Casinos that accept Payeer in India

Casinos that accept Payeer in India

E-wallets are one of the most popular payment methods in online casinos. Not only are they quick and efficient, but they also allow for a contactless method of payment that assures you of extra security. One such popular e-wallet is Payeer. In this review, we will extensively discuss Payeer casinos and whether this payment method is a viable option for you.

Before we go into vivid details about this casino payment method, we would like to present a recommendation list of the best Payeer casinos online.



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Best Payeer Casinos

The Best Payeer Online Casino Sites 🙌



Introducing Payeer Online Casino Payments ✍️

If you haven’t heard about Payeer before, you’ve landed on the right page. This online payment system has been around since 2012 and is now widely used in over 200 countries around the world.

How we Choose

How We Choose the Best Payeer Casinos for You 🕵

You might be wondering how we have managed to choose the top-rated Payeer casinos out of the thousands of options online. In the following paragraphs, we will explain all the criteria we used in making this decision.

As a review team, we have put much consideration into ensuring that you have the best and fastest payment method in a casino and that you also stay safe and secure. Here are the other criteria we used in making our selection:


As a gambler, you should not even invest in a casino with no license. This is very dangerous and can lead to a breach of security where all your personal and financial details would be stolen.

On the other hand, a licensed casino will not only keep you safe but will also offer premium services when it comes to gambling. They are always SSL encrypted and protected by firewalls.


Another major feature that a casino must possess is generosity. A generous casino would always be willing to compensate and appreciate you with gifts. All the amazing casinos listed in our recommendations above have been tested to give great bonuses and promotions. From welcome prizes to weekly reload, monthly promotions and fair wagering requirements when you deposit at Payeer casinos in India.


Games are even more important than bonuses. This is what keeps the casino alive and ensures that traffic stays constant. It is great for a casino to have cordial relationships with reputable software developers. This assures players of the quality games in the casino. There will always be entertainment once there are always interesting titles to play.

What is Payeer?

What is Payeer? 🧩

On the surface, Payeer is an eWallet that works almost the same way as other digital wallets. However, something different makes this service a rising star amongst casino gamblers. With Payeer, you can exchange and trade assets using crypto and fiat currencies.

With Payeer, loads of other functionalities will make your life easier and transactions faster. Payeer allows you to exchange currencies directly from crypto to fiat without using any third-party app. It also allows you to trade different cryptocurrencies across the blockchain network. You can also store digital assets and make quick deposits or withdrawals using any of the above currencies.


Payeer Casinos Account Creation

Usually, all the functions above are carried out using different apps, but with Payeer, all these have been reduced into one, making everything easier.

How does it Work?

How Does Payeer India Work? 🧏‍♀️

Using Payeer for your online casino funding is very simple. No one likes a complicated process, so Payeer has chosen to simplify everything for clients’ easy registration. To set it up on your device, take the following steps:


Download the app: The Payeer application is compatible with all types of devices and software. Download this onto your device for easy use and navigation.


Create Account: Immediately after you open the app for the first time; you will be presented with the option to create an account. You can use neither the app nor the method without having an account, so this is naturally the next step. Click the “Create an account” icon.


Set-Up: The page will immediately redirect you to where you will drop your email address. Email verification occurs immediately, and a code will be sent to you. Enter this code and click submit. You can also skip email verification.


Information: Once you skip email verification, another page pops up. Here, you will enter your password, and secret code and click enter. After this, the app would need your name, last name, and country. Then click submit.


All Set: Now that your account has been successfully created, you can transfer funds and make financial exchanges with over 150 payment solutions. To start making financial transactions, go to your profile and click “verified”.

Payeer Bonuses

Can I Get A Bonus With Payeer Deposits In India? 🤑

The gambling industry is full of competition, so Payeer casinos have taken it a notch higher when it comes to giving bonuses and promotions. In the casinos listed above, you will find that each bonus is juicier than the last.

Let’s check out the type of bonuses you will find in these Indian Payeer casinos:

💰 Welcome Bonuses

This one is a major inclusion in every casino. Welcome packages are a token of appreciation to new clients, and depending on the discretion of the casino, they can include free spins, bonus cash and match deposits. One thing about welcome bonus free spins is the conditions it comes with. Depending on the Payeer casino, you can only play certain games with it.

For match deposits, it is given as a percentage of your deposit. If the casino is generous enough, they could give you this bonus for your first three deposits.

For example, if a casino promises a 50% match deposit on your first deposit, it simply means that if you choose to fund your account with 100 INR, the casino will give you an additional 50 INR to boost your gameplay.

💰 No Deposit Bonuses

Although this is a little rare, so many Payeer casinos give no deposit bonuses to their clients. Simply, this means bonuses that are given to players without making a deposit.

These could be given as a certain number of free spins for special games. Some casinos even give free cash, monitored by some wagering requirements to ensure that the player and casino have a win-win situation.


Cashbacks are another generous bonus that these Payeer casinos give, although it is reserved for loyal customers. It’s simple. A casino would monitor the amount you have spent on stakes either weekly or monthly; then, on a specified day, a certain percentage will be returned to you.

For example, if a casino promises a 70% Cashback bonus, and you have spent 700 INR as a total monthly stake, the Cashback bonus would be 490 INR.

💰 Loyalty Schemes

Payeer casinos also have extensive loyalty schemes to compensate and appreciate customers who stay and invest in a casino. Usually, these schemes are divided into tiers or levels. As soon as you create an account and make your first deposit, you’re enrolled into the lowest tier of the scheme.

