Casinos with BX One

Casinos with BX One

Have you ever heard of BX One as a casino payment method? If not, it is about time you learn, as this is a payment method that is growing stronger and more popular across Asia. It is a revolutionary way to pay, and BX coin payments are already starting to take over in other parts of the world. If you are curious about how BX One payments work when gambling online, and how it can be used for your deposits and withdrawals, then you’ll want to check out our comprehensive guide here below.


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Best BX One Casinos

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Introducing BX One Casinos in Asia

A Quick Introduction to BX One & How It Works

BX One is perhaps not the most popular way to pay at online casinos, but it is predicted to rise in popularity in the near future. The concept of BX One coins can seem a bit confusing at first, but what it essentially entails is an e-wallet that works as cold storage, which you can use to store and trade numerous cryptocurrencies along with traditional currencies.

It offers an option to those who want to fund their casino gambling with crypto when the casino itself does not accept cryptocurrencies as payment options. Instead, you can use your BX One account at select sites and pay in your preferred local or digital currency.

BX One

BX One prides itself in offering financial services in three very specific areas:

  • Storage Services

The platform can be used as an e-wallet, and when you gamble online, you make payments the same way you would with other e-wallet payment services, such as Skrill, Neteller and PayPal. BX One essentially eliminates the need to provide any sensitive payment information to the casino in question, and instead, you pay using your BX One login details.

  • Transfer Services

You can use the convenient BX one platform to carry out money transactions to and from other people, and to make transfers to pay for services and goods. This includes both payments made in traditional currencies and cryptocurrency payments and transfers, and the service is beginning to gain international attention.

  • CFD Trading Investment Services

If you are interested in CFD trading, BX One also offers services related to these processes. This can be indirectly relevant for those who play to finance their casino gambling with CFD, but otherwise, the other two services tend to be more relevant for the casino industry.

BX One Deposits & Withdrawals

Convenience When Depositing and Withdrawing with BX One

BX OneThe concept behind this type of payment service is very simple and straightforward, especially if you are already familiar with e-wallets. It is a great option for those who prefer not to give out any card or bank information to the casino site in question, as BX One works as a middle man to receive your money transfer and pass it on to the casino.

You no longer need to type in your card details or complete a money transaction from your bank, and this also means that your casino activity won’t be reflected on your bank statement, as it will only show that you sent money or received money from BX One.

In Asia, this is likely one of the reasons behind its rising popularity, and especially in areas with stricter gambling rules. If you tend to prefer e-wallets to other popular payment methods, then you could certainly benefit from having a closer look at BX One.

Applicable Fees with BX One

As you probably know by now, almost all casino payment methods come with some type of fee. In the case of BX One, you can make free deposits into your casino account, where you won’t be charged anything for using the service, and you pay 1% in fees when you make a withdrawal from your BX One account and to your bank account.

Keep in mind that this is the fee to make a withdrawal from the e-wallet and to your bank, and that there could be additional fees enforced by the casino or gambling site, but there are no additional fees that come with BX One itself.

A 1% withdrawal fee is low compared to many other payment methods, however, please note that there is a 20 USD minimum withdrawal fee, which means that you will always pay 20 USD unless 1% of your withdrawn amount is higher.

BX One Minimum & Maximum Withdrawals

When using BX One for your withdrawals, you will have to adapt to the minimum and maximum withdrawal limits set by your casino.

Once you have the money on your BX One account, the minimum withdrawal amount is set to 100 USD or equivalent and the maximum withdrawal amount is 20,000 USD or the equivalent in your currency.

BX One Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonuses Available to BX One Users

Casino bonuses are generally available to most gamblers, but as you may know, there are sometimes restrictions for those using certain e-wallets such as Neteller and Skrill. Is this an issue when you pay with BX One? Based on our research, we haven’t found any casinos limiting or prohibiting casino bonuses for those who make BX One payments, and you’ll be able to claim your rewards just like with any other payment method.

