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Known for its beaches, rivers and lush natural beauty Vietnam is a popular destination for many travellers. Dotted across the country you can find over 30 plus casinos that entice tourists and locals alike to try their luck at some of the most thrilling locations in the country. With the government’s tight grip on all gambling activities, we will take a thorough look at what options are available to punters that want to play at some of the best online casinos in Vietnam. We will explore some of the exciting games and bonuses available to Vietnamese players.

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Legality Of Gambling In Vietnam

The Legality Of Gambling In Vietnam

Vietnamese punters that would like to try their hand at either online gambling or land-based casinos will find that they are sadly heavily regulated. Gambling in Vietnam was generally considered to be illegal. However, some local games of chance were legalised in 2017 and some forms of betting are allowed.

Although being allowed to part take in sports betting, Vietnamese punters face some restrictions when it comes to placing bets. The legal gambling age of players must be 21 years of age, minimum bets are set at VND 1000 ($0.043) and a maximum of VND 1 million ($43) per day. With over 30 land-based casinos in Vietnam, local players are restricted to play at these casinos except for a couple. When a player wants to play at these casinos they are met with a slew of requirements.

Allowed Punters In Vietnam

As the country opens gradually to foreign investment, rules on gambling are becoming more relaxed. While Vietnam has strict rules for their citizens, foreigners can take their pick at what casinos offer to them. Let us take a close look at who exactly can gamble in Vietnam:

  • Non-Vietnamese passport foreigners.
  • Vietnamese citizens 21 years of age with a monthly income of no less than VND 10 million ($430 Approximately) and no criminal record. In some cases, an agreement or permission is required from the family of the player to be able to enter the casino. An entry tax of VND 1 million ($43) is payable upon entering the casino.

Vietnamese gamblers will be pleased to know that the Ministry of Finance has expanded the scheme that allows citizens that qualify to gamble to cover a further two casinos that will soon be opening their doors. Currently, the scheme that allows locals to gamble at two existing casinos has been extended in 2021 to allow them to continue gambling until 2024.

The Current Status Of Online Gambling In Vietnam

The internet is littered with articles that have conflicting information regarding the legality of online gambling. However, there is no documentation that we could find that states that online gambling is legal in Vietnam. It is safe to say that online gambling is not yet legalized in the country. Many online gamblers have found ways around their local laws and jurisdictions.

Opting to use online casino sites that fall within a different jurisdiction where online gambling is legal and that accepts players from Vietnam. Many other punters access online casino sites through the use of a VPN (a virtual private network). Using any of these means to gamble online is a decision that must not be made hastily and by doing so, you will have to understand that there are some risks involved.Vietnam online casinos

Gambling Jurisdiction Vietnam

Gambling Authority and Jurisdiction In Vietnam

As you can see from what we have previously discussed, Vietnamese locals have a hard time when it comes to the gambling landscape in the country. While Vietnam does not have a general gambling regulator, the government oversees and regulates most of the gambling activities through strict laws and prosecutions. However, in recent years, the government has relaxed some of the rules surrounding gambling to take advantage of foreign investments.

Many Vietnamese punters turn to international operators to play at some of the best online casinos that will accept them. Most of these reputable casinos hold licenses from international regulators like The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) or the Gibraltar Licencing and Regulatory Authority to name a few. As a result, players who are able to access these sites can look forward to a safe and responsible playing field.

Popular Casino Games Vietnam

The Most Popular Casino Games in Vietnam

Due to the laws and regulations of Vietnam, online gambling is considered illegal. With not many online options available to Vietnamese gamblers. There are some physical gambling activities locals can indulge in. The National Assembly passed a bill in 2018 which legalized in-person sports betting, this is strictly regulated by the government.

International Football

There are many brick-and-mortar establishments where Vietnamese players can place their bets on their favoured sports teams. You can bet on football leagues from around the world from Vietnam’s own V.League the English Premier League and La Liga. You could also bet on some of the major international competitions like the AFC Asian Cup or the World Cup.


The main goal of the Vietnam lottery is to provide Vietnamese citizens with the opportunity to try their luck with exciting games and provide entertainment to a wide audience. The main Lotto game is by far the most sought after in Vietnam because of how the game is simplistically structured. Like many other lotteries, players have to pick their numbers, a prize can be won if the correct amount of numbers match when the draw is made. If the Jackpot is not won it gets rolled over to the next draw to make one lucky player the fortunate winner.

Horse And Greyhound Racing

Fans of the races will be pleased with the availability of horse races from the USA and beyond. You can also look forward to Greyhound races from tracks in Asia and elsewhere. Although wagering at online betting sites can be considered a no-no by the Vietnam government, many punters choose to use betting sites that accept Vietnamese players. With an enormous selection of reputable sites to pick from, these players enjoy finding odds from tracks worldwide.

Vietnam online horse race betting

Vietnam casinos online

Online Casino Games

As previously stated, players seeking to fulfil their desires of gambling online, do so by taking a risk. However, with the use of VPNs and other methods many players have found some of the best online casino sites that are reputable, hold a license and fall within a different jurisdiction. Vietnamese players are spoilt for choice when it comes to the variety of games available to them. When they are accepted at an online casino site they have the choice of playing hundreds of slots, tantalizing table games and exhilarating live casino games.

