A Beginner’s Guide to Betting 2%

If you find yourself being a frequent gambler, then learning how betting 2% can help increase your bankroll is essential. A great thing about this strategy is that you will only lose, at most, 2% of your bankroll on each and every wager you make. This strategy can be used in both sports betting and any casino games.

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Important Points About Betting 2%

What You Should Know About Betting 2%

If you’re a high roller that doesn’t enjoy depositing funds into your casino account multiple times a day, then the betting 2% strategy should be on your list to try out! Many licensed casinos have gambling policies in place that allow all gamblers to set a gambling limit for themselves. This is a great way to set limits to try the betting 2% strategy.

How to Apply 2% Betting Strategy

5 Betting 2% Tips

5 Helpful Betting 2% Tips to Get You Started

Before you go off and start betting 2% on your favourite sports team, there are a few tips and tricks you should take to heart that will make you a better sports bettor. These are especially good to note if you’re new to the world of sports betting.

Tip #1

Learn and understand what basic odds are. These are crucial to sports betting.

Tip #2

If you’re one that enjoys betting on sports as well as playing casino games, to the best of your ability try and separate your two bankrolls.

Tip #3

Don’t spend all your money on a single bet. Make multiple smaller bets to overcome any bad luck you might come across.

Tip #4

Don’t take a longshot. Stick to betting 2%.

Tip #5

Betting on an underdog has more value in it than betting on the favoured team. This is an opportunity to make a big payout.

Where Betting 2% Can be Used

Where to Use Betting 2%

There are many different betting strategies where you can apply betting 2%, but the best would be the 1X2 betting strategy. The 1X2 betting strategy is where you bet on one of three outcomes that could occur, namely:

  • Home Win (1)
  • Draw (X)
  • Away Win (2)

Although this strategy seems quite simple, you are only betting on one or the other after all. It is important for you to understand how this strategy works and how to add the betting 2% into it. 1X2 betting is only relevant for sporting events and you as a punter must make your prediction before the game ends in order for your bet to payout.

About Researching Betting 2%

Research is Your Best Friend When Betting 2%

When looking at betting on your favourite sport, it is of vital importance that you do your research on the teams you want to bet on as well as how much your bets will be worth. A few things to research before you start betting 2% on a 1X2 bet strategy should include:

  • Previous wins
  • Previous losses
  • Where is the game being held (Home or away game)
  • Are any of the players injured
  • Weather conditions
  • Who’s in favour to win

2% Betting Online

Pros and Cons for Betting 2%

The Pros & Cons of Betting 2% You Should Keep in Mind

If you’re looking at beating the house and making a great profit, then you should never bet more than 2% of your bankroll. There are many things to consider when looking at betting 2%. For this reason, we’ve tabulated the pros and cons of betting 2% so that you can weigh out all your options.


  • Playing at a lower risk
  • Longer gameplay / More betting opportunities
  • This strategy can be used in both sports betting and all casino games


  • You need a large bankroll
  • Some players get bored from wagering so little
  • Casual gamblers aren’t as disciplined with this strategy as the professionals

Possible Betting 2% Outcomes

Possible Outcomes With the 1X2 Betting Strategy

When making use of the 1X2 betting strategy, there is more than one way to bet on the outcomes of the specific game. You have the choice to bet on either one or more than one outcome. When betting on 1 of the 3 outcomes, your choices are between which team will win, the home team or the away team, and a draw between the two teams.

The 1X2 betting strategy can only work on sports with the top three possible outcomes. Some of the sports where you can make use of this strategy are football, rugby and hockey. There are some sports where there is a possibility of the 3 outcomes, but it is very rare that they end in a draw and they include cricket, handball and basketball.

Betting 2% Probability of Winning

Know What Your Probability of Winning Is

The probabilities of winning the bets you make are essentially 33% when you as the punter make a wager on one of three possible outcomes. However, there are certain times when this percentage changes. An example of when the percentages change would be if a home team is known for winning more than the away teams and very rarely have draws. The average of the home team winning again would be 45% and the away time 30%, leaving a 25% chance for the game ending in a draw. Before betting 2% on a 1X2 bet strategy, you need to consider all possible outcomes, which is why research is so important. You cannot always rely on the given odds.

2% Betting in Asia

Betting 2% for High Rollers

2% Betting for the High Rollers

While you don’t have to be a high roller to try the 2% betting, it is advised to only do it if you’re a high roller, otherwise, it wouldn’t make much sense. Let’s break it down as to why 2% betting is more beneficial for the high rollers.

The average amount of money that punters will load into their casino accounts is around $250 and from that, you will feel compelled to bet anything between $10 and $30. While this might seem innocuous, you can imagine how quickly your bankroll will empty out. Also, if you credit your account with $250 and attempt betting 2%, your wager should not be larger than $5 which is quite low.

However, if you’re a high roller with a bankroll of $2,500 for example, your betting 2% amount would be $50 and less which is a number we can work with, and the profit of that will be great! Not only is this a smart way to be money-wise, but you will be able to place more bets on your favourite sports and stay in the game longer.

Successful Sports Betting

How to Ensure Success When Betting on Sports

The main reason why 1X2 betting is so popular is that it is incredibly simple to learn and understand, and on top of that it is a great strategy to apply 2% betting to. The only complex thing about 1X2 betting is being able to contain all the necessary information to make an informed wager that will work in your favour. This again brings us to the importance of doing your research before diving into the world of betting.

If betting on sports is not your day job, and you do this for the fun of it, then it’s highly suggested to bet on your favourite sports. The reason for this is because you’ll enjoy researching your favourite sport, and it won’t feel like extra work or effort at all. We also suggest that you don’t focus on too many different sports at once, leaving it at around 3 at most. This gives you the upper hand to put all of your focus into assessing the given odds.

A very important factor to successful betting is not being biassed. If your team is not favoured to win, then don’t bet on them. Just because you support said team, does not mean you need to wager on them winning if you don’t see probability in that being the outcome.

Researching Other Betting Strategies

Research Other Betting Strategies That Could Work for You

Just as we’ve suggested you combine betting 2% with 1X2 betting, there are plenty of other strategies out there for you to consider. This may not be the strategy for you and that’s ok, your options are almost unlimited and you need to do what’s best for you and what will lead you to make a great profit. Let’s take a look at some other betting strategies that might work better for you that you can do some research on.

  • Moneyline betting
  • Point spread setting
  • Bet against the public
  • Handicapping
  • Zigzag theory

2% Betting Strategy

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