Casinos With Webanq

Casinos With Webanq

Since it was established around 10 years ago, more and more casinos have started accepting Webanq as a payment method that can be used to make both deposits and withdrawals. Because it’s considered a fairly popular method used by Asian players, especially those in Japan, we got curious about why despite there being limited information on casinos accepting Webanq, it seems to be growing in popularity each month, so we started digging, keep reading to learn about everything you need to know about using this method to fund your casino account!



Deposit Time

3-5 Days

Withdraw Time

1-5 Days

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The Best Online Webanq Casinos in Asia

The Best Online Webanq Casinos in Asia



An Introduction to Webanq Casinos in Asia

Webanq LoginWe understand that at times it can be difficult to find the best Webanq online casinos, especially if you’re new to the online gambling scene. When we review different online casinos and recommend them to our readers, we make sure to mention only the best.

Curious about what to look out for when trying to find the best Webanq casino? Check out our list of recommended Webanq casinos above to find some of the most reputable sites online, and if you’re interested in finding out what it takes for a casino to make our Recommended Casinos list, we’ve provided a few of the important points to consider so that you have an idea about the certain standards that need to be met in order to make the cut with us!

  • Safety: It’s important for players to make sure that the casino they register at has a valid casino licence so that you can be sure that the games you’re playing are 100% fair and that when you use Webanq to fund your casino account, your information will be protected at all times.
  • Game Selection: The only reason players join online casinos is to enjoy a convenient gambling experience which is why you should take note of the games on offer before you create your account at the Webanq casino you’re considering. For example, if you enjoy table games but aren’t too interested in playing popular slots, then you should look for a casino that has loads of live and virtual table games so that you get the most out of your experience.
  • Bonuses: There’s nothing better than an exciting bonus offer to kickstart your Webanq casino experience. By comparing the different welcome packages available at these casinos, you’ll be able to choose the one that will be perfect for you. You should definitely look beyond the welcome offers as well and explore the casinos’ Promotions pages to be sure that when the welcome offer has come and gone, you’ll still have loads to gain for remaining loyal to your Webanq casino sites.
  • Payment Methods: Although we recommend using Webanq at online casinos, the site you’re considering should also offer a range of alternative payment methods so that should you run into any issues, you have other ways to fund your account and withdraw your winnings.

How it Works

What You Need to Know About the Way Webanq Works

Webanq is a web-based eCommerce payment and funds transfer service that provides players all over the world with the opportunity to make safe and easy payments online.

Once you’ve created your Webanq account, it’s super easy to make casino transactions and start playing your favourite casino games. To make a deposit and claim an exciting welcome offer, log into your Webanq account using your email address and unique PIN code and then click on the Transfer option which can be found to the left of the screen.

All you need to do to transfer funds is select Merchant and provide the relevant casino details as well as the amount you’d like to deposit. Because it’s technically considered a bank transfer, deposits may take 3-5 days to reflect. You should also note that although there are 160 different locations that can be selected, Webanq only converts currencies into US Dollars. Now that you know how to go about making transfers using Webanq, let’s take a closer look at the range of exciting rewards that can be claimed at Webanq casinos!


Webanq Transfer

Webanq Casino Bonuses

Boost Your Balance at Webanq Casinos When You Claim These Exciting Bonuses

Webanq casinos are more than generous when it comes to rewarding players and as a result, you can look forward to a number of exciting rewards that’ll boost both your balance and odds of winning.

Furthermore, many of these casinos specifically state that those who use certain methods won’t be able to claim the bonuses whereas those who use Webanq will have the chance to benefit from a number of exhilarating offers.

These bonuses can include deposit bonuses, welcome offers, free spins and reload bonuses which is why we’ve provided a brief explanation of each to give you an idea of what you can look forward to at Webanq casinos!

Deposit Bonuses:

When claiming a deposit bonus, players will be treated to either free spins, deposit matches and in some cases even both! Available to both new and returning players, those who wish to benefit from a deposit bonus will be able to do so by simply making a transfer into their casino account.

Welcome Offers:

Just about every online casino will offer players exciting bonuses as a way to entice them into creating a casino account. Because these casinos are forever trying to one-up each other and fight for your attention, it’s a good idea to compare the various offers and wagering requirements to decide which ones are truly worth claiming.

