EcoPayz Casinos

EcoPayz Casinos

A top payment method at online casinos is EcoPayz, and it is being used for both deposits and withdrawals all over Asia. This e-wallet makes casino transactions both easy and secure, as you don’t have to reveal your personal information or payment details to each online gambling site. Find the best EcoPayz casinos and the best casinos with EcoPayz and other payment options with this complete guide!



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How Do EcoPayz Casinos Work?

ecoPayz Casinos payment method introEcoPayz is a popular e-wallet that can now be found at online casinos all over the world, and that is what the term “EcoPayz casino” refers to.  It can be used to make both deposits and withdrawals to online casinos, and you complete your transactions only with your EcoPayz login details—saving yourself the trouble of having to have your bank card ready when you wish to pay.

Owned by PSI-Pay Ltd

PSI-Pay Ltd is the company behind this e-wallet, and it has multiple awards under its belt! Examples of prestigious awards received by this enterprise are the Sussex Super Growth Award, and additionally, PSI-Pay Ltd has been nominated various times for awards such as Partnership/Collaboration of the Year at the FStech Awards and Payment Solution of the Year at the GGA in London.

A Pioneer on the E-Wallet Market

Many are unaware that EcoPayz was one of the first e-wallets out there, and one that has paved the way for many others that we are now used to finding in the list of payment options at gambling sites worldwide. The platform originally launched in 2000, and its success became evident reasonably fast! Today, EcoPayz is available all around the world in over 150 different countries.

ecoPayz appDownload the App for iOS and Android

To use EcoPayz in the most efficient way possible, it is recommended that you download the app and install it on your device. The payment wallet is available to both iOS and Android users, and you can find it in the Apple Store as well as in the Google Play Store. The app works just as well for both operative systems and offers the same excellent features.

You can download the app for free, and the layout and functions are straight-forward enough for someone inexperienced or with little technical knowledge to use successfully. You can create your EcoPayz account directly in the app.

EcoPayz Technology

Are EcoPayz Casinos Safe?

The experience can be seen in how EcoPayz cares for its users with the best security features to keep your personal information safe, and it is without doubt a platform you know you can trust from the moment you click open their website.

Reliable Two-Step Verification at EcoPayz

Nobody wants to put themselves at risk when making financial transactions online, and this is especially true for the casino industry. You are in it to win, and not to get scammed. To help make your gambling experience safer, EcoPayz offers a reliable two-step verification process to prevent anyone unauthorised from accessing your account.

This is an additional security feature that complements sophisticated encryption software and other safety methods, and it means you usually have to verify your identity after writing your password, by receiving a code to your mobile phone or tablet. Use the code to approve transactions and gain instant access to your deposited casino funds.

ecoPayz Casino security payment method

EcoPayz Signup Process

The EcoPayz Signup Process

To use EcoPayz, you first have to head over to their website and sign up for an account. You can also sign up when you are ready to make a deposit at your favourite online casino, but we recommend completing the signup process ahead of time. It only takes a few minutes, and if you are new to e-wallets, here are the steps you need to take:

  • Visit the EcoPayz Home Page
  • Locate the Sign Up Button
  • Choose a Username
  • Type In a (Correct) E-Mail Address
  • Find Your Country of Residence in the Drop-Down Menu
  • Choose your Preferred Language
  • Pick a Currency for Your Account
  • Fill in Your Full Name and Date of Birth
  • The Home Address You Are Currently Registered At
  • Type in a Valid Phone Number
  • Verify by Typing in the Numbers Listed Under ‘Not a Robot’
  • Confirm You Have Read Through the Terms and Conditions
  • Choose Whether You Wish to Receive Newsletters and More
  • Complete the Account Creation Process

As you can see, the process is very simple and only requires you to fill in basic personal information, and we didn’t find anything out of the ordinary or that in any way differentiates from the signup process with other e-wallets.

EcoPayz Fees

Fees in EcoPayz Casinos

One thing that could (and potentially should) affect your decision of which payment method to use is whether there are additional charges. Almost every payment method comes with some type of fees for either deposits, withdrawals or both, but how much you end up paying can vary greatly.

EcoPayz does have fees, but there is no set fee and instead it will depend on your deposited or withdrawn amount. There are no fees when you make deposits with money already in your EcoPayz account, meaning you can use your wallet funds to make free casino transactions. However, transactions from your bank account and to your EcoPayz wallet may come with a fee ranging from 0-8.5%.

