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Indian players can often find it difficult to uncover online casinos where they can play and wager their rupees, and this is where we come in. Here at TopAsiaCasinos we take great pride in unearthing casinos for Indian players to try out, but not before they pass our rigorous review process. Read on to find out what types of online casinos you can find in India and just what tests they must pass to make it on our casino review list.

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List of Best Online Casinos India

List of Best Online Casinos India


The Subtleties of Gambling Laws in India

The Subtleties of Gambling Laws in India ⚖️

Before we jump into casino reviews, let’s kick things off with asking the most important question: is gambling even legal in India?

The short answer is yes, but only in certain Indian states.

There are in fact three main laws that oversee the gambling industry in India:

  • The Public Gambling Act (1867), where it is stated that Indian residents are prohibited from operating or visiting a land-based casino, but no mention is made to online gambling mainly due to the year this legislation was issued in.
  • The Foreign Exchange Management Act (1999), whereby Indian residents are not allowed to depositing money in any currency other than INR
  • The Information Technology Act (2000), in which the government is allowed to shut down access to foreign websites if necessary.

Indian states have the ability to issue their own gambling laws that end up superseding federal legislation. These states are: Nagaland, Sikkim, Goa and West Bengal.

Indian States That Allow Online Gambling

Indian States That Allow Online Gambling 👍

As mentioned, four states within India allow gambling whilst still dwelling within the law.

  • Goa, Daman, and Diu Public Gaming Act (1976) one of the very few that actually allow and regulate land-based casinos in Goa. On the other hand, online gambling still remains unregulated.
  • Nagaland Prohibition of Gambling Act (2015) is a tad trickier to put into practice as it prohibits any online gambling activity where skills are outweighed by chance. However, licences are granted to operators that only offer games of skill – such as poker and rummy.
  • Sikkim Online Gaming (Regulation) Act (2008) saw the legalisation of land-based casinos. Two years later, in 2010, Sikkim fully regulated the online casino market.
  • West Bengal Gambling & Prize Competition Act (1957) states that only horse betting and lottery are allowed.

Remaining states have chosen to either adhere to the federal law or outright ban gambling altogether.

reposnsible gaming india


The Different Types of Casinos in India

The Different Types of Casinos in India 🧐

There is certainly a kind of casino that will suit one player more than another, so it’s good that casinos come in all shapes and sizes!

Here are some of the most popular online casino types amongst Indian players:


Live casinos in India

Nothing beats the feeling of watching a real roulette spin until the white pill stops on the random lucky pocket, or the nimble hands of a croupier flipping cards over – but what if that action were to be recorded in HD from multiple angles? We are talking about live casinos, where real dealers indulge online gamblers with live action.

India Online Casino Apps No Deposit Free Spins

Indian mobile casinos

Are you always on the go? Then mobile casinos are just for you. With a swipe and a tap, you can delve into the colourful world of online casinos straight from your smartphone.

Indian fastest payout casinos | As avid players, there is nothing that irks us more than slow payouts. Casinos are always fast to accept our deposits, but can take their sweet time when cashing out. That is why fast payout casinos are some of our favourite casinos to play at.

No account casinos in India

The beauty of these casinos is that you needn’t register: you can jump straight into action without going through lengthy, tedious processes.

new online casino

New online casinos India

Here at TopAsiaCasinos we like to keep things fresh and fun which is why we keep our ears pricked for any new entry on the online gambling market. We will always make sure to report our findings in our new casino reviews.

Another fan-favourite, it is similar in nature to no account casinos, whereas a player can start playing at the casino without having to prove their identity through the notorious KYC process.

Transaction Online Casino

Indian fastest payout casinos

As avid players, there is nothing that irks us more than slow payouts. Casinos are always fast to accept our deposits, but can take their sweet time when cashing out. That is why fast payout casinos are some of our favourite casinos to play at.