Free Spins:

Casinos that have lobbies filled with excellent slots will usually have a set of free spins on offer. Often used as a way to promote new releases or providers, free spins are perfect for players who’d like to spin and win without spending any money at first.

Pros & Cons of Webanq

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Webanq to Fund Your Casino Account

Although Webanq is fairly popular all across Asia, there are a few reasons why players have been a bit hesitant to use this payment method as a way to make casino deposits and withdrawals. For example, longer processing times may be an issue for those who want to make a deposit and start playing immediately.

However, what may seem like a deal-breaker to one person may not necessarily seem that bad to another. This is why we always recommend weighing out the pros and cons of each payment method you consider before deciding whether or not to go ahead and use it to make casino transactions. Below we’ve listed a few of the pros and cons that come with using Webanq so that you get to decide if it’s the perfect method for you.



  • Exciting Bonus Offers
  • Quick and Easy Deposits
  • 0% Deposit Fees
  • High Transaction Limits
  • Registration Takes a Few Minutes
  • No Supporting Documents Need to be Submitted


  • Only supports USD
  • Players can only choose from 4 different languages
  • $0.99 charged when withdrawing from Webanq
  • Longer processing times

Alternative Payment Methods

Great Alternative Payment Methods That Can Be Used at Webanq Casinos

Players who aren’t able to use Webanq as a payment option don’t need to be excluded from all of the excitement to be found at Webanq casinos. These reputable casinos make a point of offering players a variety of excellent payment options that can be used to make deposits and withdrawals, and although some of them may be excluded from bonus offers, players will still be able to claim thrilling rewards to boost their balance using the majority of accepted payment methods. Here we’ve provided a brief explanation about 3 alternative payment types players can use to fund their Webanq casino account.

Webanq Account Page

Prepaid Card:

There are loads of different prepaid cards that can be used to make deposits at Webanq casinos. And although you won’t be able to make withdrawals at most casinos when using this method, it’s perfect for players who prefer to set aside a specific gambling budget that can’t be exceeded.


Thanks to the multiple security measures, quick processing times and how easy it is to register for an E-Wallet using a mobile device, this payment method is usually one of the first Webanq alternatives players consider. However, there are transaction fees that will need to be paid when using a few of the E-Wallets available to Asian players.

Credit Card:

If you’re someone who likes the freedom of knowing that you can enjoy all of your favourite casino games right away without having to pay immediately then this is the alternative method for you! Credit card payments are safe and secure, however, you should always be conscious of how much you spend when using credit cards as it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and unknowingly spend more than what you can afford.

Comparing Different Methods

Comparing the Different Payment Methods to Decide Which is Best For You

Payment MethodsAdvantagesDisadvantages
E-Wallet· Excellent Security Measures · Quick Deposits and Withdrawals · Easy to Create an Account Online· Players May Need to Pay Transaction Fees
Credit Card· Play Now and Pay Later · Excellent Security · Accepted at Most Webanq Casinos· It’s Easy to Spend More Than You Can Afford
Prepaid Cards· Easy to Obtain · Can Only Spend What You Can Afford · Accepted at Most Webanq Casinos· Often Not a Withdrawal Option

Now that you know the different payment types that are accepted at Webanq casinos, take the time to consider the advantages and disadvantages that come with each. Although the payment types we’ve listed are considered great alternatives, there are still a few advantages and disadvantages you’ll need to think about before choosing a specific one. To help you figure out which alternative payment type is best for you we’ve provided the pros and cons of each.

Webanq Conclusion

What We Think About Using Webanq at Online Casinos

After reviewing this payment method and the casinos that allow players to make deposits and withdrawals using Webanq, it’s clear to see why it’s become so popular in Asia. The transactions are safe and secure, there are zero fees charged by Webanq for making deposits, and although processing times may take longer and there is a small fee that will need to be paid when withdrawing from your Webanq account to your bank account, it’s a small price to pay when you consider the range of excellent games and bonuses on offer at Webanq casinos.

All in all, it’s a great payment solution for players who are looking for a way to fund their casino accounts at a low cost using a method that can be set up in mere minutes.