A great thing about EcoPayz is the transparency the service offers, and it is very easy to see how much you’ll end up paying in fees before approving a transaction. You create your account completely free of charge, and it doesn’t cost anything to have an account with EcoPayz, and all you need to double-check are potential fees on transactions.

ecoPayz fees


EcoPayz Transactions

EcoPayz Withdrawals & Transactions

It is no secret that e-wallets make money transactions very simple and hassle-free for online gamblers, and EcoPayz is no exception. With bank cards, you have to type in your card number or have your login device to your internet bank at hand, and none of that is needed when you make transactions with EcoPayz. Instead, all you need is your login details.

Casinos with EcoPayz will list this among their available payment methods, and all you need to do is to select it when you are ready to make your deposit. You can use EcoPayz both as a new player and if you have used other payment methods in the past.

Choose the amount you wish to deposit via EcoPayz and be aware of any minimum or maximum deposit amounts. It shouldn’t take the transaction more than a couple of seconds to go through, and then you’ll have your money on your casino account.

Withdrawals work the same way, where you pick an amount and are then redirected to your EcoPayz app or website to verify your login details. Withdrawal times can vary depending on the casino’s processing times but it usually takes between a few hours to a couple of days. E-wallets are known for being one of the fastest ways to get your money when withdrawing from an online casino.

EcoPayz Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of EcoPayz Casinos

Still need help determining if EcoPays is really the right payment method for you? There are so many options to choose from for Asian players, and we understand that you might find yourself in a situation where you simply can’t decide. To make things a little less complicated, we have listed some of the main pros and cons here below.

This is a platform with many years in the business, and as you can see it has plenty to offer. The pros mostly outweigh the cons, but you still need to consider whether the service offers you what you need and if EcoPayz can be considered right for you.


  • Choose Between 48+ Different Currencies
  • Fast Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Free Transactions with Your Wallet Funds
  • Available in 150+ Countries
  • Regulated by the FCA
  • National & International Transfers are Instant
  • Option to Get Your Own Prepaid EcoPayz Mastercard
  • Customer Service 24/7


  • Fees on Transactions Made from Your Bank Account
  • Full Account Verification Takes Time
  • Inconvenient Account Limitations

EcoPayz Mastercard

What About the EcoPayz Mastercard?

ecoPayz Mastercard

The EcoPayz Mastercard is a card that allows you to make direct purchases without just the way you would with a regular bank card, but instead of being connected to a bank account, all transactions go through your e-wallet.

This card allows its users to choose from one of 8 currencies, and you can even use it to make withdrawals at any eligible ATM machine. The downside here is that the EcoPayz Mastercard is only available in a few select countries, but we still wanted to mention it in this review as it is expected to become available worldwide in the future.

Alternative Payment Methods

Casino Payment Method Alternatives to EcoPayz

This article is only meant to provide you with the information you need to make a decision, and we are not trying to convince you to use EcoPayz. Instead, we understand that this payment option is perfect for some and not so great for others, and therefore we want to present you with a few alternatives as well.

Most online casinos offer their players a long list of payment methods for this exact reason, and we want to make sure you know what your choices are when it comes to making casino deposits and withdrawals in Asia.

Check Out These Payment Alternatives:

VISA/Mastercard Payments

Almost all online casinos in Asia can offer you the option to pay with Visa, Mastercard and other debit and credit cards. With these, you need to fill in your card details when you make your transactions, and some casinos will save these details to have it ready for you by the time you make transaction number two.

online casinos myanmar payment popular method e-wallet

E-Wallet Payments

EcoPayz is an e-wallet, but it is far from the only e-wallet out there. You can also opt for using Skrill, InstaDebit, Neteller, PayPal or any of the other e-wallets available at your favourite. These work very similarly to EcoPayz but you might find small differences in, for example, fees and processing times.

online casinos myanmar payment popular method bank transfer

Bank Transfer Payments

The biggest downside to using bank transfers is that they can take some time to come through. It is one of the safest ways to make deposits and withdrawals anywhere online, but you do need to count on your money taking some time to reach its destination.


Our Thoughts on EcoPayz

Just like other e-wallets, EcoPayz offers casino players a quick and secure way to complete casino transactions. Not only do you get that extra filter so that the casino site never gets to see your payment information such as your card number or internet bank details, and instead you login and approve the transaction with your EcoPayz credentials.

Being one of the first e-wallets on the market, EcoPayz has had plenty of time to define their product and to learn what their customers need, and that has led to a very complete and transparent payment service that suits Asian players perfectly.