The Best No Wagering Casino Bonuses in Asia

Online Casinos in Asia have become very popular and what more could a player want than to receive bonuses and promotions? Having said this, there are more than likely so many terms and conditions and wagering requirements to receiving these bonuses that it sometimes seems impossible to even qualify for them or get anything out!

With a No wagering Casino Bonus, you will receive whatever you win as real cash. If you are looking to find out the ins and outs of No Wagering Casino Bonuses then continue reading, we have put together a full guide just for you.

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No Wagering Bonuses in Asia

Asian Casinos with the Best No Wagering Bonuses


What are No Wagering Bonus Casinos?

What are No Wagering Bonus Casinos?

Online Casinos with no wagering requirements are called “No Wagering Casinos”. A lot of bonuses come with so many conditions that you do not end up winning anything. When you have a no wagering bonus, you will receive real money.

You can cash out your winnings from these bonuses at any time. Most online casino bonuses still offer wagering requirements, but it is definitely worth checking out those that have no wagering requirements.
No wagering bonus money

How a No Wagering Casino Bonus Works

No wagering bonuses topFirstly, when you sign up at an online casino in Asia, you will encounter many promotions and bonuses on offer. Things like free spins, welcome bonuses and cash bonuses are among just a few. There are almost always strings attached to these and this is known as wagering requirements.

These wagering requirements state that you must wager a certain amount before you are able to withdraw your bonus or take away any of your winnings from it. The wagering requirements can be found in the casino’s Terms and Conditions and will differ depending on the Casino site you are playing on.

For each type of bonus offered at a casino, the wagering requirements are also different.

For example, if you have a wagering requirement of 20X, this means that you will need to bet your bonus amount 20 times before you can withdraw it or the winnings you receive from it. These are things we generally overlook when first signing up at a casino.

No wagering casinos in Asia are becoming more popular and casinos are becoming more creative with their bonuses. These bonuses come with less requirements and conditions, but also normally come with a lower amount of cash.

You will still need to make a deposit first, but these bonuses do not require that you wager your winnings before you take them out. There still may be certain restrictions, depending on the casino, but it is definitely worth a try!

Different Types of No Wagering Bonuses

Let us take a more in-depth look at the different types and most popular no wagering bonuses on offer.

No Wagering Deposit Bonuses

Best Casino Apps No Deposit BonusThis is definitely one of the most popular bonuses. When signing up with a casino you will receive an amount of free play money or free spins without having to deposit. If you receive money, you can usually play casino games of your choice. Free spins can generally be used on 1 or 2 selected popular or new slots.

After either using your free play money or free spins you are allowed to withdraw your winnings or you can use it to play other games on the casino site.

No Wagering Welcome Bonuses

Welcome bonuses are also very popular, you can receive wager free spins when you make your first deposit at an online casino. The money you win with these free spins you can withdraw straight away.

In a lot of online casinos that offer wager free bonuses you can receive free spins as well as free money on top of the original amount you deposit. You can end up with quite a big winning the first time you play at the casino.Parimatch Welcome Bonus

No Wagering Cashback Bonuses

Many online casinos will issue cashbacks to players that have lost money over a specific time period. For example, the previous week. The cashback received is calculated as a percentage of the net loss. With this cashback you can either use it to play and win back your losses or you can cash it out, because it will have no wagering requirements.


Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons of No Wagering Bonuses


  • You keep all your winnings
  • You can cash out your winnings as soon as you get them
  • No additional deposits need to be made to clear wagering requirements
  • Enjoy more bonuses as you will clear them quicker


  • Some no wagering bonuses tend to have lower values
  • Some casinos restrict no wagering bonuses to play only slot games
  • They are not always easy to find and aren’t as common
  • Can often come with withdrawal limits

As you can see, no wagering bonuses certainly do come with their advantages and disadvantages. You need to weigh them up for yourself and see whether it suits your preferred needs.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions to No Wagering Bonuses

Like any bonus, a no wagering bonus is also subject to certain terms and conditions. These terms and conditions will differ depending on the casino, but you will find that the basics are all similar.