As you bet and play games, you go higher until you have reached the top level in the casino. In this tier, you are entitled to many benefits like more bonus offers, exclusive game invites, special customer support, regular cashback, gifts, and even birthday prizes.

Are Payeer Casinos Safe to Use? 

Are Payeer Casinos Safe to Use? 🔒

One major concern that players face in a casino is the lack of security. It has always been a source of worry that when you post your personal and financial details on a casino, it might get compromised. This is why players love eWallets.

E-wallets offer players a contactless method of payment or withdrawal. This means that when you facilitate transactions, it is not done with your digital footprints. Payeer India is one of these eWallets that is extremely safe and secure while upholding your privacy.

Payeer Deposit & Withdrawals

How to Deposit with Payeer 💸

Before we outline the steps to using Payeer as a deposit method, you want to be sure that the casino you choose offers this as a means of payment. If you choose any of the above casinos, you won’t have to worry about this. If you find great Payeer casinos, then you can take the following steps to make a deposit:

  • Log in to the casino site
  • Head to the banking section of the casino
  • Choose deposit
  • Payeer would come amongst the list of deposits; then, you can choose this method
  • Enter the specified amount
  • Authorise the transaction

How to Make Withdrawals with Payeer 💰

This process is similar to making deposits and can be completed within seconds. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Log in to the casino
  • Head to the banking section
  • Choose to withdraw
  • Payeer would come up amongst the list of withdrawal systems; then, you can click on this method.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw
  • Authorise the transaction

Why Use Peyeer

Why Should You Use Payeer in India? ⏰

There are so many reasons why Payeer is a great choice for Indian players who are on the lookout for amazing payment systems. If you are amongst those wondering why you should use this method, check out the reasons below:

➡️ Secure

Your safety is paramount when it comes to online gambling. As a player, you should not joke with digital footprints because they could get on the wrong hand and cause serious problems. If you don’t want to worry about that, then Payeer is one method you should consider.

When you make a payment using Payeer, you are not doing so with your direct details. Instead, a token is generalised and used for this payment, ensuring that trading is contactless and private.

➡️ Gambling Transactions

Sometimes, Indian players find it difficult to get authorisation for certain gambling transactions. This might be due to certain issues with jurisdiction. However, with Payeer, these issues do not arise.

Payeer App How it Looks

This payment method will provide authorisation for any payment facilitated using the app. They are not too concerned with the gambling deals of their clients and would not provide any resistance.

➡️ Provides ATM

A major feature of this casino is that you can request an ATM card for just 650 INR and get it in no time. This plastic card can withdraw cash anytime and anywhere you want. This is such a major advantage and breakthrough in the online industry. This card is valid for three years and can immediately be renewed after expiry.

➡️ Instant Transactions

Deposits made with Payeer are very speedy and hassle-free. This is one reason why so many Indian casino players choose this method. Though it delays a little when used for withdrawals, this is usually due to security and safety, especially as a first-timer. It is important that they properly check your background before approving the cash transfer.

➡️ Multiple Functionalities

It is hard to find any financial payment method that can carry out so many essential transactions at the same time, except Payeer. This method allows you to exchange cryptocurrency to fiat and fiat to crypto, all for a minimal charge. It also allows you to make inter-blockchain transactions without the need for third-party apps.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Payeer Casinos 👍

Like with every other payment system, there is always an advantage and a disadvantage. However, to be on the safer side, you have to make sure that the advantages are way more than the disadvantages when choosing a payment option. With Payeer, that is exactly what you would be getting.


  • Supports multiple currencies
  • Affordable
  • E-wallet to exchange crypto
  • Maximum privacy
  • Contactless
  • Instant deposits
  • Quick account creation


  • All transactions are irreversible
  • Sometimes the fees aren’t transparent

Pros of Payeer for Online Casino Transactions

✔️ Multiple currencies can be managed from the same account without the need for third-party apps. For instance, you can use ETH, EUR, USD, INR, as well as cryptocurrencies like ETH, BTC, and LTC, all from the same Payeer account.

✔️ Despite the many functionalities involved, the charges are affordable.

✔️ You are given a wallet where you can trade and exchange crypto without stress.

✔️ Gamblers can create unverified accounts when using Payeer on their account to feel more secure and uphold privacy.

✔️ Payeer is a contactless method of payment, which means that you do not have to worry about your personal or banking details being compromised in making financial trade.

✔️ Deposits are instant and are processed within a few seconds to minutes. Unlike some other methods, you have to wait a few working days before the transaction is authorised or processed.

✔️ Creating an account is also done within a few minutes. All you have to do is enter the required details, and you’re done.

Cons of Transactions at Payeer Casinos Online

❌ All transactions made with Payeer are irreversible. There is no room for adjustments or editing once the payment has been authorised. As gamblers, it is important that you thoroughly check these addresses before you authorise them.

❌ Sometimes the fees aren’t transparent. This means that there will be times when certain charges would be deducted for transactions, and there would be no transparency in the fees.

Alternative Payment Methods

Similar Payment Methods to Payeer 💪


Payment MethodProcessing TimeBenefits
PaysafecardInstant• Contactless payment • Quick and efficient • Very popular
Bank Transfers2-5 Business Days• Very secure
Skrill2 hours• Safe and secure • Contactless
CryptocurrencyInstant• Private • Contactless • Almost free
PaytmInstant• Safe and convenient
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