Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin Casinos

Are you still looking for that perfect payment method to fund your casino gambling? Are you already a Bitcoin or cryptocurrency enthusiast? If so, you might find it interesting to know that many online casinos are now offering Bitcoin as one of their payment methods! This means you can make deposits and withdrawals with the popular cryptocurrency, and we encourage you to keep reading if you want to find out more.


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Bitcoin Casinos List

Best Bitcoin Casinos in Asia


Bitcoin Explained

About Bitcoin Casinos: An Introduction for Beginners

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, and as you might know, it behaves a little differently than conventional money, but that doesn’t mean it can’t benefit you when gambling on the internet—the opposite, in fact, and many believe Bitcoin and other crypto tokens to be the currency of the future.Bitcoin Casinos 1

This virtual currency is stored in a type of e-wallet, and it is not something you can go and withdraw from an ATM. You can, however, convert it to your local currency if the need (and desire) arises. Other than that, the way Bitcoin works isn’t necessarily light years away from having money in a bank account. The differences, however, are highly relevant, and that is what we will try to cover here.


Understanding Bitcoin Casinos & How to Find Them around Asia

Before we go on, we want to point out that not all casinos accept payments with Bitcoin. Not yet. The cryptocurrency has experienced impressive growth and the interest is rising daily, and especially in the casino industry it seems, but it can still take a minute to find reliable Bitcoin casinos for those who wish to pay with crypto.

To save you some trouble and time, we are going to present you with a few options to get you started. Using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies requires some knowledge and understanding of this type of currency, and it is recommended that you do your research before diving in head first. We are here to help.

It is likely that more casinos will be offering Bitcoin as a payment method in the future, but we are not quite there yet. Casinos adapt to the needs and requests of their players to compete with other gambling sites, and considering the growing popularity, it is likely just a question of time.

Bitcoin VS Fiat Currency

How Bitcoin is Different from Conventional Currency

There is a lot to learn about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency, and you will need to do additional research if you want to start using it with hopes to make a profit. We will cover the basics here to get you started.

Fiat currency, which is the regular currency we know and use all over Asia and the world, is regulated by a bank or by the country in which it is used, but what is so interesting is that this isn’t the case with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Here, there are no institutions controlling the cash flow and transactions between individuals, and there is no bank involved.

With Bitcoin, you cut out one major step when making transactions online, which essentially lowers the fees significantly as well as makes them close to instant thanks to cryptocurrency being finite. It can be difficult to comprehend if you are new to cryptocurrency, but Bitcoin is a revolutionary payment method that has now reached online casinos across the globe.

Bitcoin Transaction Time

Bitcoin Casino Payment Speeds

In an industry that is so dependent on comfort, speed and transactions you don’t have to wait for​​—BTC holds a clear advantage! While it can take up to 7 days for a card payment or bank transfer to go through when making a withdrawal, Bitcoin payments can mean you’ll have your transaction ready in your crypto wallet within minutes or even seconds.

How Bitcoin Casinos Work

Understanding How Bitcoin Casinos Work

While there are a few gambling sites that only accept cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, most Bitcoin casinos are actually just regular casinos that happen to offer it as a payment method. These casinos work just like any other casino sites, and they usually offer a long list of payment options where Bitcoin is just one of them.

What this means for you as a player is that the function of the casino itself doesn’t change, and you can usually find the same online casino games and play in the same ways, and even use casino strategies, as you are used to—only the payment method changes. You get the comfort of everything being the same with only a new way to make deposits and withdrawals.


Bitcoin Casinos Examples

Bitcoin Casino Games

Most Popular Games at Bitcoin Casinos

It currently seems like poker players are those who are extra likely to opt for Bitcoin as their payment method, and the majority of Bitcoin users at online casinos appear to favour different types of poker games. However, there are also many who play slots, other table games, live casino and bet on sports while paying with Bitcoin instead of an alternative payment method.

You can, of course, play any available game at a casino that offers Bitcoin payments, as there are no restrictions for Bitcoin users when it comes to the game selection. Enjoy all your favourite games, just like you would if paying with another method such as Mastercard, Neteller or a wire transfer directly from your bank.

Bitcoin games

Bitcoin Bonuses

All About Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

You might be wondering if you can still get a casino bonus if you choose to pay with a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin? Don’t worry—you can. This worry usually stems from how you often can’t get welcome bonuses and other bonus offers if you pay with Neteller or Skrill, but this doesn’t seem to be a concern at most Bitcoin casinos, luckily.

In fact, Bitcoin casinos offer bonuses that tend to be more lucrative than your average casino bonus, making them far better for all sorts of players.

Some casinos even have special bonus offers for Bitcoin users, and we recommend that you take a look at the ‘Promotions’ page at the casino where you are intending to play, and perhaps that you also sign up for the newsletter to avoid missing anything important.