Welcome Bonuses with BX One

The first type of reward you will come in contact with is the online casino welcome bonus, which is what you get when you first join a site. With BX One as a payment method, this bonus will usually be given out once you make your first deposit.

Common types of welcome bonuses are match bonuses where the casino adds a percentage to your deposit, as well as fun-to-have free spins.

Getting BX One Free Spins

Free spins can also be given out as a stand-alone bonus, and are popular bonuses among BX One users.

These can be handed out as no deposit bonuses where you don’t even need to make a money transaction, or when you make a deposit with BX One.

Deposit Bonuses for Returning Players

BX One users are also eligible for bonuses as returning players, which means you get rewarded for choosing to come back and play rather than to move on to a different gambling site.

You can find information about existing bonus options, such as no deposit bonuses and deposit rewards, by locating the Promotions tab at your preferred casino site.

VIP Programs & Cashback

Since BX One works like an e-wallet, you can participate in any available VIP program or cashback opportunity when you gamble online, unless the guidelines specifically say otherwise.

BX One Bonus Wagering Requirements

Wagering Requirements for Players Using BX One

Do wagering requirements apply also when you pay with BX One? The answer is yes. BX One works just like any other e-wallet, and when you access a bonus, you will be agreeing to certain terms, such as how many times you need to wager your bonus amount.

BX One

BX One Security

Security When Using BX One at Online Casinos

Safety is key, and your financial assets and personal information is protected by multiple layers of internet security features, such as firewalls, SSL encryption technology, a thorough verification process and more. According to our investigations, there is nothing to worry about when using BX One, and you can safely make your casino deposits and withdrawals with this payment method.

Is BX One a Bank?

At this point in time, BX One cannot be considered a bank, but it is a virtual payment platform that allows you to send and receive money, as well as to store money in your electronic wallet (e-wallet). It is not a bank, but an excellent option for those who want a convenient payment method for online gambling.

BX One Security

Pros and Cons of BX One

Pros and Cons of BX One at Casinos Online

So, perhaps you are wanting to see what the pros and cons of BX One as a casino payment method look like? It is still a reasonably new payment service that still has a lot to prove, but based on what we have seen so far, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, but we will leave it up to you to decide.


  • Easy to Use
  • Low Withdrawal Fees
  • Compatible with Cryptocurrency
  • Secure Transactions


  • Minimum Withdrawal Fee
  • Available at Few Online Casinos

Similar Payment Methods BX One

Other Similar Services to BX One

While BX One is on the rise in popularity, there are still many online casinos that do not offer it as a payment method yet, and if this is the case, having a good backup in mind could be a smart idea. There are multiple payment platforms that resemble BX One in their function, even though most are not compatible with cryptocurrency the way BX One is.

If you are looking for an alternative to BX One payments and if you would like something reasonably close function-wise, then another e-wallet is most likely your best option.

These are five examples of popular e-wallets at online casinos, and all are used throughout Asia and neighbouring countries. Just keep in mind that some can only be used to make deposits, which you will see in the comparison down below.

Payment Method Comparison

Comparing Payment Methods Alternative to BX One

Payment MethodType of Payment MethodAvailable for Deposits?Available for Withdrawals?
Apple PayE-WalletYesNo
Google PayE-WalletYesNo

Summary BX One

Final Thoughts on BX One

BX One is an online payment method that can be used to make casino deposits and withdrawals in Asia. However, it is still somewhat uncommon to find it as an available option at gambling sites, but its popularity has been steadily on the rise throughout recent years.

One thing that has the platform standing out among other e-wallets and electronic payment services is its compatibility with cryptocurrency. BX One can be used to store and trade BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, DSH and USDT, which can then be used to fund your casino gambling.

It is an overall trustworthy and hassle-free payment option for online casino users when playing casino games, with fast and reliable transactions, but the downside is that it isn’t available everywhere yet. Time will tell if this chances, but for now, consider using it if you want an e-wallet that is fully compatible with cryptocurrency.