What We Consider When Rating Online Casinos in India

What We Consider When Rating Online Casinos in India 💡

When we review casinos, we go through a detailed step-by-step method. Since the inception of TopAsiaCasinos we wanted to make sure that we were relaying information which is consistent throughout all our reviews. Here is what we take into account when analysing a casino:

The 9-step list seems simple enough, but there is more that goes on in each phase. Curious to know what? Keep on reading and all shall be revealed.

Casino Review India

The 9-Step Process Explained 👨🏽‍🏫

Let’s start off by saying that we put first and foremost the safety of the user, and start off by initially screening casinos to see if they have a bad reputation or not, as it often will be a good mirror of what is to be found on the casino website itself.

Now, on to the first step:


Trustworthiness and Safety are the Key to a Successful Review

Repetition is the mother of learning: we want the casino to be a safe pace for users to navigate and bet their money. Full stop.

Nothing goes unnoticed: from the “S” in the URL that attests the safety of the connection to the cross-checking the casino licence, we stop along the way to analyse the RTP & RNG status, appreciating any third-party checks and certificates.


Looks Really Do Matter

When playing at an online casino, we don’t want to lose time scouring the site to find games, bonuses or other information.

We like websites that are easy to navigate, are clean and void of broken links. The casino palette can be any colour of the rainbow but the fonts need to be legible!


Payment Methods are Crucial

How many times have we found a great casino only to learn that they don’t accept INR or that they don’t offer any method of payment that an Indian player may have? Far too many, which is why we have stepped in.

We look for online casinos that accept Indian Rupees so you don’t have to waste time searching for them, and we only list operators that use secure transactions where data protection is top-notch.


What Does the Casino Offer?

There are online casinos that only specialise in a certain field of betting – say, horse race betting – and therefore lack in other departments.

We do enjoy a well-rounded casino that offers live games, slots, table games, a sportsbook, esports, and more… but we do understand that excelling in all these areas may be difficult, especially for the newer casinos.

This is why we take this step to thoroughly go through the services offered by the operator and evaluate their quality and variety.


Bonuses are Our Best Friend

There is nothing we love more than a good few extra spins at the wheel or a handful more Rupees to bet on our favourite table game… so does the online casino help with that?

In this phase of our online casino review, we look for the best bonus offers an online casino can provide and what their terms and conditions are like.


Games and Providers to Play At

All players are different. Even amongst our fantastic team of casino reviewers, we have a couple of people who are more excited to crank the wheel at a slot rather than bet on the next cricket game, whilst a few others really enjoy their hand at keno.

Precisely for this reason we review just how much an online casino caters to players, and what games we can play on their website.

We also take into consideration the game providers: if we see big names, we can rest assured that the quality of the game is excellent and that RTP & RNG are trustworthy.


A Helpful Customer Service

If, for whatever reason, a player needs to contact the casino, it’s imperative that the service is very good and actually helpful.

There is no space in our books for casinos that do not offer customer support in the first place (major red flag!), whilst the ones which do we scrutinise with a magnifying glass.

We assess just how many contact channels an online casino provides (live chat, email, forms to fill, telephone etc) and try them all out. We like feeling like we are being properly helped by well-mannered agents. If not, you will certainly read of it in our reviews.


Play Online Casino on the Go

Nowadays, our world is quite literally in our pockets. What would we do if we didn’t have a smartphone? Hard to say, but certainly we wouldn’t be able to play online casinos.

Given the popularity of mobile phones and fast internet connection, many punters are happy to play as they are on the go. But can online casinos provide a good solution for that?

Here is where we come in and test the mobile version of an online casino or its app, if it has one. The better the navigation and user experience, the better.


Always Play Responsibly

As much as we love our wins at the casino, we may also lose our grasp on our gambling habits. This is why Responsible Gambling efforts on the online casinos’ side are so very crucial.

Responsible Gambling gives players the notions and understanding of gaming, and helps problem gamblers self-diagnose and seek further help.

Our reviewers will always check for player support when analysing an online casino, and the findings will certainly be reported in our reviews.

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