Pros and Cons of Vietnam Casino Games

Advantages and Drawbacks of Popular Vietnam Casino Games

Types of ActivitiesAdvantagesDrawbacks
LotteriesFrequent draws. Has a low bet requirement and big wins.Lottery options are limited.
International FootballSports fans have multiple betting options. Worldwide coverage of major competitions.Limited to Football. Heavily regulated by the government. Only In-person betting is legal
Horse And Greyhound RacingLow betting requirements with multiple betting options available.Limited races are available. Only In-person betting is legal
Online Casino GamesDiverse bonus availability to players. Assortment of available online games.Laws prohibit online gambling.

Taxable Winnings In Vietnam

Casino Winnings Are Taxable In Vietnam

Unfortunately for foreigners playing at the many land-based casinos and locals alike, the government of Vietnam imposes taxes on casino game winnings. When your winnings exceed VND 10 million ($430 approximately) your winnings are taxed at a rate of 10%. You will also have to report your winnings on your annual income tax.Saigon Vietnam casino law

Bonuses At Vietnam Casinos

Balance Boosting Vietnam Bonuses Found At Online Casinos

Many Vietnamese players fully grasp the opportunities to claim bonuses when they become available at the gambling options that are allowed. Bettors who take the plunge into the online sports betting scene and want to boost their balance and odds of raking in the wins will definitely be able to find a plethora of available bonuses at online casinos. Some of the most popular bonuses include:

Welcome Bonuses

Usually offered to new players that sign up at an online casino. Welcome bonuses can come in many shapes and forms depending on the online casino. Some of the bonus features that come with this exciting bonus can take the form of free spins for slot lovers and live casino promotions that will get you to try out new games that you might love playing.

They may sometimes take the shape of free bets for the sports fanatics. There is sure to be something that will keep you coming back for more.

No Deposit Bonuses

You will not see these types of bonuses widely available, but when you do see them, they are a welcome balance boosting favourite among online gamblers. These promotions are risk-free as online casinos reward players with “free money” to play with. You have no obligations to make a deposit, by the simple act of signing up at a casino that offers the bonus you could claim and use it right away.

Be sure to check out the terms and conditions when you claim this bonus to ensure that you understand what is required from you when it comes to payouts and withdrawals.

Cash Back bonuses

Nobody likes losing, but with this bonus, losers win! Gambling wouldn’t be, exactly that, if there were no losses. A cashback bonus could get you over that losing streak. This bonus is awarded in relation to the total amount of wagers you have placed. The operator will then refund you a percentage of your losses.

You could expect anything from a 5% up to a 10% of your bets to be refunded, if you are lucky you could find a bonus that pays more. This might not seem to be a lot, but it might just be the boost you are looking for to land you that big win.

Free Spins

Possibly the most popular bonus among avid slot players, they will be on offer at nearly all the top online casinos. Topping up your bankroll has never been this fun when it’s completely for free. Usually as part of a welcome bonus to new players signing up at an online casino.

These free sins might however be limited to only certain slots or only during certain promotional periods. As always it is wise to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions when you claim this bonus.

Payment Methods At Vietnam Casinos

Popular Payment Methods At Vietnam Online Casinos

Due to the current status of online gambling in Vietnam, many online punters choose to use payment methods that are incognito. Cryptocurrencies, that are untraceable are growing as an alternative payment method. Many players also make use of E-wallets that allow them to make transactions without their balance reflecting on their bank statements.

The advantage is that many online casinos accept a wide variety of payment methods for players to top up their casino accounts. There is a wide selection of usable methods that you could use, here we will take a look at a few of them.

neteller logo


Using cutting edge encryption technologies, you can rest assured that your transactions with this E-wallet service are secure. Supporting over 26 major currencies, there are over 40 methods for you to choose from to add money to your account.

much better logo


One of the new kids on the block, this payment app works in tandem with online gaming. Users will find the fees to be very low with near-instant deposits and withdrawals. Depositing into your MuchBetter account could earn you reward points and a chance to enter weekly draws.

eco payz logo


A sleek E-wallet that offers a modern way to make deposits into your casino account. Established in 2000 and available in over 150 countries, EcoPayz is a well established and trusted payment method to add funds to your casino account. With its recently added 2-step verification your transactions are safe and secure with their top-class security.

bitcoin logo


This decentralised cryptocurrency is probably one of the most well known out there. Since it took its first steps in 2009, Bitcoin offers safe and fast online gambling transactions without the need to involve the banks. Some online casinos specialise in using cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin as the preferred payment method.

Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gambling In Vietnam

Since the government of Vietnam has very strict rules regulating all gambling activities in the country, it’s inevitable that illegal gambling rings form and operate. The government’s views on gambling addiction are that problem gamblers are seen as a social illness that leads to the loss of social order. Despite some of its citizens having a gambling addiction, there is little help for them. Luckily there are many off-shore companies and organisations that offer help to Vietnamese problem gamblers.

It is of the utmost importance to practice healthy gambling habits. Set limits for yourself when you are playing your favourite games and gamble responsibly.

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