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Bitcoin Transfers

Bitcoin Casino Deposits & Witdrawals

Casino transactions with BTC are generally very simple if you know how to make online purchases and payments with Bitcoin, and also a lot faster than what you might be used to. While some payment methods will have you waiting for days when you try to withdraw your earnings, Bitcoin could have your money on your account within seconds.

All you need to do to make a deposit is to go to the Banking page, choose Bitcoin as your payment method and follow the prompted steps once you are redirected. The process is virtually the same as when making any other transaction with Bitcoin, and not too different from deposits with other payment methods.

It is just as easy to make withdrawals, and you just choose the amount and wait a few minutes for the casino to process the payment and send it back to your Bitcoin wallet. Once you have our BTC in your wallet, these can be transferred back to your bank account in the currency of your choosing.

Bitcoin Casinos Licensing

Licensing and Security at Bitcoin Casinos

Security is something every online gambler should take into consideration, and this payment method comes with a few extra precautions. Using Bitcon to pay online is considered very safe in general, and when you use it at a reputable and trustworthy casino, then it can be one of the safest ways to make transactions.

However, be aware of sketchy Bitcoin sites. See, since Bitcoin is not regulated by any banks or countries, it also means that a casino that only offers Bitcoin as a payment method doesn’t necessarily need to be regulated.

Be safe by double-checking that your BTC casino is licensed by a renowned licensing authority. The most reliable Bitcoin Casino licensing authority is Curacao eGaming. 

External Safety Measures

Another thing to think about is where you store your Bitcoin tokens. This isn’t directly related to the casino industry or online gambling, but it is a crucial step if you want to gamble safely with BTC. Make sure you are using a trustworthy crypto wallet for storage, as this is where your assets will be kept both before and after a casino transaction.

You can also opt to keep cryptocurrency like BTC in cold storage, which is considered the absolute safest way to store your coins, and especially if you are not intending to use them right away. Play smart, and do your research also for your cryptocurrency storage.

Bitcoin Casinos Pros & Cons

Advantages & Disadvantages of Bitcoin Casinos

BTC isn’t the right payment method for everyone, there is no doubt about it, but it can be great for those who are fully aware of how it works and its potential advantages and drawbacks. Some of the pros and cons when using Bitcoin as your casino payment method are listed here below, and could potentially help you come to a decision.

Bitcoin Casino Advantages

Privacy & Anonymously

Cryptocurrency is known for being a very anonymous payment method, and it speaks to those who prefer to give out as little information to a casino site as possible. It is often believed that Bitcoin could offer increased financial freedom, as no credit rating agencies, banks or governments can view your transactions and funds.

Low or No Fees

Did you know that cryptocurrency payments with Bitcoin have some of the absolute lowest fees in the casino industry? You can forget about high bank card fees or e-wallet fees, and instead you can enjoy the benefits of fees that can be up to 90% lower than those of other casino payment methods.

Special Bonus Offers

There are bonus offers that are only available to Bitcoin players, and who wouldn’t want to get extra rewards simply for gambling on the site and making your transactions with BTC? Casinos can actually save money on having players make their deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoin, which gives them the opportunity to give back.


The Bitcoins that go in and out of your crypto wallet are completely yours, and with no one being able to watch your transactions or control your cash, you also don’t have to worry about having your accounts frozen or lose access to your funds. To many, this means total control of your own finances.

Accepted All Over Asia

When making Bitcoin payments, it doesn’t matter where in Asia you are, or even where in the world you are located, as currency isn’t an issue. No more exchange fees or casinos that don’t offer deposits and withdrawals in your local currency! BTC is international, and the same in all countries around the globe.

Bitcoin Casino Disadvantages

No Customer Support

A potential issue is that the blockchain doesn’t offer any type of customer support, and it can be close to impossible to find ways to resolve BTC related issues if they were to arise. Bitcoin casinos do have customer support and so does your BTC wallet, but there is only so much they can do if you are experiencing issues with the BItcoin token itself.

Coin Volatility

If you are familiar with Bitcoin then you already know this, and that is that cryptocurrency is very volatile. It changes, which can be both a pro and a con. The value doesn’t stay the same the way flat currency does, and even if you deposit a specific amount and choose to withdraw it before using a single penny, you might still get significantly less back if the token has dropped in value since you made your deposit.


  • Privacy & Anonymously
  • Low or No Fees
  • Special Bonus Offers
  • Decentralisation
  • Accepted All Over Asia


  • No Customer Support
  • Coin Volatility


Our Thoughts

Bitcoin is, perhaps, the currency of the future, and it is a fascinating world to dive into for anyone who is interested in an all-digital currency. Not all online casinos give you the option to fund your gambling with Bitcoin, but tendencies show that it is becoming increasingly popular all around Asia and the world.

It is one of the best casino payment methods to choose, as it allows you to avoid certain restrictions and play anonymously. You’ll come across top-class bonuses that could be worth thousands of dollars in BTC, as well as the same games that you’ll find in an average online casino.

Benefits are aplenty when gambling in Bitcoin casinos, so be sure to create an account in one of the safe casinos that we recommend here, claim your bonus, and play!