Although no wagering bonuses have no play requirements, you need to make sure you understand the following:

  • Minimum Deposit – Generally you will need to make a deposit to be able to claim your no wagering bonus. How much the deposit needs to be depends on the casino site and the offer.
  • How Much You Can Claim – Casinos may cap their bonuses at a certain amount.
  • Maximum Cash out – Always check the terms and conditions to see how much of your winnings you can cash out. This varies between casinos, some have a limit as to how much you can withdraw from your bonus winnings.
  • Which games you can use the bonus on – some no wagering bonuses may only be available to you on certain games. Be sure to check this out.
  • Payment Methods – Sometimes certain payment methods may be excluded from the promotions. When using other payment methods you may receive a higher bonus. Check this out before deciding on the payment method you will be using.
  • Maximum bet limit – make sure you check out whether there is a limit to the maximum bet allowed. If you place a bet higher than the maximum allowed, your bet and any winnings received from it will be void.
  • How many Active Bonuses you can have – Most online casinos will not let you have more than one bonus active. Make sure you play through your no wagering bonus first before trying to claim any other bonus. When you activate a second bonus, you will forfeit the first one.

Deposit Casino Bonus

Wagering Requirements

The name says it all and with a No Wagering Bonus you will not encounter any wagering requirements.

Always be sure to check the Casino site’s Terms and Conditions and then make sure you read the fine print about any bonuses and promotions you would like to take part in.

How to Claim

How to Claim a No Wagering Bonus

It is quite easy to claim a no wagering bonus. Firstly you need to find an online casino site that best suits you and then register at the casino.



Choose your Bonus. There are many options and you will decide which bonus is best for you. Once you have made your choice, sign up and get started.


Opt-in to your Bonus. You need to check whether you need to opt-in to the no wagering bonus or whether it is automatically credited to your account. Check if there are any special or unique codes you need to use.


Make a Deposit. The more you deposit, the more your bonus will be, unless it is a fixed amount. Check whether your payment method is accepted for that particular bonus beforehand.


Receive your Bonus. As soon as you claim your bonus you can play it. It will generally be found within the cashier section of your casino account.


Play and Withdraw your Winnings. When it is time to cash out, simply head to the cashier section and withdraw your winnings or you could choose to alternately continue playing and use your winnings to play your next game.

Why would a Casino offer a No Wagering Bonus?

Why would a Casino offer a No Wagering Bonus?

Offering a no wagering bonus is definitely a win-win situation, both the casino and the player benefit.

As more Asian players learn about the no wagering bonus and the exciting offers that comes with it, more players will sign up with the casino. It is an excellent marketing strategy. Players are drawn to the fact that they can withdraw their winnings immediately as soon as they have used up the bonus.

Alternative Bonuses

Alternative Bonuses that will add a thrill to your Online Gambling Experience

After weighing everything up and you decide that you would rather meet certain wagering requirements, there are many different alternative bonus options you can go for. We have provided a brief explanation of a few bonuses for a new or returning players in Asia.

Referral Bonuses: If you really enjoy a certain casino site and spread the word about it, you could receive a referral bonus when a new player uses the link you shared with them to register.
Loyalty Bonuses: If you are a loyal player to a particular casino site, make sure they offer a loyalty program where you can receive exciting bonuses and promotions.
Welcome Packages: These are similar to a no wagering bonus, except you will need to reach certain wagering requirements in a certain amount of time. They will generally offer a much bigger bonus than that of a no wagering bonus offers.

Bonus NameWhy you’ll love itWho its available forWagering Requirements
Referral BonusGet rewarded simply for recommending a casinoAvailable to new playersMight come with wagering requirements
Loyalty BonusReceive prizes for playing games at a casino for a certain period of timeAvailable to existing playersMight come with wagering requirements
Welcome BonusPlay games at a new Casino site using extra funds or free spinsAvailable to new playersMight come with wagering requirements