spins can be used to play specific games and have special requirements before real money can be won.

Match Bonuses Breakdown

Bonus Comparison Table

BonusesDistinct Feature(s)
Welcome Match BonusIt is given to compensate new clients and welcome them to the casinoFor new players;

Might include free spins.

Reload BonusIt is given as a match bonus for all your first depositsFor existing loyal customers;

For more than one deposit

Deposit MethodUsed as an incentive for a particular deposit methodFor new clients
Free SpinsGiven as a free means by which you can play specific slots or casino gamesFrequent in welcome packages

Match bonus Terms and Conditions

Why Reading Through Match Bonus Terms & Conditions is Important

Getting casino bonuses can be a delight. Imagine getting a multiple deposits match bonus for your gameplay; it can be exciting because you can play as many games as you want with a renewed bankroll. However, certain terms and conditions must be followed before you can claim these bonuses.

These terms and conditions are different from wagering requirements, but they are equally important. Without meeting these, you will not be eligible to receive these bonuses, let alone claim them.

Every casino has its specific terms that are different from other sites, but there are general conditions that remain the standard in almost every casino.

  • To earn any of these bonuses, you have to be a registered member of the site. You can do this by signing up with your email and username.
  • You must not have more than one account on the same casino site. The casino reserves the right to terminate any second account when they find out.
  • You must complete the KYC process before real money can be withdrawn from your account .
  • According to the casino rules, you must be above 18 before you are eligible for gambling. If your jurisdiction demands that you are 19 before engaging in this activity, then that is the age the casino will go by.
  • Before any bonus cash can be released, players have to play through the wagering requirements.
  • No player is eligible to receive the welcome bonus twice.

Match Bonus Pros & Cons

The Pros & Cons of Match Bonuses

Just like with every offer given in a casino, the match bonus has its advantages and disadvantages that will be discussed below:


  • A comprehensive way to boost your gameplay.
  • There are different types to choose from.
  • You get one as a new player and can also get another generous offer as an existing player.
  • Free bonus cash for your gameplay.
  • These bonuses let you play casino games without a financial commitment.


  • Wagering Requirements might be extreme.
  • There are cash-out limits, which limit how much you can withdraw at a particular time.
  • Limited time for withdrawal.

How to Claim A Match Bonus

How to Claim A Match Bonus

Match bonuses are exciting, so it is no wonder that the first thing that comes to mind after getting this offer is how to claim it for your gameplay.

This is not a difficult process, and you will find the steps below:


Firstly, you have to sign up. You can not claim any match bonus without first signing up as a registered member of the casino site.


Once you have signed in to the site, you will find the welcome match bonus tab in the promotional section. Just click on it.


If there is a bonus code, this is the time to note it. If there aren’t any, you can go to the next stage.


A match bonus only comes after a deposit has been made. That is the entire essence of this bonus, to match your deposit up to a certain point. You have to head to the casino’s banking section and make a deposit for this step.


Once you have made a deposit, you can now claim these bonuses and play games. However, to withdraw, you must meet all the wagering requirements.

Match Bonus Wagering Requirement

What you need to know Before Wagering

Wagering requirements are the special terms that must be followed before a client can be allowed to make a cash withdrawal. You might be given $1000 worth of bonus but can only withdraw this as real money when you have successfully played the wagering requirements as listed by the casino.

When a Casino gives you certain offers, it is termed “bonus money”; even free spins are given this way. By wagering a certain amount, you can convert this bonus money to real money that you can withdraw and spend.

There are several ways by which a casino requests these requirements to be paid, and it is up to you as a player to decide which type is being asked of you at a particular time.

Here is an example of each method of paying these requirements:

Free Spins

When you win free spins in a casino, you can use these to play as many games as you want. To claim these bonus spins, you will find offers like “Win 30 free spins with a 30x wagering requirement”.

Let’s assume you won $10 from playing with these spins; you calculate your wagering requirement like this:

$30 x 10 = $300. This means you have to wager $300 before your bonus win can be withdrawn as real cash.

With Deposit

Sometimes, when a match bonus is given, the casino would require you to unlock it with a wager that includes your deposit amount.

For example, you deposit $20 to a casino, and then you win a bonus of $50. With the assumption that the wagering requirement is x5, it means you will pay:

$20(Deposit) + $50(Bonus) x 5 = $270

Without Deposit

There are wagering requirements that do not require the addition of your deposit. Using the same example as the one above, where you make a deposit of $20 and receive a bonus of $50.

With a wagering requirement of x5, you will pay:

$50 (bonus) x 5 = $250.

Match deposits Percentage

Are all Match Deposits Up to 100%?

If you are quite experienced with casino gambling, you are sure to have come across many match bonus offers to claim to match your deposit up to 100%. While this is a common compensation method, it is not always so.

Some casinos are generous. So much so that they offer clients match bonuses up to 200% or 300%. When you come across an offer like this, you want to make sure you make the most of the bonus by paying a huge deposit. Also, you will find some casinos that offer a match bonus that isn’t even up to 100%. Everything depends on the discretion of the casino in question.

Match deposit bonus Dafabet

Match bonus Conclusion

Enjoy Amazing Casino Match Bonus Deals Today

Casinos are still in the business of giving bonuses, and as gamblers, you have to learn how to take advantage of these bonuses to fully benefit from them.

In cases where a casino is offering a match percentage over 100 or more, you can make the most of this by increasing the size of your deposit. This way, your bonus will also increase.

The most amazing deals are awaiting you. Check out the casinos in our top list, and claim your bonus today!